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Player Characters



Tri-khan Ardashir Hal'zahn III

Overlord of the Delzahn Horde and the first Dragonblooded Tri-khan in three generations, he is the direct descendant of Assif the Hal'zahn (Assif, the Desert Wind) and ruler of the great southern port city of Chiaroscuro. Now in his thirty-fifth year, Ardashir is starting to show signs of maturity, his orange hair taking a deeper reddish hue, and small lines etched in his brow. He is the father of seven sons, one of the deadliest swordsman among the Del'zahn, and a troubled ruler.

For the past five years, the Tri-khan has been playing a careful balancing act with the Great Houses of the Realm. Chiaroscuro is an economic superpower of the south, and one of the largest ports in the world. By playing the Houses against one-another since the disappearance of the Emperess, the Tri-khan has managed to sever the lines of tribute connecting his city to the realm. However, in order to maintain this stalemate, the Tri-khan has been forced to create a strong alliance with another organization. Chiaroscuro has been opened as a free-trade city, and two years ago was declared a hub-city of the Guild. Not everyone is happy with this change, but it has so-far kept the Realm at bay, and the economy of Chiaroscuro has soared.

Type: Terrestrial Exalt - Fire Aspect
Physical ****
Social ***
Mental ***

Grand Vizier Sukeph

First advisor to the Tri-khan, and brother to Guild factor Saham. From an old and noble family among the Del'zahn, he wield enormous political power in the south, and harbors a network of informants and allies spanning from Harborhead to the Lap. A known supporter of the Guild.

Type: Mortal Thaumaturge
Physical: *
Social: ***
Mental: ****

First General Azad Saffar

Staunch supporter of the Tri-khan, and foremost of his generals. A student of the military academies of Lookshy, he is widely masterful battlefield strategist, and a nasty gateway player too. Though his body has not weathered his advancing years as well as he would hope, his mind is still quite sharp.

Type: Heroic Mortal
Physical: **
Social: **
Mental: ***

Second General Malek Ahmad

Second-in-command of the armies of the Tri-khan, Malek descends from one of the sword brothers of the Hal'zahn. An veteran campaigner, it is well known that Malek wants Azad's position, and is growing increasingly perturbed by the old general's unwillingness to retire. A honored and reknown warrior in his own right, Malek is good friends with Khan Asir Mahmud, and shares with him a deep hatred of the Varang. Malek is well known for wearing a blood-red cape when he goes into the field.

Type: Heroic Mortal
Physical: ***
Social: **
Mental: **