Dockside Blue Moon Monastery

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A small cloister of buildings is the last refuge of the larger Blue Moon Monastery that was overrun in the city. A handful of elves move in and out of the area. Humans have a hard time telling them apart and do not really track them. The sacred rites of the Blue Elves are conducted here. There is some interconnection between all the monasteries throughout the world, but the exact nature of it is something only the Blue Elves understand and only the most senior ones really understand it to any depth.

In the meantime, they remain here and offer wisdom when sought, and fought alongside humans so have their respect. On day-to-day matters, they keep to themselves.

There are seven members of the temple

  1. Dalana Erren
  2. Azure Sky
  3. Cerulean Nightwing
  4. Oren Arctoi
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A party of Blue Elves from across the sea was invited to the city by Dalana Erren

  1. Belmir Noctis
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