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Wrath of the Lich Queen

Character Name: Delake Mahara

Alignment/Race/Class : Lawful evil, dark elf (umbragen for those in the know ), shadowcaster 7 WerewolfLord

Personality Description: Delake is closed quiet at first. Once Delake knows someone though the personality opens and blossoms kind of like an animal if it trusts you it will help you even if you don't understand it, if you ever betray it though and harm it it could be catastrophic and violent. Delake likes to plan and think things out and but has been known to let loose once the missions are done and the day is saved, every warrior needs downtime after all.

Delake is secretive about family and past think ..someone who is CONNECTED (like the sopranos connected) family is everything and improving the family is best.

Delake is fond of using sayings like " i have a sister /brother you must meet...." to people delake thinks would improve the family. and also thanks His Divine Shadow for all he has provided Delake over the years (yes i realize it is funny that that something sounding like brunengi worships his divine shadow ...its the first thing i thought of too lol)

Appearance: 5'6 , 90 pounds , white hair , jet black skin, eyes are black orbs whites at all they look like molten shadows. typically wears regular adventure clothes of course black better to blend into shadows with. carrying a morningstar that looks very comfortable in Delake's hand as well is darkened to not gleam even when wet with blood. Delake peace-bonds them as per the laws but makes no hesitation to defend if the need arises.

History: Delake comes from a secretive race of dark elves that are militant in that there leaders are not the strongest or smartest or toughest , its whoever can make the survive best. they re secretive about there family and race and not much is known about them, at most they are a last bastion of hope fighting against aberrations trying to come up from Khyber to the surface on xendrik so far they are at a standstill. Delake was sent up to look for magic/power to help turn the tide of the battle.

Delake has 2 brothers and 3 sisters oldest brother Darkhan is a mage of no small power but is best used in maintaining the Shields around the city along with the oldest sister Lorane , they are also on the look out for potential mage's in the youth and teach in spare time. Hori and jula are Soulknifes and front lines fighters so far they have been hurt not never fallen in battle , it really is a standstill.

The oldest sister is Karalee has been blessed/cursed with magical abilities innate to her as a sorcerer , and incantrix she boosts her brother and sister's powers in defense of the city but cannot teach for her power is inborn instead of learned.

Delake's mother is dead , delake doesn't know this and last seen her when delake's father told delake that either delake could find someone to marry and produce children or go searching for something to help the city survive, Delake chose to find a way to help the city survive instead of making children from a limited gene pool that would only hinder the race in the long run. Upon arriving on the surface Delake headed to Stormreach where Delake met a few adventurers and got to know them well and traveled with them for about 2 years finally opening up to them.

The artificer Delake met made Delake special vest to aid in spell resistance to increase it alot, later on , on a mission by the leaders of house Cannith (the artificer was a member of that house and betrothed to a heir of syberis mark of cannith who Delake detested and realized later on Delake was jealous of this heir for being betrothed to the artificer). they were exploring an ancient ruins and after many traps and trials they were in a underground cavern and seeing on the walls ancient glyphs (the ones that weren't glyphs of death) told a tale of a demon imprisoned here for it was to powerful to allow free and it could not die, a half-dragon half-Balor.

The artificer tried to test the wards and see how they were and realized they were weakening in the next 2 days , so they prepared and defeated the demon VERY fast (actual game time no lie was 2 rounds no deaths on our side lol) then they found out that the demon was undying and wanted to die to escape its prison , and that the artificer helped it leave..that is when the artificer turned on the group knocking out Delake , killing there soulknife , near mortally wounding the healer , and killing the half demon(half succubus 14 year old) cleric of the host , the demon when it left took the souls of the cleric half demon , and the soul knife and egged on the healer who pursues them to this day , Delakes priority is to get revenge on the artificer who betrayed Delakes trust so much.

Later on Delake realized the Artificer is hiding from Delake and is probably scared, and since Delake cant find the artificer Delake decided to get back to the original mission , find power for the family. And came to The city Delake is in now

Italic textrecently

Delake caught Lycanthropy and was infused with demon essence and became a Werewolf Lord. Then was captred by slavers and had very bad things done to her..she infected one of the "bad men" and was going to sue him to get away..but she go freed instead by the Terrasque and a her friends. She brought the "bad man " with her as his punishment and to get hima trial by Cassius. She fell in love with a guy named Vidkun and they got very close but he was a spy sent by the slavers to weed out rebel slaves..and in the end tried to kill her after having sex with almost everything that moved. In the end he was punished by having his soul trapped in a hell of its own devices by Pyriel. During this time Delake had gotten to know the "bad man" his name was Jan.. he was remarkably a good man despite what he had been forced to do due to magical compulsions. He became VERY close to her and are expecting a child together. She is severly happy with Jan ..although she fears she is still young..for she catches her eyes wandering..not in the I am going to do him way..but in the oh he's yummi way..mostly towards Gerald...for Gerald is probably the second Strongest werewolf type guy she knows..and she is attracted to strength but her love is Jan. She is a strong female in her own right but submits to Kiri..she doesnt know why..she just does..Kiri is her alpha ..despite Kiri's saying she is not stronger than Delake..and as her alpha Delake beleives its her job to find her a long as its not Jan...unless..well thats not a question that would come she finds strong men(who arent Jan or Gerald) and puts them in a burlap sack and covers them in Essensce of yum and leaves them on her doorstep..she does this for most of her packmates.

Delake has recently killed Christoff with the help of ehr friends to get back her babysitter...and possible lover...but that remains to be seen. She is Married to Jan and has 5 children.

Rp: mostly strong Xena type attitude...but more playfull with people she knows. protective of her family to the point of doing anything to ensure there safety.

Wrath of the Lich Queen