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Hey, everyone! Mortaneus here.

I've been running a 4e game for a while now, and I use my laptop as my GM screen.

As such, I've spent a decent amount of time examining the various digital assistant offerings out there. I've mainly been using Virtual Combat Cards, Masterplan, and OneNote to do what I want to do.

All are excellent offerings. However, none of them have exactly the feature set I want while running a fight. Since I prefer to fix rather than complain, I went about writing my own (being a programmer myself).

This is the result. Enjoy!

Main Features

  • Paste Monsters directly from the WotC Monster Builder using the Copy-to-Rich Text option
  • Load PCs directly from Character Builder Files
  • Shows full stat-blocks for every combatant on the main screen
  • Automatically saves a library of every entered monster/PC to speed preparation
  • Load and Save encounter rosters to save time at the table
  • Tracks most combat data for the GM:
    • Initiative order
    • Hit points (including temporary)
    • Power-expenditure (including recharge rolls)
    • Daily Item Usage
    • Lingering Effects
    • Saving Throws
    • Healing Surges

On Facebook

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Current Version

DnD4e Combat Manager v1.8.2

Version 1.8.2

Small update before 1.8.3

  • New effect preset: Damage Penalty
  • Fixed: Status effects not disappearing correctly when source dies.
  • Fixed: Extra healing surges now go away after a short rest, and will fully heal the pc if they have more surges than their max.
  • Better handling of companions (during rests, and display on the secondary display)
  • Monsters that are revived from death no longer still show as dead on the secondary display.
  • Import monsters from compendium. This is a "sorta" import. There's no good way to try to import actual abilities from the compendium, because there are too many different formats. They've changed the display format several times, but not updated the older entries. What this does is pull in the important information: Name, Level, Role, Secondary Role, Hit Points, Experience, etc. Then pulls everything else in as a "note" which is displayed instead of the regular sheet. Works for pulling quick default monsters in, but isn't as featured as an actual monster created in the edit screen or imported from the old monster builder. ted from the old monster builder.



(accurate as of v1.7.4)


  • Windows XP and later only
  • Requires .NET Framework 3.5 or later (if you have the Character Builder or Monster Builder installed, you have this)

Well put, sir, well put. I'll cetrailny make note of that.