Dog King's Bounty

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Game Master: Hammel

Player Characters

Cecily Mortimer
Failinas of Huan

Non-Player Characters

King Duggin III

Councilman Rawse

Fredd the Fox


Emerald Kingdom

Several different species peacefully coexist in the Realm. Disputes are often settled through agreements and deed. Raccoons are the primary shopkeepers in the Realm and have their own Merchant's Guild.

King Duggin III, who claims divine lineage, has made it clear he thinks highly of himself and his lineage. Statues of himself can be found all over his Kingdom and its settlements, as is artwork highlighting his and his family's deeds. This artwork can also be found outside the Kingdom where the Kingdom maintains a presence. He is not seen as a cruel King, however, and he along with his council and the Queen have ruled with wisdom.


Located by the ocean, the capitol is protected by terrain that includes nearby mountains and forests. Most trade is by sea, but a single mountain pass that has been magically widened is the primary land route to and from the city.

The Celestial Hound

This inn was taken over by two of Failinas's cousins from an energetic Mouse who had previously named the inn The Dashing Mouse. The purchase turned out to be an impending disaster with leaky roofs and several maintenance issues that the cousins are trying desperately to remedy before they open up to the public again.

Emerald Forest

This was once a wild, untamed forest but the encroaching of Emraldia has tamed the beast. Still, dangers lurk within for the unwary and it is advised to come in armed when traveling off the beaten path.

Mount Yarrow

Maygr the Dragon lives near the mountain top of this towering mountain and rarely comes down for visits. Instead, each year the people of Emraldia send others to the mountain bearing gifts and company, a tradition that has lasted for at least 200 years. In exchange, the dragon watches over and protects the city. The King and city leadership get very antsy when this custom is not observed on time, though it's believed the dragon wouldn't immediately abandon Emraldia if the custom gets delayed.

Weather has been unpredictable and poor around this mountain lately, which has resulted in visitors and hikers to this mountain no longer visiting unless they're particularly daring.


Mount Yarrow

Follow the King's Road out of town and through the forest, then take a turn at the statue of Maygr. Follow that road to Mount Yarrow.

Fredd's Art Gallery

Follow the King's Road, turn on Ulbrecht Street, then follow Ulbrecht Street to Leaf Street.

Setting Rules

Wound Cap

High Adventure


Fast Healing