Dreams of a Fallen Crown:GM Questions

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  • The initial focus of the game will be a conflict with the Guild in the South, and the corruption it represents. With that in mind, answer the following:
    • Why is your character opposed to the guild?
    • What are your character's intentions with regards to the guild?
    • What reasons do you have for remaining in the South for the moment, besides already being there?
Note: Since these three questions reflect the premise of the game, 'None, really' is not a valid answer for obvious reasons.

  • List 5 different things (people, objects, organizations, causes) that your character wants, hates, or cares about. Don't worry about lack of knowledge regarding the setting. Make them up if needed, and *poof* they were always there.

  • List 5 things that you as a player want to show up in this game. This can be conflicts, moral questions, scenes, opponents, opportunities etc.

  • Describe an environment (set piece) for a fight scene you'd like to see.