Dez the Angel

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Name: Dez

Character Type: Angel

Look: Ambiguous Look (17ish? Shoulder length hair, clean skin.) Pretty Face, Bright Eyes, Compact Body. Casual Wear + Utility Wear

Stats and the Basic Moves

Cool +1 (Act Under Fire): Hard =0 (Go Aggro, Seize by Force): Hot +1 (Seduce or Manipulate): Sharp +2 (Read a Situation or Person): Weird +0 (Open Your Brain to the Maelstrom):

Special Moves

Hypnotic: Roll + Hot to fascinate others. Healing Touch: Roll +Weird to heal others. Touched By Death: When someone I'm caring for dies, add +1 Weird.

Gear and Barter

Fashion: Casual but utilitarian clothes- green canvas pants and poncho, rugged, well-worn army boots, large black belt, homemade canvas backpack and duffelbag.

Angel Kit: 5 stock 9mm Pistol: 2 harm close loud 4 barter (odments) + lava lamp

Interesting Facts

Dez just came into town recently, looking for work patching people up after fights.

Dez identifies as female, but physically she's a young man. She doesn't like to talk about that. She's pretty messed up hormonally; she takes salvaged birth control pills as an estrogen source when she can find them.


Current XP: 1/5 Advances Spent: 1 Gain a Move From another Playbook (Hypnotic)

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