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Dufirosm Revision The new and improved Dufiro page

Among the diverse realms that battle and bounce off Chaos is a section of porous realms called the Lands of Flux and Shadow. Millions of worlds at various levels of technology and sophistication have interlocking paths and communication. Intershadow Commerce, tourism, and warfare are common. In amongst these shadows is the collection of realms called the Dufirtrusa. It is a series of diversely interlocking realms of beings able to channel great powers of shadow and the elements. In their own realms they live in various manners as delights their kind. And their delights vary from perverse to sublime.

One thing is that they are in a nexus of power that allows them to be summoned to places beyond their realms, and make bargains to trade power for powers. They can be bound and used willingly under the terms of detailed agreements or bound by force.

The Dufirosim are regularly summoned from their native realms to millions of other realms, including Chaos where they are often bound involuntarily.

  • It should also be clearly noted that as a race, the Dufirosim are not inherently good or evil any more then most races in shadow. Considerations of Good or Evil are only applicable individually as in many other races. While, greedy, arrogant, and careful of their reputation, the majority of the Dufirosm are generally benevolent.


Races of the Dufirosm

The races of the Dufirosm are varied and change often. What is below is a sampling of the major races and transitions among the species. These are examples of what might be considered major stereotypes.

There are seven Dufirosm languages used for summoning, bargaining, binding and for magical spells. These areVomos or Common, Gorbash, Releck, *Nethak, Halta,Nona, Kolbashic.


Elementals live in realms of purish energy with little or simple intelligence. From animal to low human intelligence. They gain intelligence and advancement to Spirit form by existing for periods under bound service or trading their efforts in their elemental forms. This is why they are easy to bind. As they gain separate sentience, away from their elemental power they gain in their abilities.

The children of Dufiro by many different races on occasion gain elemental powers. If they gain enough power they may transition to the elemental form.

Air: Purify Air to desired degree. Air attacks. Earth: Convert rock to soil. Refresh Soil. Rock attacks Fire: Start fires in many environments. Fire attacks. Water: Purify Water. Summon Water. Water attacks. Change: Transition from one item to another. Natural shapeshifters.

The above are major elementals but numerous minor ones exist. Many minor ones can function in limited shadow ranges according to local environmental needs and effects.

Scent: Glories in the various scents in nature. Sound: Variations in noise Hue: These Elementals can effect colors in many different ways and is nearly always a short lived race that develops into spirits of Blending, Paper, Color, or Illusion
Mix: These rare Elementals are attracted to combing new alloys, most of which can not maintain form after their absence Flux: These extremely rare elementals rejoice in the diversity of change and Flux in the nature of shadows near Chaos. They are nearly always elemental forms that transition into Spirits of Change on the way to Avasa of Shifter and Masoja of Shifter Movement: These very rare Elementals...

Spasa or Spirits

Officially named Spasa, the term Spirits is the common usage even among Dufiro.

These creatures have gained sufficient awareness to have needs and greeds. As they advance the experiences that developed them from elementals to spirits gave them passions. These passions are expressed in their differentiation. They develop singularly for a time but when they develop they may shift to other spirit forms many times before rising to the Avasa Dufirosim. Spirits often are more obsessed with their singular devotion then Avasa or Masoja are because they have a focus without greed or ambition. Commentary on Dufiro

  • Spasa races are like elementary and middle schoolers.
Air: Earth: Fire: Water: Change: Spirits of change are shapeshifters.
Blending: Many Blending Spirits are chefs and brewers. alchemists and preservationists. Canners Carnality Specializes in forms of intimacy, sensuality, lust. A derogatory term is Whore Spasa. Most take Cleanliness and health as well.[[1]] Cleanliness: Experts in purification, elimination of dirt, rust, mold, paints, and dyes. Combat: Experts in one on one combat. Armors, weapon-smiths, fletchers. Most Combat Spirits have ambitions to high orders. Death: Death Spasa are workers of the dead. Morgue staff. Battlefield cleaners. Sorters of parts.
Defense: A specialist in combat defenses. Fortifications, barricades, Bridges, pavises. Growth: Guard: Often bound to items to provide security and seal items against entrance. Boxes, chests, doors. Illusion Experts in the creation of imagery. Life: Life Spasa are Nurses. Caretakers.. Their skills are practical for physical beings not for those with magical illnesses or issues. A subcatagory is Health Spasa who specialize in exercise, recuperation, and athletics for long term physical health.
Motion: Dance, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Parkour. Paper: Experts in the art of writing. Also origami. Paper Spirits often copy summoning ritual books for Spirits and Elemental. Rust or Rot: These spirits are usually malicious, serving a term in punishment. Everything they deal with decays, rots, molds, fades or crumbles. Few choose to be Spirits of Rot. However, some Rot Spasa go on to be experts in cheese. Song: Experts in music and performance Speed:
z z z z z

Avasa Dufirosim

The Avasa are the first evolution of the Dufirosim to gain the ability to resist binding, and therefore negotiate for better returns. They trade their racial powers for whatever their heart desires.

