Do Not Go Gentle: Black Knight

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Biographical Details[edit]

Alias: Black Knight

Name: Montgomery "Monty" Black

Date of Birth: January 18th 1945

Character Notes:[edit]

Monty Black is a sociopath, pure and simple. Even before he came into his powers he regarded the people around him as worth less than bugs. Even as a child, he was obsessed with weapons and killing. He has always hated people being friendly to him, and will respect people more when they recognise that he is a cold blooded monster, and treat him as one. In fact he gets a masochistic kick out of being treated as human detritus.

Monty wouldn't have made it as a US Soldier if it hadn't been for the Vietnam War - as it was, the Army saw there was a use for a man like him in black ops. He gladly signed up to the secretive Shadow Soldier Corps, allowing the government to delete his identity and rebuild him into a tool of covert war.

When his powers activated (on September 11th, 1962, deep in the Vietnam jungles) the SSC didn't want to let him go, but the Enhanced Soldier Program has always had ways of spotting new metahumans, and they soon found him out. Within a month he was recruited to a new cause, "reprogrammed" and brought into the ESP's own "deniable assets" division.

Monty is less than human, and he recognises that. He sees himself as worthless - a tool and a weapon and nothing more. Deep down, part of him recognises that this isn't a good thing, but he's become so used to this self perception that this is all he knows to be...


Murder is my profession, torture is my hobby + 4

Like ghost, I'll never be seen nor heard. + 4

Conscience is for lesser beings. + 4

An expert in jungle warfare. + 3

A good trap is worth a hundred bullets. + 3

I will obey proper authority, I will serve the United States. + 5

Special Powers[edit]

Perception of perception – Is always aware of where eyes are be watching in any form and where they will be watching in the next second or so. Cameras, sentries, anything. Could walk past five unalert guards simply by stepping in their blind spots, knowing when they are going to look up, look left etc.

Pleasure in Pain – Can ignore any condition penalty from pain.


Original concept by Dave. Edited for use by Asklepios