Dreams of a Fallen Crown:House Rules

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  • The listed costs (10xp/5bp) on Art specialties for Occult applies to Mortals. Exalted use the standard cost of Specialties (3xp/1bp). (CB:137)

Reflexive Charms

  • Reflexive charms do not prevent the use of other charms, nor are they prevented by other charms. They do not have to be combo'ed. This effectively expands the Terrestrial charm advantage to apply to all Essence users.


  • Spells cost 2 xp less than the listed values, so 8xp each, 6xp if you have Occult as a favored/caste Ability. Training time is unchanged. (CB:274)



  • (Ability) Essence Flow (CB:187)
Replace current effect with: Any activation of this Ability's Excellency charms apply to each roll and calculated value of this Abiliity for the remainder of the current tick.


  • Protection of Celestial Bliss (CB:194)
Also allows the stored Heavenly Guardian Defense uses to be applied against unexpected attacks. Additionaly, allows for a free weapon-draw when triggered, thus allowing it to be used when a weapon is available, but not in-hand.


  • Durability of Oak Meditation (CB:206)
Cost has been changed to 1 mote.


  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery (CB:220)
During character creation, aquiring this charm provides 3 Terrestrial Circle spells for free.


  • Flow Like Blood (CB:227)
Also allows user to ignore Multiple Attacker rules in their entirety.