  • Ava Dufiro equate to High School and College levels of maturity.
Air Earth Fire Heat, fire, burning nonburnable things, melting, boiling, cooking. Many Fire Avas are chefs and BBQ experts. Water Moisten, wet, dry, and attack with water. Can cause water to leave living bodies. Can dehydrate. Can rehydrate. Change
Blending: Experts in alloying, sewing, mixing, brewing and other forms of mixing. Many Blenders are painters and trump artists. Carnality or Lust Cleanliness: Clean objects, areas, or creatures, to a high level of excellence. Colors: Artists in colors and how to use them, process them, replicate them and imprint them. Most Color Avas are painters Conflict: Specialize in creating anger or competition as well as participating in fighting and combat. The Avasa of War are a sub-discipline among the Conflict Avasa.
Death: Growth: Make plants grow faster or slower. They are able to ferment and distill. Guard: Specialize in deflection, distraction, and protection. Health Ice: Freeze, chill, cool, temperature control. Area of effect is highly variable.
Knowledge: Scholars. Consumers of Libraries. Can create books, tomes, spell scrolls. Creator of Spell Scrolls for use by non-mages. Usually were Paper Spirits. Often copy Avasa & Spirit summoning tomes. Life: Music Musical experts. A subcatagory is Dance Rage: Anger, woe, a AvaD of Rage can restore forgotten memories, inflict anger in others, can eliminate anger. Often a necessary Race for advancement for Death, Conflict, and other dark leaning races. Rage is often a punishment race. Rust or Rot
Shifter: Shapeshifters, replicators, Act as Ushfa Speed: Speed change and advancement. Truth: Tellers of Tales, Sage of Truth, Lie Detectors. A Truth AvaD can convince others of untrue things but its considered a betrayal of race. Vision: Vision AvaD can remember and project the experiences of others. Act as oracles. Whimsy

Masoja Dufirosim

Masoja are...

  • Masoja Dufiro equate to Grad Students and Highly Trained Professionals in levels of maturity.
Air Earth Fire Water Change
Binding Cleanliness Combat : Combat Masoja are among the greatest warriors in the realms of the Dufirosm. Martial specialists. Growth Guard : Guard AvaM have great combat powers in the protection of the client. They are also experts in fortifications and defensive magics.
Health :Mighty healers. Bound create powerful healing items. Most Health Masoja have a history with Cleanliness races. Knowledge: Among the great scholars of the Dufiro. Great collectors of tomes and written work. Often copy Summoning Tomes. often create tomes for new Masajoa. Rage Rot or Rust Shifter
Strength Warfare Witness: A rare race of Masoja often connected with Knowledge and Vision Dufiro. These beings can see the lives and experiences of a subject in great detail. z z
*Death *Life *Time *Vision Able to tap into the forces of the universe to display visions of the past and future. *Wisher


Illuminars are a special subset of Dufiro. They are considered specialist and stand outside the usual definitions of race. Illuminars are special cases. The Illuminars have their own ways. Many of the rules that refrain and define other Dufiro do not effect the Illuminars.

There are three ranks of Illuminar.

  • Al Asgo Illuminar: The first Illuminar rank. It allows them access to special libraries and to the other secret places of the Illuminars. It is an extremely rare honor and can only be granted by a handful of great Dufiro.
  • Trax Asgo Illuminar:
  • Primas Illuminar:These rare creatures stand above all other Dufiro and are granted deference. These are the leaders and greatest of Dufiro.

Powers and Binding

Each race has powers according to their kind, their experiences, and their racial Paths. They are testy, opinionated, arrogant, and greedy.

  • Any race of Dufiro-Elemental to Masoja Dufiro- are able to return to their home realm if freed from their binding by destruction of the bound artifact or compilation of the pact. Holding them against their will in either case is extraordinarily difficult. A Dufiro fighting for its freedom may attract other of its familiarity, race, or proximity to aid it. If a Dufiro completes it binding pact it may or may not be willing to renegotiate on the spot but they may require a new summoning.
  • Dufiro bound willingly bargain for specific powers to be used in particular ways. They can manifest small or mighty powers when willingly bound.
  • Dufiro bound unwillingly deliver far greater powers but at a price in bitterness toward their binder.
  • Artifacts of Dufiro who are willingly bound will behave unpredictably if their bindings are destroyed. Willing bindings imply an agreement was made and if the artifact is broken they may remain in battle and defend their binder and their agreement. They may flee to their home realms.
  • Elementals are generally without ambition and are bound unwillingly. When the item they are bound to is destroyed they instantly return to their home world.
  • Spirits or Spasa are easy to bind, as are Elementals, However if the item they are bound to is destroyed they may take a quick attempt to harm their former master before fleeing to their home realms.
  • A common property bargained for with a binding for Avasa and Masajoa Dufiro is to provide permanence and structural strength, up to indestructibility, to otherwise fragile items.
  • Terms of any bargain will be strictly maintained. It is one of the primary distinction that a Dufiro does not want a reputation for having broken their word.

