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Session 1

High above the lands of creation, two dragons of air tore at each other with claws of elemental fury. The sky wept rain, and the wind turned it into lashing torrents. Lightning tore through the darkened sky, shaking the ground below with thunder and blasting it with momentary cold light. Years of politics and betrayal in the spirit court had created a debt of hatred between the two, a debt that could only be paid in blood.

Thousands of feet below, another battle ensued. It too was driven by hatred, but not by honor. This was an execution. The Wild Hunt had come upon its prey.

  • Chasm of the Seven-Sighs
The first session of 'Dreams of a Fallen Crown' opened with Oath-Graven Diamond, ex-officer and scion of the realm, Zenith of the Unconquered Sun, facing the Wild Hunt in the Chasm of the Seven-Sighs.
The scene began mid-battle with the Solar spinning his Glaive, and severing the ropes suspending the bridge on which he stood, dropping a full scale of troops thousands of feet into the rushing river below. The Fire Aspected Terrestrial facing him, Sesus Theros, was not caught flat footed, and leaped dozens of feet onto another nearby bridge. Diamond hopped to follow, but was driven backwards by a flurry of arrows from the fifty legionaires and the Wood aspect, Fallen Leaves, on the cliffs above.
Regaining his footing, Theros lauched himself at Diamond, still hanging in midair, and attempted to cross-cut him. Unnoticed, a cloaked figure landed where he had been standing a moment ago. Whipping open the rain-lashed cape, Eino Suutari drew his twin-gunklaves and levelled them, yelling "Greetings from the North!" and pulling the triggers. Two roaring jets of fire hammered Theros in the air, just as he was parried by the whirling glaive of Diamond.
Above, a shrouded figure landed among the archers on the cliffs, and slipped into their ranks unseen.
Driven backwards by the onslaught of blade and bow, Diamond grabbed a rope of the falling bridge and bounced off the opposite cliff wall, springing into the air and landing on another bridge, only to hurl his polearm at Theros, who swatted it aside before landing on a higher bridge.
The glaive spun through the air and settled back into Diamond's hand a moment before he was again engaged, this time by the water-aspected Immaculate, River of Faith. The monk rocketed across the bridge in a surge of essence, striking at the Zenith with a torrent of blows, ripples of water and mist rising around her.
Theros launched himself into the air, erupting in burning flame as he stoked his anima to life, and landed next to Eino, who had been engaging mortal troops, his blades moving in a blur of golden arcs. The mortals fell back as the raw heat blacked their skin, but the Solar was unmoved. Turning, he grinned, the facial tattoos lending him a demonic cast in the firey light.
Suddenly, the hellish night was lit by a bonfire of blinding light, as the Solar's anima flared into full glory. The mortal troops recoiled at the sight of the towering golden figure of judgement surmounting their prey. Moving his weapon with incredible speed, Diamond blunted the lightning-fast attack against him from the monk, turned aside an incoming arrow from the wood-aspect's bow, and struck back, slicing the Immaculate on the arm and leg, before driving the point of his weapon cleanly through her chest. She went limp, and tumbled into the abyss.
Rising to his feet in fury, Leaves notched another arrow and cried "Die, Anethema!", but then felt a horrible pain in his back, driving him to his knees. In shock, he looked back to see a dark figure wearing a savage white mask withdrawing a pair of long steel claws from his kidneys. The injury finally taking hold, he blacked out and fell from the cliff into the grim darkness. The surrounding troops recoiled in shock, only now seeing the masked figure among them. The Masked Fox smiled, and in a blink of an eye, slipped over the side to follow the tumbling corpse of their lord.
Theros, in a rage at seeing his comrades fall, sprung out of the chasm in a surge of firey essence, shouting "You will pay for this, Anethema! The hunt will find you!" as his anima winked out and he vanished into the night. The remaining troops quickly fled.
The three solars gathered, and the two arrivals introduced themselves to Oath-Graven Diamond. Finding themselves akin in their exaltations, a quick alliance was struck, and the Fox conjured up a sorcerous whirlwind to carry them away.
The night returned to silence, other than the hiss of rain and howl of the wind. The feuding dragons had moved on. For a moment, there was relative peace.
Then, quite suddenly, the ropes on a bridge snapped, and it fell into the chasm.