Dr. Oliver Herbert

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Ethnicity: White

Hair: Short, straight black, clean-shaven

Eyes: Royal blue

Drive: Duty

Occupation: Doctor

Occupational Benefit: By using Medicine or Reassurance, you have access to medical records and hospital wards generally off limits to the public. When you use First Aid, each point spent heals 3 Health points, rather than 2. (You gain 2 Health points rather than 1 for each First Aid point you spend to heal yourself.) You can stabilize the condition of a seriously wounded victim by spending only 1 First Aid point, rather than 2.

Build Points: 17

Pillars of Sanity

Moral principles (The Hippocratic Oath)

Scientific progress/Value of the intellect


Sources of Stability

Dr. Adam Morrison, my mentor.

Rebecca Vellman, my sister.

Ramsey Vellman, my oldest friend and brother-in-law.

Investigative Abilities

Academic Abilities: Biology 3 Law 1 Languages 2 [Greek, Latin] Library Use 2 Medicine 3

Interpersonal Abilities

Assess Honesty 2 Bureaucracy 1 Cop Talk 1 Credit Rating 5 [4 from Occupation; 1 Point] Reassurance 2

Technical Abilities

Evidence Collection 2 Forensics 3 Pharmacy 3

General Abilities

Athletics 4 Firearms 4 First Aid 10 Fleeing 8 Health 8 Preparedness 6 Sanity 10 Scuffling 4 Sense Trouble 6 Shadowing 6 Stability 10 Stealth 6


Originally from a well-off Virginia family, Oliver Herbert had a domineering veteran officer of a father whom sought his 'general staff' of choice within the ranks of his sons and son-in-laws. His oldest brother went into the military, Ramsey's marriage was practically arranged to Oliver's sister to ensure the business element. That left Oliver pressured into studying as a doctor - though he found his way to freedom of choice with the inspiration of Dr. Bernard Spillsbury.

The famous British pathologist and medico-legal expert had been at work making headlines and setting the path forward for criminal forensics, and Oliver found a mentor, the much older Dr. Morrison, whom intended to bring that example forward to the United States. Oliver earned his doctorate and was working as a ME when connections and Hoover's desire for a fully modern, professional FBI led to Dr. Herbert being recommended and recruited to the agency.

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