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Character'sName Played by... Class/Level Species ALN AC Max HP Speed Spell Slots Special Abilities
Rhadagan "Hammer" Black @Aurebesh Warcaster (Soldier) 7 Human (Cygnaran) x 18 52 30 ft 4 Gifted. Resolute, Spell Sniper. Bond, Warcaster Magic, Focus Maniulation, Steamjack Bond, Power Up, Extra Attack (2).
Olga "Shoolgirl" Zavor @Potted Plant Mechanika (Combat) 7 Human (Khador) CG 15 (17) 68 30 ft N/A Intellectual. Vigilant, Keen Mind. Tinkering (d6), Mechanik's Savvy, Field Mechanik, Bodging, Inspired Genius, Iron Sentinel
Bryn Ellaethyr @Talisman Ranger (Hunter) 7 Nyss Elf x 17 60 45 ft 4/3 Agile. Piercer, Resilient. Danger Sense. Resistance (Cold). Fighting Style (Archery), Deft Explorer, Favored Foe, Primal Awareness, Extra Attack (2), Colossus Slayer, Multiattack Defense
x @SirMoogle Gun Mage x x x x 30 ft x x
x @Naxuul Gun Mage x x x x 30 ft x x

Mercenary Charter

Adventuring Company -- Mercenary Charter (Heroes need to come up with a Name here). Tier I benefits...

  • Mercenary Charter. Your company holds a mercenary charter that permits it to lawfully contract as sell-swords. The charter’s terms outline the taking and distributing of loot, the company’s conduct regarding civilians, and what defines breach of contract between you and your employers.
  • Military Supplier. You can purchase weapons, ammunition and armor at a 10 percent discount from a reliable military supplier.
  • Contacts. Members of your company can hit the streets to gather information about potential mercenary contracts. Collecting information can involve numerous approaches, such as buying drinks in a local tavern, talking with a military garrison to learn of new prospects, or scouting out nearby communities in need of protection. Gathering information about a possible contract is a downtime activity. Depending on your territory and the availability of contracts, the GM determines how many days it takes to find a promising lead, with most requiring at least 1d4 days. Each day expended looking for a job requires 1d4 gp spent buying drinks, chasing leads, and purchasing information.
  • Contract -- you are being paid 400gp (10g per week per merc) plus 40gp for each player character per Week. Contract length minimum 6 six weeks, max 12 weeks with possibility of extension. They will pay half this for your travel time to Fort Bolovan but you are expected then in 10 days' time and if too late the contract can be cancelled.

NPC Troopers

Mercenary Troopers

Medium humanoid (Humans), any non-good alignment
Armor Class 17 (Scale Armor +shield)
Hit Points 28 (4d8+8)
Speed 30 ft.
STR 15 (+2), DEX 12 (+1), CON 14 (+2), INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 11
Skills Intimidation +2
Senses passive Perception 10
Languages Khador plus one additional (Generally Cygnaran, Ordic or LLaelese)
Challenge 1/2
Pack Tactics. The Mercenary Soldier has advantage on an attack roll against a creature if at least one of the merc's allies is within 5 ft. of the creature and the ally isn't incapacitated.
Mace. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one creature. Hit: 1d6 + 2 bludgeoning damage.
Pistol. Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, range 40/120 ft., one target. Hit: 1d10+1 piercing damage.


The Iron Kingdoms possess a rich history—and a tumultuous future—full of unique monsters, deities, heroes, and villains.

More than a thousand years ago, the land that is now called the Iron Kingdoms was western Immoren, a mire of warring human city-states. Then came the Orgoth, evil imperial humans from beyond the sea who would change the face of western Immoren forever. The Orgoth Empire occupied the land for six hundred years before the people of Immoren banded together to defeat the invaders and drive them back across the sea from whence they came. While the rebel armies kept the peace, their leaders convened in a city called Corvis. This Council of Ten drafted the Corvis Treaties after weeks of furious debate, and the Iron Kingdoms were born.

Strictly speaking, the term “Iron Kingdoms” refers to the lands of humanity, those five kingdoms that signed the Corvis Treaties: Cygnar, Khador, Llael, Ord, and the Protectorate of Menoth. Other nations of western Immoren are commonly included in that description, although they took no part in the treaties. In the frigid north is the dwarven kingdom of Rhul. To the northeast lies the mysterious homeland of the elves, Ios. The last kingdom informally included when speaking of the “Iron Kingdoms” is the hostile island nation of Cryx, ruled over by Lord Toruk, the Dragonfather. All these nations—and many more—share the continent of Immoren.

The Orgoth were driven from western Immoren more than four hundred years ago, but the decisions made during the rebellion still echo through the world. There are many strange legends from the last days of that war—tales of dark, mysterious allies who helped drive off the invaders. Some say it would have been impossible to defeat the Orgoth without this help, that the rebel leaders had to make dangerous deals with infernal powers. These tales have proven true, and the Iron Kingdoms have recently been irrevocably changed by the Claiming, an attempt by these infernal creatures to take the payment they have long been owed—an unfathomable number of souls.


  • Point Buy for Attributes 27 points (pg. 27 PHB)
  • Pick an Essence (IKR pg. 53-56) and Species of the Iron Kingdoms (IKR 57-73) and a Background (PHB or IKG). Characters can choice to use their Essence and Background attribute modifiers OR their Species but must choose one or the other. Otherwise, they gain all the benefits of each AND their Essence choice gives them accesses to new Feats. NOTE if someone is planning on playing an Arcane Spellcaster they should take Gifted Essence. They don't have to use the mods but they still need to take the Essence.
  • Chose a character Class from PHB or IKR. I would prefer only subclasses from PHB or IKG, but I might be open to others. Maybe if they fit the theme of the game. Maybe not. Some that I am ok with are for Sorcerers - Aberrant Mind and Clockwork Soul (from UA 61 and 68), Favored Soul (UA 3), Sea (UA 29), Shadow and Storm (XGE). Or Warlocks Celestial (XGE) and the Fathomless (TCE). For Wizard the War Wizard (XGE) is about the only one I would allow.
  • Start at 7th level. Can multi-class if you wish and qualify
  • Hit points are max at first level then the average +1 after that (the numbers in parenthathese for Hit Points after 1st level).
  • Character gain a Feat at 1st level and one at 4th Character Class level. At 4th level you also gain +2 to one attribute or +1 to two different Attributes at 4th Character Class level.
  • Hero/Action Points - characters gain 5 + 1/2 (round down) their Level in hero points. Hero Points can be spent on any d20 roll (saves, ability checks, skill rolls, attack rolls) and add +1d6 to the total. They can be spent after you roll but not before you know the results and you cannot spend more the one point on any one roll. Hero Points resent when you gain a new level.
  • Gear and Equipment - characters can start with any basic armor and weapons (including a firearm or two) and other basic gear and clothing (winter gear might be a good idea) of their choicing plus 1d10 x 25gp in starting cash. They can start with one mechanika item worth up to 1,500gp or a minor Steamjack (depending one class and feats or background).