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Is Dr. Steel human?


"Of COURSE Dr. Steel is human! Just because he is smart does not make him any less human! It merely makes Dr. Steel more acutely conscious and aware of the many troubles that threaten the human race, and able to more clearly see what action needs to be taken to assure that the children remain safe, happy, and free to have constructive and enjoyable childhoods, full of good things, laughter, and fun!

To suggest that Dr. Steel is not human merely because he is an intellectual giant is merely a slanderous statement, designed to detract from Dr. Steel's great popularity. I suspect that certain individuals (who shall remain nameless at this time) are merely jealous that for all their secret hideouts and legions of faceless minions THEY have never had a television series or sold significant quantities of merchandise. Said nameless individual or individuals are attempting to, shall we say, OVERSHADOW Dr. Steel's fame and damage the relationship of mutual respect and love that Dr. Steel has for the children and they for him! Doctor Steel warns these theoretically unknown personages that THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED, and should they not cease and desist in their endeavour will come to rue the day that they made the attempt!

Doctor Steel is human. Doctor Steel is humane. Those who spread these baseless rumors are neither!"

-- Dr. Steel

The Collected Speeches