Dufirosim Languages

The Dufirosim can learn any language but can only establish bargains in their native tongue. The details of the bargains made and the powers received are too extensive to catalog. There are 7 languages among the Dufirosim. The languages are in themselves intrinsically magical. Spells can be performed using the language alone. There is evidence to believe that the dispersal of the languages somehow relate to the proximity of the races regions of origin in the original realms of the Dufirosim.

The 7 languages are Vomos or Common, Gorbash, Releck, Nethak, Halta, Nona, and Kolbashic.

  • Vomos or Common is spoken by all Dufiro conversationally though most Dufiro speak Thari and other chaos languages. Elementals understand Vomos at birth and as they gain power learn to speak it. Its like a baby language.
  • Gorbash is a Spirit Language spoken by the less powerful spirits races. It is also a frequently used Dufiro conversational language.
  • Releck is a spirit Language for upper power spirits.
  • Nethak is an Avasa language for first race choices as well as medium power races.
  • Halta is an Avasa Language.
  • Nona is a Masoja language often for first Masoja races.
  • Kolbashic is a Masoja language used by the most powerful races.

Languages and Magic Use

While all Dufirosim languages are inherently magical many magical systems across shadow use Dufirosim languages.

  • Vomos or Common is an inherently magical language but magical systems that use it for spell casting are very weak having less power then a magical language that causes cantrips to work.
  • Gorbash is frequently the language that powers Cantripy. It is also used for rituals cast by non-dedicated ritualists. This is considered plebian by most practiconers for good reasons. Think of it as spells that are taught in magazines to non-spell casters. Hexery and Continualism uses Gorbash in many shadows.
  • Releck is used in many Low Order Magical systems for low level spells. First through fourth circles. Relek is also nearly always what all spells in the Illusionist Spell systems uses.
  • Nethak is used by many Low Order magical systems for medium spells in the fourth to tenth level circles. Listry spell systems of Essence and Channelling use Nethak.
  • Halta is used in many Low Order magical systems for mighty spells above the tenth circle. It is also used in many High Order Magical systems for simple high order, non-offensive magics. Some High Order Power Words use Halta. Listry Mentalism spells useHalta.
  • Nona is used for High Order Magic systems. It is a commonly used language for invasive power words.
  • Kolbashic is used for High Order magical systems for powerful spells. Kolbashic is an extremely complicated language and all Dufiro respond to it. It is almost always used as an attack language or a dispelling language.

Summoning, Names and Tomes

Each Dufiro has true name. From the youngest of elemental to the most ancient of Masoja they all have a name of power by which they can be summoned, called, and bound. These names and the rituals to summon them are written into intrinsically non-magical tomes. Since the increase of power and prestige is based on experience the Dufiro desire to be summoned though the details are myriad. Most tomes include the ritual circle that will create a barrier to harm the summoner and protect the dufiro from harm. The details in this are vast.


  • Personal Name: This is a name used conversationally and when used the individual does not know.
  • Conversational Name: This is the name used socially. Primarily it references a Dufiro's current race: Sylex of Rot, Tinsanax of Health, Cuso of Fire. However, in conversation a previous race might be mentioned if one wanted to speak to the expertise gained in that race and uses a rank shortening;Ava Sylex of Motion, Maso Tinsanax of Carnality, Ava Cuso of Blending. The shortenings are Ela, Spa, Ava, Maso, & Illum.
    • Referencing Rank: Conversationally rank is not mentioned except for a serious use, then its used in conjuntion to the race mentioned: Sylex of Rot, Tinsanax of Health, Cuso of Fire.
  • Calling Name: This is a relatively short name that will attract the attention of the dufiro across vast distances. It is like requesting a meeting. The Dufiro is not compelled to answer. It is considered rude amongst dufiro to use the calling name casually since once spoken the dufiro's attention is briefly taken. This leads to what non-dufiro races might consider a nervous tick, as the dufiro might pause briefly in a conversation when the name is spoken millions of shadows away.
  • Summoning Name: This is a main portion of a Dufiro's book. When spoken correctly it can summon the Dufiro into the presence of the speaker. Much care is taken by summoners to create circles of protect.
  • Binding Name: This name longer then the summoning name but is nearly always included in the tome. It is the Name that must be used to bind the dufiro to an item. If used after a bargain has been struck the reading of the name is simple. If the binding is unwilling the dufiro will fight it from its summoning circle and it often is a battle of wills, psyche, and powers, to bind the dufiro.


The writing of tomes is a vitally important cultural element of Dufiro society. If the crux of Dufiro society iis advancement then the tome is the sign a dufiro wishes to advance. A ritualist with the tome may study it till they can intone the name perfectly to summon the dufiro. A dufiro will have a summoning book for each race though summoning a dufiro with a tome for a lesser race of its path is dangerous. Think of a Tome as their business card. Think of the tome as a resume.

