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Deities for the PbP Pathfinder campaign Dawnhaven.

Greater Pantheon[edit]

These are the gods of civilization, recognized throughout most of the world.


Lawful Neutral Goddess of Wealth

Domains: Luck, Travel (Trade)

Favored Weapon: Sword Cane

Apala's domain is gold, money, and economy. She is the patron of all the world's wealth, and upholds the system by which wealth exists. She is the occasional consort of Korander, and some whisper that she sometimes possesses a degree of influence over him. She was once the lover of Terandus, but now opposes him, though there is still some kind of bond between the two gods.

The Dalin Ko[edit]

The Dalin Ko is a dualistic fertility god made up of two aspects: Ivanda and Savandi.


True Neutral Goddess of Childbirth

Domains: Community (Family, Home)

Favored Weapon: Unarmed

Ivanda is the wife of Savandi, and together they form the dual aspects of a single Fertility God, the Dalin Ko. Ivanda is the mother of all, patron of parents, and provider of children.


Neutral Good God of the Harvest

Domains: Weather, Plant

Favored Weapon: Sickle

Savandi is the husband of Ivanda, and together they form the dual aspects of a single Fertility God, the Dalin Ko. Savandi governs the harvest of crops and is the patron of farmers.


Chaotic Evil Goddess of Magic

Domain: Magic

Favored Weapon: Spear

Exalutha is believed by some to be the fount of all magic, while others view her as some sort of safeguard for that source. Though opinions vary, all agree that the enigmatic goddess would tear this world asunder if given the chance. Her followers are often arcane spellcasters: simultaneously praying for a blessing and hoping that she doesn't make a personal appearance.


Chaotic Good God of Community

Domains: Community (and all subdomains), Chaos (must take Revelry subdomain), Charm (and all subdomains), Good (friendship and redemption subdomains)

Favored Weapon: Whip

Symbol: Two hands in a handshake

Iodan is a young god who until recently had no real following. This changed one day when a group of overly-friendly halfling merchants were visited by Iodan himself. The story goes that he was so impressed with their ability to turn anybody into their friends and allies that he offered them his guidance and love. In the years that followed Iodan's servants rapidly grew from less than ten to several hundred. To date there are somewhere between 500 and 1,000 followers of Iodan, however the number grows every day.

Iodan teaches his follows to love and respect each other in the highest regard, and treat everybody like they are the most important person in the world to you.

This mentality has transitioned his followers into cult-like behavior where they convince people that Iodan is their savior and they will experience serenity and everlasting euphoria by worshipping him.

Unfortunately this has segmented his followers as they have recently started to ostracize non-believers. There have even been occasions where traders refuse to do business with anybody not belonging to the Church of Iodan. This isolationism is fairly rare right now, but it is quickly evolving as the follower base grows.

Nobody knows for sure if any of this is true of course, Iodanians keep their religious practices extremely secret and have developed some exceptional talents of manipulation and brainwashing (supposedly).

And once you have joined their cult you never leave. Ever.


Lawful Good God of Justice

Domains: Law (Judgment), Nobility (Leadership)

Favored Weapon: Morningstar

Korander holds justice and fairness above all things. He does not tolerate evil, and is locked in an everlasting battle with Terandus to keep civilization good, just, and pure.


Lawful Good God of Health and Medicine

Domains: Healing

Favored Weapon: Dart

Kynder is the younger brother of Korander, and devotes himself to aiding those whom his brother was unable to protect. He taught mortals the secrets of medicine, and heals the ill and wounded.

The Masked God[edit]

True Neutral God of Lies and Secrets

Domain: Trickery

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Also known as He Who Stands in Shadow, the Masked God is the patron of spies and thieves. While no mortal institution recognizes the Masked God, he is nonetheless worshiped in every organization where secrets are kept. No prayers or rituals are offered to him openly. Instead, his followers outwardly praise other gods, while inwardly giving devotion to He Who Stands in Shadow.


Neutral Evil Goddess of Seas and Rivers

Domains: Water, Destruction (Catastrophe)

Favored Weapon: Cutlass

Prineh is Ulali's twin sister, and her domain is the destructive power of water. It is she who brings the flood and the tsunami, and who drowns sailors in her depths. It is said that sometimes she falls for mortal sailors and brings them to her realm to wed, but she inevitably grows bored and drowns them. When disaster strikes, the people seek to appease her.


True Neutral Goddess of the Dead

Domains: Death, Repose

Favored Weapon: Scythe

Telami was once considered the most beautiful of the gods, but spurned the advances of all suitors. She set out to live a life of solitude, and to this day dislikes the company of others. Even worshippers she disdains. The only ones Telami cares for are those who have passed on, and she provides refuge for the dead in her self-named kingdom.


Lawful Evil God of Civilization and Power

Domains: Community, Law (Tyranny)

Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace

Terandus was once a good god who paved the way for civilization and gave the mortal races the tools to lift themselves up from the wild. For this reason, he was lauded and praised by the mortals, and raised above all other gods. But the power of this position intoxicated Terandus, and he soon became corrupt. Now, Terandus lusts only for more power, and works to corrupt the mortal civilizations into his service. In this, he is opposed by Korander, Apala, and, more recently, Iodan. Despite his fall from grace, he is still widely worshiped by the mortal races who have not forgotten what he gave them, and who hope that he may one day be redeemed.


Neutral Good Goddess of Sea and Rivers

Domains: Water, Travel

Favored Weapon: Light Crossbow

Ulali is the twin sister of Prineh, and together they are the goddesses of Seas and Rivers. Ulali is the Provider. It is she whom the fishermen pray to for a good catch, and the traveler prays to for a swift voyage. The life-giving power of water is her domain.


Chaotic Neutral God of the Wilds

Domains: Animal, Plant

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Wak'ran often takes the form of an old man with a beard made of leaves and skin made of bark. He claims untamed wilderness as his domain, and is unfriendly toward interlopers. Those lost in the wilds should take care to appease Wak'ran and not to anger him, lest they never find their way back to civilization.

Communal Gods[edit]

These are lesser deities who act as patrons of smaller communities, such as towns, tribes, or occasionally even large families. Often they are ancestor spirits, but occasionally they may be particularly powerful totem spirits, half-gods, or angels. Multiple tribes in one region may each worship a single communal god, or they may worship a pantheon consisting of a number of communal gods from across different tribal religions.