Dean Yuan: Touched of the Magic Lamp

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Ling "Dean" Yuan, Touched of The Magic Lamp


A Friend like Me


A Shadow of a Man


How can I make my own wishes come true? Out of sight, out of jail.
Attention: 0 Fade: 0 Attention: 0 Crack: 0
Power Tags: Power Tags:
A Grant Wishes A Cat Burglary
D Working in a team B Stealth
E Doesn't work when coerced C Climbing
G "Getting help starts with helping others."
Weakness Tags: Weakness Tags:
A Can only grant wishes to others B Thrill-seeker
C Cannot affect living beings' mind and moods
The Keys to Success


The Dream Job

(Defining Event)

Open, sesame. I once did the impossible; I want to do it again.
Attention: 0 Crack: 0 Attention: 0 Crack: 0
Power Tags: Power Tags:
A Safe-cracking tools A Ambition
D Lock-picking tools E Underworld connections
J Glass cutter J Best heist burglar in The City
Weakness Tags: Weakness Tags:
B Indebted to Crime lords C Wanted by the cops