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Crafted Greater Vardatch: 2-handed weapon, base damage 2d6, +1 to attack rolls, crit range 19-20/x2 OR 20/x3, changeable at the wielder’s will on each strike.


  • Treated as caster level 10 for purposes of dispelling, except where noted otherwise.
  • +3 attack bonus. Radiates enchantment/necromancy magic (moderate, DC 18).
  • 3 times per day, the weapon can strike a Large or larger creature of the Dragon type for an addition 1d6 damage per size category larger than Medium.
  • When the weapon deals damage to a living creature, the wound bleeds profusely, causing the creature to take 2 additional points of damage at the start of the wielder’s turn for the next 5 rounds. Multiple wounds are cumulative. The bleeding can be stopped with a DC 15 Heal check or any spell that restores hit points; however, while the wound is bleeding, anyone casting a healing spell on the victim must make a DC 15 caster level check to succeed.
  • The weapon counts as adamantite for the purposes of overcoming the damage reduction of aberrations.

SIGNATURE WEAPON PROPERTIES (applicable when weapon is wielded by Durgaz)[edit]

  • Holy (+2): The weapon deals an additional 2d6 damage to all enemies of Evil alignment.
  • Vampiric (+2): The weapon deals an extra 1d6 damage to any living creature and heals the wielder of the same amount.
  • Speed (+3): When making a full attack action, the wielder may make one extra attack at his full base attack bonus, plus any modifiers appropriate to the situation.
  • Unallocated: +1.