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Dayton Files[edit]

This is the reference wiki for a play-by-post game using a modified version of Dresden Files Accelerated. This game will be played as a series of single scenes with a changing cast of players.


Rules [1]

Character Creation[2]

Current Story Arc[edit]

Story Arc[3]


Character Sheets[edit]

Character Mantle Played By Concept
Randall Carruthers Claimed (Bleak City) Dweller Reformed Leg Breaker
Tori Claimed (Dreamlands) t@nya Private Eye Bear Shapeshifter
Max Jensen Exile brahnamin Carnie Conman
Game Master

Prominent NPCs[edit]


Dayton_Files:Oakwood- A wealthy independent city, started by a wealthy industrialist just outside of Dayton city limits in 1903.

Yellowsprings- A small college town just outside of city limits. It is built around a natural spring once believed to have healing powers.

Dayton Downtown-

Oregon District- The first neighborhood to be hit by Urban Revitalization. Lots of trendy restaurants and bars right next to sex shops that survive from the neighborhoods harder times.

Historic Inner East

West Dayton

Huber Heights

University and South Park



Beaver Creek


Air Force Base/Museum

Riverside City



Dunbar Association

Oakwood Cult

Circlewrights Local #26

The Rivers Club