A tome will include many things. It will include all 4 of their names. It will include the powers one might gain by binding them. It will include their adventures. It includes their unbound powers. It may inclue their equipment. It may include food and drink prefferances and preferences of many different kinds as clues for what to offer them.


As can be seen the races of the Dufiro are potent creatures as allies, enemies, bound willingly or unwillingly. Their reputation is usually very important since it may lay heavily on their chances of being allowed a Race ritual. It reflects on their offspring and attracting mates. It may effect their admittance to various associations.

Lastly, it tells how reliable and trustworthy they are. Threatening a Dufiro's reputation is a serious matter.


Mind Blanking: A power often requested of Knowldege Dufiro

Methods of Propagation

Dufiro breed in a variety of methods.

Standard Method

Dufiro who breed among themselves generate an Elemental offspring. The form will be one of the base elemental forms of the breeding pair. Usually these are motivated by one or both parents to transition quickly to other forms, usually spirit forms. However, in some unions, of two through 4 parents, their may be a desre for the child to experience several elemental forms as a basis for their future developments.

Isolated Method

Some Dufirosim may generate sufficient elemental energy to separate enough to create an elemental form. This form of budding creates an elemental form that the parent once passed through though usually they have little control over which form unless the budding is managed by Avavsa or Masoja skilled in such things.

Inter-species Breeding

Dufiro may copulate with a host form which will create one of two outcomes. Either a full elemental form, or a native form of the mother with a deep connection to the element form of the father.

  • If the resultant form fully generates as a Elemental it begins its Path as normal.
  • If the resultant form does not generate initially and retains the maternal form it will have an affiliation to the elemental form of the father. This connection to the elemental for may pass down many generations, each birth starting with a different resonance to the element, usually starting near the level of the parent. In this manner the line of a Dufiro/Native offspring gains elemental connection through its interaction with its element.

An elemental connection may manifest in many ways in those not raised to the elemental race. Skills at sculpting, dowsing, localized air purification, are just examples.

Interbreeding, even over thousands of years, can contribute minute amounts of elemental energy till eventually a member of the line manifests. Three examples of this method are the cases of Dowser of Veksvale, Crees of Iron,Cuso of Trendle and Buckle of Dowten


Dowser of Veksvale was the offspring of a Dufiro of a Masoja Dufirosim of Water. The line was unknown to the Dufiro as the initial coupling was casual. Over several thousand years the line gathered elemental energy, manifesting as a fondness for water occupations, till eventually enough energy was retained by the Child Dowser to allow his powers to rise to the level of an infant Water Elemental. Recently raised to Spirit of Water, then Avasa of Water

Crees of Iron

Crees of Iron was a warrior in a long line of warriors with the infusion of elemental powers of earth gained by inclusion of a Masoja Dufirosim of Strength.

Cuso of Trendle

Cuso of Trendle was the great-grandson of an Avasa Dufiro of Fire. He and his father, and grandfather were all chefs at Oberon's Fire. Cuso, when in his 70's fell into the great fire of Oberon's Fire. Immersion in the elemental fire generated by the Jewel of Judgment brought Cuso into the Elementals of Fire race, and at a great enough level that he was almost immediately attended by Avasa Dufiro in the Paths of Fire.

Buckle of Dowten

Buckle of Dowten was one in a long line established by a Masoja Dufirosim of Change. The line was over 500 years old and had long been famous alchemists and sorcerers although Buckle was not raised by the well-known public family but was rather a unexpected illegitimate offspring.

Inhabitation or Possession

If a creature is inhabited by a Avasa or Masoja and then participates in a Ritual of Inclusion, the creatures attains the Race initiated. This method is rare and a source of anger by many of the Dufiro. Nur al Din El musifar is an example of this kind of propagation. This is not always a voluntary event.

Advancement & the Race Ritual

When dealing with Dufiro vital aspects to understand is their Path and their current Race.

  • Elementals may be elevated to Spirit Race. They have no ability to advance themselves. They are a larval stage for Dufirosim. Once an elemental achieves Spirit Race. They may never have more then two races unless one of the 4 elemental is transformed to a Change Elemental.
  • All other Dufiro may apply to the Ritual of Race at any time of their choosing though their success is not assured. Having failed a ritual it is unlikely the attempt will be made again directly to the same race.
  • Rituals are meant to display dedication to embracing the new race.


Advancement is the crux of Dufiro society. Nearly everything they do is aimed at advancement. Gaining new powers. Learning new skills. Gaining powerful artifacts. Gaining powerful allies and patrons. Creating a power base of loyal followers.

When a dufiro bargains, either for themselves, and ally, or an underling, it is to gain aspects that will make them a more attractive candidate for a new Race. Once the Dufiro applies to a new race they are granted the right to attempt a race ritual. Who approves the attempt varies by species.


  • Each Dufiro has had its own life path toward power. Each has unique experiences. The Life Path of A Dufiro can be compared to scholastic advancement. They start as Elementals-kindergartners. Enter Spirit races as elementary and middle schoolers. Ava Dufiro equate to High School and College. Masoja Dufirosm equal graduate and doctorate levels.

