Dorro’s Journal - Entry 4, Waterday, 5th day of Flocktime

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Well...the goblin tower proved to be a bit of an exciting adventure.

Nothing that will turn heads in this land, but a good start to more exciting things to come. I won't bore you with to many details, only to state that we eliminated the goblins and their bug bear leader.

We also found an ancient tomb that had many creatures in it and even a few living dead!

Note about living dead...they are pretty squishy and "die" after only a few hits!!!

Afterwards, with a bit of treasure, we all made it back to the colony.

A bit more negotiations with the powers that be and we had some free time...and some coin.

But seeing as this place is "still under construction" so to speak, there isnt much to spend coin on except woman and booze.

Well i do love me booze, the former i can do without. At least here in this mostly human populated colony!

When we asked around for what to do next, we were told that the barges were having a hard time coming up here....due to lack of crews.

Word was also circulating around the colony of a hobgoblin encampment, a bit out of town, that had popped up and needed investigating.

Either task works for long as we do something more than eliminate more bloody goblins. It doesnt pay well!!

On a bit of a side not, our group is larger now and a lot more diverse than before. It includes our halfling (that has been with me since my first adventure here) a cavalier..Florian.

Our elvin monk, Silvermoon. A monk of exceptional skill who believes he has a special purpose in these lands.

A bounty hunter named Solomon. A great trapfinder and a member of the Order of the Silver Cudgel. He is in search of the evil in this land to eliminate.

The bard, Theryn Penbrook and the warrior Aleister Smyth.

Theryn and Aleister were friends since childhood. Theryn came to Bludstein to explore and learn the stories of the land. Aleister tired of being a shorehand and accompanied his friend. Aleister is looking to become a real adventurer.

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