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[[Category:PBP]][[Category:Houses of the Blooded]][[Category:HotB Light into Darkness]]
A character in Veet's [[HotB Light into Darkness]] PbP game  __NOTOC__
A character in Veet's [[HotB Light into Darkness]] PbP game  __NOTOC__

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A character in Veet's HotB Light into Darkness PbP game

Drial (Tshanja) Burghe
"I am your friend" ("The education of experience")

As befits a bear, Drial is an unusual for a Ven. He prefers beneficial exchange more than irrational blood feud, and believes you don't have to be a hermit to be an individual as long as you maintain your focus in the chaos around you.


Strength 4
Cunning 4
Courage 3
Beauty 2
Prowess 2
Wisdom -


Calm in the Storm

Invoke When he acts in a chaotic situation. (mass murder)
Tag When he must act in a proscribed, formal pattern.
Compel Flustered or underestimating something, he ignores a threat one threat among many.

Done, Done, Done

Invoke When persuading someone by exchange of favors
Tag To persuade him to accept an exchange
Compel He is distracted from meeting someone by a minor character talking "shop".


Castle, Village, Shore, Farm, Farm, Plains, Hills, Mountains


Wife (3, Gwanal (Cavala) Adrente), Personal Guard (2), Roadmen, Staff, Valet, Herald

Devotions & Blessings

  • Manna Renay (2)
    • Hearthward
    • Bear's Hospitality
  • Ashalm Avendi (1)
    • I am the Road
  • Tatjain Adrente (1)
    • The Invisible Cannot be Touched