The more races in one's path the more powerful the dufiro is likely to be. Once they move from elemental to spirit, spirit to Avasa, Avasa to Masoja, it is highly unlikely they will add lower races though it is not impossible.

Examples of Path

  • Uzgata of Rage and War Reggie: Elemental of Fire,Spirit of Combat , Spirit of Fire , Spirit of Rot, Avasa Dufiro of Rage, Avasa Dufiro of Conflict, Avasa Dufiro of Fire:, Masoja of War, Masaja of Rage
    • Uzgata has been angry vengeful creature since he took the Spirit of Combat. He initiated a violent uprising that ravaged the territories of numerous Avavsa on the home world of a Knowledge D and was punished by being confined as a Spirit of Rot. Afterwards he was courted by the evil oriented Avavsa and masojas and became a violent bounty hunter of dufirosim.
  • Tustrala of Change: Elemental of Air and Change. Spirit of Blending, Change, Cleanliness, and Paper. Avasa of Cleanliness, Blending, and Knowledge. Masoja of Binding and Knowledge.Friend of Fortunadus, one bound to him in the battles verses the Ravers.
  • Agdilas, Spirit of Blending: Elemental of Earth. Spirit of Growth, Rot, Paper, Earth, and Blending.
    • A protege of Trustrala
    • Choose to take the race of Rot as an addition to her skills in growth, and blending. Having chosen to take the race many in the race revere her. She barely avoided being elected to the Council of Rust by taking the race of Paper.
    • Expert in the production of powders. Especially in the production of Paradoxian Melange


It is often lost on sorcerers, wizards, ritualists, and historians across shadow who deal with the Dufiro that while diverse and powerful the Dufirosm often live out lives of their own interests when not involved with outsiders. They often forget or ignore that dufiro have their own interests and passions unless it matters in the terms of a bargain. These interests reflect what dufirosm call their Professions.

While the raising of levels is a driving force for Dufiro it is best to understand that many rise on a few times in a lifetime. Most never rise beyond Spasa. Even fewer become Masoja. To live their lives, eat, and provide for whatever family they may develop is their professions. It has been said that Work is Work and thats true among the Dufiro. But many races are driven by their professions.

Dufiros are a creative people. Artisians on many levels. And they sell their arts.

((More on this as I think about it.))

Dufiro Bands and Associations

In a race comprised of so many diverse elements and with such a preponderance of trade, barter,, binding agreements both willing and unwilling, and with so many ruling bodies among each distinct race its understandable that groups and individuals would assemble for mutual benefits. Patronage is an extremely common practice among the Dufiro. Advancement being so tied to merit and experience groups band together for many reasons. It would be impossible to list the number of such associations for such a large population. Rituals and abilities are shared, traded, stolen, and created in these groups with the higher ups usually understanding that the advancement of even the lowest of their members brings prestige, power and opportunity to all.

Below are listed a few well know groups and some examples of smaller groups. Some terminology should be clarified. Many of these terms are interchangeable but some refer to specific arrangements among members.


A group assembled with the idea of mutual assistance and defense in promoting the advancement of all members. Usually small groups. Often military.

  • The Regalada Band:This is a Warband lead by three Dufiro. Raga of Warfare, Dalquis of Rage, and Galada of Strength. They have a variety of Masajoa and Avasa Dufiro who run individual Packs. A common Masoja Pack might be led by a Masoja of Warfare, and include 3 Avasas of conflict, a Avasa of Rage, a number of Combat Spirits, a number of fire or air spirits, some staff spirits like Cleanliness, blending and Guard. A large number of elementals.


Usually a small subset of a large group that acts as a unified body for particular services. Most often as War packs or Growing packs.

  • Green Fur Packs: These are a common pack grouping of warriors. A Green Fur Pack includes 5 Spasa of Combat, 2 Spasa of Defense, 2 Spasa of Guard. 1 Spasa of Speed. Each group also will have some support Spasa. A Spasa of Clelanliness as a healer. A Spasa of Blending as a cook. Most packs will have a Spasa of either Fire or Earth that control up to 10 of their type of Elementals.


A group assembled for mutual advancement of all members. usually a large or regional group.


Usually a small band that participates in activities together.

  • Chip Knot: a small group led by Chipoxata, a Masoja of Earth, known as Chip. Includes a Cleanliness spasa named Crumble.


This type of group is lead by a ruling clique or individual and has a strictly structured form for the members below the ruling body. Usually a large group.

    • Tower of Blades: A Warrior tower dominated by Combat masoja.


Halls are places where Dufiro gather for various reasons. Think of them like Bars with themes like sports bars, seaside taverns, ski chalets. Or fraternitay lodges like Elks lodges or Eagles lodges. Or Clubs like poetry cafes or dance clubs for people of similiar interests. Mostly they are not limited to one race but the more detailed the hall the more likly a secluded clientele.

  • Doraal Red Hall: A sex club
  • The Hall of Deep Sadness: Mostly Sadness or despair oriented races.
  • Hall of Heroes.


