Dark Machinations

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A game of Rogue Trader run by Cyphr.

Out of Character
In Character


Dastot Kennoch, Astro-Path Transcendant
Felice, Voidmistress
Galya Volkov, Noble-born Assassain
Lord-Captain Dmitriy Vakarian Leitharos, Rogue Trader
Mordecai, Scenschal
Irakka Telikani, Arch-Militant
Explorator Secutor Pattern A. Realtzon, Explorator

Sample Character Sheet


Umbra Astrum
Crew skill level: Competant - 30
Supplies: 165 days
Morale: 97 Crew: 100%


Available Profit Factor: 52

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Caetyn Drake
Gallus Leitharos
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