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== Down in Drown Town ==

"Drown Town" is a PBP game of [Apocalypse World] being run by Danny_K.

The game revolves around the lives of a group of hopers, dreamers, and some weird bastards in the post-apocalyptic but still trendy city of Town, which is definitely somewhere on the Pacific rim and might be in Macao or somewhere in what was Vietnam... namely,

Lin the Hardholder, Quy the Chopper, Matalo the Show, Player the Battlebabe, Tat the Child-Thing.

There are two active threads for the game; OOC Thread and an IC thread.

Don't Get Out of the Boat

The game is centered around the waterlogged and overgrown city of Town and Lin's holding, the Casino. It is also home to many colorful denizens, including the skimmer gang called the Hungry Ghosts and Lin's crew, the Cadre and Matalo's musical merry men.

Session Guide

There is a summary of the events so far: 1: This Flood Won't Last

We Totally Need a Relationship Map Like This One!


Current Character Stats

Character Barter Harm XP Highlighted Stats
Lin 3 0 1 Hard, Hot
Quy x 0 0 Hard, Sharp
Matalo x 0 2 Weird, Hot
Player x 0 1 Hot, Cool
Tat 1 0 2 Weird, Cool

Hx Table!

Horizontal is the characters, vertical is the characters they have Hx with.

Names! Lin Quy Matalo Player Tat
Lin x +2 +1 +3 +3
Quy -1 x -1 +3 -1
Matalo +1 +2 x +3 +3
Player -1 -1 -1 x +3
Tat -1 +1 -2 +1 x

Drown Town

NPCs of Note

The Cadre

"About 40 disciplined, well-armed violent bastards." Led by Drano, who likes being the big shot but isn't suited to civilian leadership.

The Hungry Ghosts

Vengeful masked warriors on skimmer bikes, with a grudge against slavers and pimps and other pillars of society.

Rancid (the smelly one)

Sing (she does)

Matalo's Motley Crew

Harridan (rhythm guitar)

Jesus Christ (keyboard)

Dino (bass)

Ambeke (drums)

Si (additional keyboard and percussion and visual effects).

Casino Residents

Marga the Butcher, what you might call a doctor, also bartender. Sleeps with one of the Cadre, doesn't like Player for many reasons, including a man.

"Skinny" Mika, who is not technically a prostitute, but helps entertain guests to the Casino and reports back to Lin. Doesn't like Player for many reasons....

Ba, weirdo and accountant.

8ball, Vape and DeLorean, Mechanics

Vonda, sells art in the market and reports back to Lin.


Judge, the Oldest Man in the World, he lives in a luxury building with working sunlamps and has a cult. He survives by getting blood transfusions from kids, whom he is very fond of.

Orson, runs an "establishment" in Town that offers everything the Casino does, plus a lot more, minus some stability and sanity. Orson badly wants Matalo as a headliner and won't take no for an answer.

Etan-the-Bear, an exotic trader from outside who owes Player a favor and brings her flowers. They say he comes from a place where it's cold and the puddles are hard and slippery.

Rolfball, a weapons dealer from outside with a secret who's in league with an unfriendly dried fish dealer.

Dremmer, an androgynous war-talker of the "Gold Gurlz" gang who dominate the Tower Road and is jealous of the Casino.

Rivals and Enemies

The Greatmen, there's some murky history with Player here, they've split up recently into warring factions. As one does. Time will tell if they reunite or get swallowed up by neighbords, in the meantime they're adding their own fresh layer of hell to daily life and making it harder for folks to get in and out of the city.

The Gold Gurlz, a rival gang that sometimes blockades the Tower Road and charges tolls.

The Life-Changers cult south of the Casino. Their supreme leader, Bells, wants Player as a lawn ornament, or maybe as a ninth wife. Hard to tell. Something about his daughter.

The Pickers east of the Casino, a disreputable bunch of bandits. Or the revolutionary liberators of the downtrodden, depending who you ask. Easy to underestimate but with a real flair for ambushes and dirty tricks.

Who Gets Shot in the Face First?

Watch this space!