Fealty band:

This is a gathering of Dufiro, under a powerful individual. Usually a warrior band.

    • Shantranixix: A complicated and political large fealty band with several notable members under the leadership of Shantranixix Agfala. Known members include Crizacraxix Galxata and Traxalaxax.


Usually a Regional body for anyone native to the region. This kind of group can be appealed to if a member has issues in whatever other groups they participate.


Often initially a regional group many clans become quite large spanning many worlds and many races. Most clans become umbrella for many smaller groups. Some Clans are very influential across the Dufirosm worlds.


Usually a small group that controls or rules a larger group.


A arrangement between individuals regardless of membership in other groups

  • Shlvx Cabal. Based at a castle club in Zilla. [[2]]


An association of groups often crossing over other group boundaries.


A party is usually a wide ranging association of other groups with a common goal.

  • Death Party: A major association of members of the races of Death, Rage, Warfare,Fire, and Earth Masoja.
  • Life Party: A major association of members of the races of Life, Binding, Air, Water, Growth, Knowledge, and Time masoja.
  • Party for War: An association of many races that wish for war. There is a large faction that wants war against Primal Realms, in the hope of gaining one. Amber is a main target.
  • Party for Trade:Also known as the Party for Peace. This association wants active engagement for trade and service to improve its members and finds war a wasteful way to do it.
  • Party for the Defense of Amber:


Councils are ruling bodies for the races, for cross-races, and other purposes.

  • Council of Dignity: Over sees Elevation and Demotions.
  • The Blue Council. A ruling dufiro council.


A collection of races of the same type.

    • Hierarchy of Earth: Members include Elementals, Spasa, Avasa, and Masoja of Earth.
    • Hierarchy of Shifters: Members include Elementals of Change, Spasa of Blending, Illusion and Change, Avasa of Illusion, Vision and Shifter and Masoja of Change Illusion, Vision, and Shifter.

Example Groups

  • The Regalada Band:This is a Warband lead by three Dufiro. Raga of Warfare, Dalquis of Rage, and Galada of Strength. They have a variety of Masajoa and Avasa Dufiro who run individual Packs. A common Masoja Pack might be led by a Masoja of Warfare, and include 3 Avasas of conflict, a Avasa of Rage, a number of Combat Spirits, a number of fire or air spirits, some staff spirits like Cleanliness, blending and Guard. A large number of elementals.
  • Conclave of the Dufiro-Nendil:[[3]] Conclave near the Waymet of Grrosieeks [[4]]. 5 like-minded peace Dufirosm.

Known Dufiro

Members of the Blue Circle of the Dufirosm

The Circle, as its called, is a body of Dufiro that is something like a ruling council though without much authority except to appeal to a dufiro's current race for judgement of grievances. There is a flexible number of members though every race has at least one officially in the Circle. There may be others as well for various reasons.

Druntranic-Masoja of Warfare

Born a Fire Elemental. Joined Defense first, followed by Combat, Speed and Growth, Took the Ava Ritual of Defense, followed by Fire, and Conflict. Failed Speed. Took Cleanliness. Applied to the Masoja Dufiro of Defense and was denied. Applied to Masoja Combat and was accepted and completed the Ritual. Took the Ritual of Rage. Failed the ritual of Shifter. Took the ritual of Warfare.

  • a warrior of renown he fought as a free agent in the Battle of Patternfall. Prince Bleys met him along his route to the battle and after a casual conversation Druntranic joined him. Hated in Chaos for the perceived betrayal, he has spent much of his time in the Regor region.

Resiki-Masoja of Knowledge

Born a Water Elemental, transitioned to the Change Elementals. Joined Cleanliness, followed by Blending, Defense,aper, and Song. Applied to the Ava Dufiro of Cleanliness and took the Ritual. Took ritual of Knowledge, Vision, Defense, and finally Truth. Offered Rituals of Defense, Warfare, and Vision. Took the Ritual of Defense, followed by Vision, Time, Life, and lastly Knowledge.

  • A seer and oracle of the Dufirosm.
  • Racial Representative

Akafar-Masoja of Warfare

Born a Earth Elemental. Joined the spirit rituals of Combat, then Defense, Rust, and Speed. Offered the Ava Dufiro Conflict and Defense. Took the ritual of Conflict, then Defense, then Rage. Took the Masoja Dufirosim Ritual of Rage. Followed by Death, Combat, Defense, and finally Warfare.

  • A dangerous and brutal Warrior Dufirosm.
  • Racial Representative

Breasda-Masoja of Wisher

Born Change Elemental. Raised to Cleanliness, followed by Paper and Blending. Took the Ava D Ritual of Cleanliness, followed by Truth, Knowledge, Vision, and finally Blending. Took the Masoja Ritual of Knowledge, Time, Health, Vision, and finally Wisher.

