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Hong kong ruins by jonasdero-d4jh9ny.jpg "Drown Town" is a PBP game of [Apocalypse World] being run by Danny_K.

The game revolves around the lives of a group of hopers, dreamers, and some weird bastards in the post-apocalyptic but still trendy city of Town, which is definitely somewhere on the Pacific rim and might be in Macao or somewhere in what was Vietnam... namely,

Lin the Hardholder, Quy the Chopper, Matalo the Show, Player the Battlebabe, Tat the Child-Thing.

There are two active threads for the game;

Don't Get Out of the Boat

The game is centered around the waterlogged and overgrown city of Town and Lin's holding, the Casino. It is also home to many colorful denizens, including the skimmer gang called the Hungry Ghosts and Lin's crew, the Cadre.

Session Guide

There is a summary of the events so far: 1: This Flood Won't Last

We Totally Need a Relationship Map Like This One!


Current Character Stats

Character Barter Harm XP Highlighted Stats
Lin 1 0 0 Weird, Sharp
Quy 1 1 1 Weird,Hot
Matalo 0 1 4 Hard,Weird
Player 6 0 7 Weird,Hard
Tat 2 0 4 Cool, Weird

Hx Table!

Horizontal is the characters, vertical is the characters they have Hx with.

Names! Lin Quy Matalo Player Tat
Lin x +0 +2 0 +3
Quy 0 x +1 -2 0
Matalo +3 +1 x -2 0
Player +3 +2 +3 x +3
Tat +2 +1 +1 +3 x

Drown Town

NPCs of Note

The Cadre

The Hungry Ghosts

Casino Residents


Who Gets Shot in the Face First?

Watch this space!