Dracula Dossier: Archie Fitzward

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Archie Fitzward

Drive: Mystery
Background: Hacker
Previous Patron: MI5
Hit Threshold: 3
Health: 10
Stability: 10

Sources of Stability

Symbol: A hardback copy of The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes
Solace: Luke Fitzward, Brother
Safety: A condo in Southwark, London

Investigative Abilities


  • Accounting 1
  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Art History
  • Criminology 1
  • Diagnosis
  • History 2
  • Human Terrain 2
  • Law
  • Military Science
  • Occult Studies
  • Research 2
  • Vampirology


  • Bullshit Detector
  • Cop Talk
  • Flattery
  • Flirting
  • High Society
  • Interrogation
  • Intimidation
  • Negotiation
  • Reassurance
  • Streetwise 1
  • Tradecraft 1


  • Astronomy
  • Chemistry 2
  • Cryptography 2
  • Data Recovery 2
  • Electronic Surveillance 2
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Forgery 2
  • Notice 1
  • Outdoor Survival
  • Pharmacy
  • Photography 2
  • Traffic Analysis 2
  • Urban Survival

General Abilities

  • Athletics 4
  • Conceal 4
  • Cover 10
  • Digital Intrusion 12 [MOS]
  • Driving 4
  • Hand to Hand 4
  • Infiltration 4
  • Mechanics 6
  • Network 15
  • Preparedness 8
  • Sense Trouble 6
  • Shooting 4
  • Surveillance 4


Network Contacts

Daniel Biggs, MI5 Agent (5/5)


Crackers Crypto: 1 free rating point in Cryptography (included above). You can also encrypt your team’s electronic communications against all but government-level (NSA, GCHQ, MID, DGSE, GRU, Unit 8200, etc.) cracking.

In the Nick of Time: If you have a Preparedness rating of 8 or more, you can have also retroactively prepared specific timely actions, such as: a smoke bomb or incendiary going off as a diversion, the power suddenly being cut off in the office building, a gun smuggled in earlier and pre-positioned in the drop ceiling above you, a traffic-snarling parade whose route you researched before the operation began, a bomb threat evacuating the mall, a sudden peal of church bells thanks to an earlier generous contribution, a previous switch of the briefcase for an identical one with different contents.

You must have had opportunity and the means to set up the action — which can include the help of fellow agents who “suddenly realize what you asked” when the stop lights all turn red. You must still make a Preparedness test, and you must still convince the Director that your precaution is credible. If the action required a test (of Digital Intrusion, Explosive Devices, Infiltration, Mechanics, etc.) you or your then unwitting collaborator must make it successfully.



The old joke running around MI5 was that the Director-General saw NCIS and decided they needed their own Abbie, only male, because of traditional public-school snobbishness. Therefore, they got Archie, D Branch hacker, lab techie, and analyst, an energetic pot of pep with a thirst for knowledge. Until Archie wasn't there any more. Archie blames idiot cutbacks courtesy of Tories madly obsessed with privatization (and probably bribed to boot).

But in truth, he was getting close to something he shouldn't have, and an excuse was made to drop him. Or perhaps Archie was simply getting bored, and his supervisors wanted to head things off before a terror attack went off because Archie didn't do his due diligence on an analysis. Maybe it was a forth thing. Or maybe it was budget cutbacks that never seem to involve the salaries of the bureaucrats and politicians involved after all.

Who knows? Archie got contacted by [insert here] about the delicious signs of a mysterious conspiracy, and asked if he would help look into it. Score!