  • A incorruptibly good creature with the a powerful Wishing energy. Considered by many the leader of the Dufirosm but denies such office. He is however generally respected or deeply feared.
  • Racial Representative

Trusl-Masoja of Water

Born a Water Elemental. Brought into the Spirits of Cleanliness, followed by Growth, Song, Paper, and Blending. Invited to take the Ava ritual of Cleanliness. Took the Growth, Water, and Blending. Finally Speed. Invited to take the Masoja Ritual of Change. Followed by Earth, Growth, Binding, and finally Water.

  • Trusl is one of the finest brewers in all of shadow, a mistress of balancing tastes and flavors. Powerful in effecting change and aging for mature tastes.
  • Racial Representative
    • there is a long standing joke that if Trusl lost the Racial Representative seat for Masoja of Water, that he would be granted a full seat on his own since he brings the best drinks of his craft to Circle meetings.

Tripsina-"Trip"-Masoja of Health

Born an Elemental of Earth, Transitioned to Change. Raised to Rust, followed by Growth. Applied to Ava D of Ritual of growth and denied. Failed Ritual of Water. Completed Ritual of Shifter. Followed by Growth, Water and Colors. Invited to take the Masoja Ritual of Growth, Took the rituals of Earth, Water, knowledge, and Health.

  • Trip is hated by the warrior dufirosim as a devoted pacifist. He is one of the finest gardeners in Shadow. Specializing in small plants, he is able to manage continental sizes of plant growth. Nearly worshiped by animal life.
  • Racial Representative

Nur al Din El musifar-Dufrieanalat-Masoja of Life


Born a human on the world of Tosa. Attained the ranks of thrice Crowned Bard. A long time bargainer and a extremely well-respected friend of the Dufirosm. A High Lord in a Shade of Chaos. During a extinction level event involving most the Dufirosim realms Nur Ed Din managed to save the realms and help rebuild after the destruction. As reward he was inhabited by a Shifter Masoja and initiated into the Masoja Dufiro of Life. Granted powers from each of the races from Spirit to Masoja. When the forces in his Chaos ousted him from his lordship he relocated to the Dufirosm realms and was invited to join the council.

  • Granted membership for orchestrating the salvation of the Dufiro.
  • Illuminar

Known Dufiro

Tans tilki

Tans tilki.jpg

One of the most ancient and powerful Dufiro, a perennial member of the Council of the Dufirosm.

  • Elementals: Change, Flux, Earth, Fire, Air
  • Spirits: Change, Cleanliness, Combat, Growth, Defense, Guard, Blending, Rust, Fire, Paper, Illusion,
  • Avasa Dufirosm: Shifter, Cleanliness, Conflict, Guard, Growth, Blending, Knowledge, Vision, Truth
  • Masoja Dufirosm: Change, Combat, Guard, Health, Growth, Death, Life, Knowledge, Shifter, Binding, Time, Vision
  • Primus Illuminar Dufirosm

Resigned from Wishers



  • Life Path
    • Elemental:Earth, Change
    • Spasa:Paper, Earth, and Cleanliness.
    • Avasa: Aspires to Earth first.
    • Masoja: Aspires to Earth and Knowledge.

Assisted in translations for Donovan in the ruins of Zunala. Member of Chip's Knot.


An ancient non-corporeal dufiro

  • Life Path
    • Elemental: Air, Water, Flux, Change
    • Spasa:Air, Cleanliness, Blending, Change
    • Avasa:Air, Cleanliness, Blending, Growth, Ice, Shifter, Knowledge, and Rage
    • Masoja:Air, Change, Health, Growth, Life, Knowledge, Binding, Shifter, and Water.

Aspires to Wisher and Illuminar.


Xghasssrtddsc aQEeeefe Aolmkop "Chip"


  • Life Path
    • Elemental: Earth.
    • Spasa:Earth, Fire, Defense, Growth, Rot, Paper
    • Avasa:Earth, Fire, Guard, Growth, Colors, Shifter, Knowledge
    • Masoja:Earth,

Aspire to Masoja of Fire Guard, Shifter, knowledge



  • Life Path
    • Elemental: Earth.
    • Spasa:Earth, Cleanliness, Defense, Blending, Song, Paper, Colors,Illusion, Air, Change
    • Avasa:Earth, Whimsy, Cleanliness, Guard, Blending, Shifter, Knowledge, Vision, Truth
    • Masoja:Earth, Change, Guard, Shifter, Warfare, Knowledge, Vision. Currently Life.

Aspires to Wisher.


Known as Crizacraxix Galxata


  • Earth Elemental.
  • Spasa of Cleanliness, Combat, Rot, Speed, Earth, Change, and Guard.
  • Avasa of Cleanliness, Speed, Rage, Earth, Water, and Guard.
  • Masoja of Guard. Earth.

A member of the Shantranixix Fealty Band.



  • Earth Elemental. Fire Elemental
  • Spasa of Earth, Fire, Combat, Guard, Rot, and Speed
  • Avasa of Earth, Fire, Speed, Rage, Conflict-War, and Knowledge.
  • Masoja of Earth, Fire, Combat, Rage, Warfare, Knowledge, Death, and Strength.

