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* You may have an unlimited number of specialties, though none can be higher than 3.  (CB:74)
===Limit Breaks===
===Limit Breaks===

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  • You may have an unlimited number of specialties, though none can be higher than 3. (CB:74)

Limit Breaks

  • In addition to the standard Limit rules, a player can act according to their Virtue Flaw to regain Willpower and remove Limit. Acting according to the Virtue Flaw will remove one or more points of Limit, based on the severity and duration of the outburst. Each point of Limit removed allows for the immediate regain of 1 point of temporary Willpower. Actual Limit Breaking is unchanged, however, except instead of regaining the Virtue's rating in temporary Willpower back, the Exalt regains ALL spent Willpower. (CB:103)


  • In addition to the languages given by the Linguistics skill, you may spend 3 xp (1 bonus point) each to learn an additional languages without increasing your skill. (CB:109)


  • The listed costs (10xp/5bp) on Art specialties for Occult applies to Mortals. Exalted use the standard cost of Specialties (3xp/1bp). (CB:137)

Reflexive Charms

  • Reflexive charms do not prevent the use of other charms, nor are they prevented by other charms. They do not have to be combo'ed. This effectively expands the Terrestrial charm advantage to apply to all Essence users.


  • Spells cost 2 xp less than the listed values, so 8xp each, 6xp if you have Occult as a favored/caste Ability. Training time is unchanged. (CB:274)


  • If an artifact has an attuned Hearthstone set within it from a Manse with a rating at least as high as that of the artifact, then the attunement cost can be ignored. (CB:380)
  • Paired Short Daiklaves count as a single artifact for the purposes of charms that effect weapons. (CB:386)



  • (Ability) Essence Flow (CB:187)
Replace current effect with: Any activation of this Ability's Excellency charms apply to each roll and calculated value of this Abiliity for the remainder of the current tick.


  • Glorious Solar Saber (CB:192)
No more than half your available points (round up) can be applied to each of Accuracy or Defense.
  • Protection of Celestial Bliss (CB:194)
Also allows the stored Heavenly Guardian Defense uses to be applied against unexpected attacks. Additionaly, allows for a free weapon-draw when triggered, thus allowing it to be used when a weapon is available, but not in-hand.


  • Durability of Oak Meditation (CB:206)
Cost has been changed to 1 mote.


  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery (CB:220)
During character creation, aquiring this charm provides 3 Terrestrial Circle spells for free.


  • Flow Like Blood (CB:227)
Also allows user to ignore Multiple Attacker rules in their entirety.