A member of the Inner Council of the Party for Death and the Party for War. Known as the Harbinger of Death. A warrior and a herald.



  • Air Elemental
  • Spasa of Cleanliness, Speed, Air, Song, Paper, Illusion
  • Avasa of Air, Cleanliness,

Aspires to Avasa of Color, Blending, & Knowledge. Masoja of Knowledge

A member of the Shantranixix Fealty Band.



  • Air Elemental, Change
  • Spasa of Cleanliness, Speed, Air, Song, Paper,Change
  • Avasa of Air, Cleanliness,Change, Knowledge
  • Masoja of Air, Health, Shifter

Aspires to Knowledge, Life, Wisher.



A companion and Bodyguard of Nur al-din. A War Musician.

  • Earth Elemental
  • Spasa of Combat, Speed, Earth, Rust, Song, and Motion
  • Avasa of Earth, Conflict-War, Speed, Music, Rage, and Knowledge
  • Masoja of Warfare, Strength, Combat, and Rage.
  • Illuminar

Completed all aspirations. Member of several ruling councils of the races.



Companion and Bodyguard of Nur al-Din

  • Fire Elemental
  • Spasa of Fire, Combat, Defense, Speed, Blending, Rust, and Earth
  • Avasa of Fire, Conflict-Single Combat, Speed, Blending, Rage, and Ice
  • Masoja of Combat, Death, Guard, and Rage.
  • Illuminar

Aspires to Warfare. Member of many councils.


No Image

Companion of Nur Al-Din. Takes the form of body armor.

  • Air Elemental
  • Spasa of Cleanliness, Guard, Defense, Illusion, and Change
  • Avasa of Cleanliness, Guard, Conflict-War, Speed, Blending, and Shifter
  • Masoja of Air, Health, Guard, Strength, Sifter, and Warfare

Aspires to Binding

Ti Sal

Primas Illuminar.


Manages the Red Hall of Agalat. A place that sells Tome certification.

  • Fire Elemental
  • Spasa of Cleanliness, Combat, Rust, Paper, Fire, Growth, Change
  • Avasa of Cleanliness, Fire, Conflict, Blending, Rage, Knowledge, Growth, Vision
  • Masoja of Fire, Growth, Rage, Binding, Warfare, Knowledge

Aspires to Death


  • Earth
  • Spasa of cleanliness, Earth, Rot, Defense, Speed, Vivisos, Paper, Song, Blending, Rust, Change, Life
  • Avasa of Cleanliness, Earth, conflict, Blending, Rage, Shifter,
  • Masoja of Knowledge

Shantranixix Agfala

Leader of the Shantranixix Fealty Band

  • Earth & Air Elemental
  • Spasa of
  • Avasa of
  • Masoja of

Hardin Wapak


Leader of the Party for War

  • Earth & Air Elemental
  • Spasa of
  • Avasa of
  • Masoja of


Dufiro Salaka.jpg

  • Water Elemental, Air Elemental
  • Spasa of Air, Water, Earth, Cleanliness, Growth, Change, and Blending
  • Avasa of Air, Water, Earth, Cleanliness, Growth, Blending, Ice, Sifter, and Knowledge
  • Masoja of Air, Water, and Earth, Health,Growth, Shifter, and Knowledge

Aspires to Masoja of Life, Change. Perhaps, some day, Wisher.

Friend of Veks. A gardener, farmer, brewer, vintner, and vegetarian.

A Facilitator for Dufiro who has worked often with Hendrake.



  • Water Elemental
  • Spasa of Water, Cleanliness, Combat, rot (Taken as Penance) , and blending.
    • Failed Defense & Guard
  • Avasa of Blending
  • Aspires to Avasa of Cleanliness, and Ice. Masoja of Binding, and Water

A brewer. Excellent at making vinegar.

Once bound to a Mithril cup belonging to Lady Alvah of Amber



A 4 armed merchant of musical items at the Fane of Zilla

  • Air Elemental, Change Elemental, Sound, Earth
  • Spasa of Air, Earth,Song, Blending, Paper, Life
    • Failed Motion-Still a fine dancer.
  • Avasa of Air, Music, Earth,
  • Aspires to Avasa of Knowledge, Life, Growth. and Masoja of Earth, Air, Knowledge.

Profession-Musical Item maker, wood worker,glass worker, fabric worker.



  • Water Elemental
  • Spasa of Water
  • Avasa of Water

Aspires to Masoja of Water.

Dowser of Veksvale

Crees of Iron

  • Earth Elemental-Iron Specialty.
  • Spasa of Combat
  • Avasa of Combat
  • Masoja of Combat

No aspirations. Crees of Iron

Cuso of Trendle

  • Fire Elemental
  • Spasa of Fire, Growth, Blending
  • Avasa of Fire, Growth
  • Masoja of Fire,

Aspires to advance, direction unclear.

Cuso of Trendle

Buckle of Dowten

  • Change Elemental
  • Spasa of Growth, Paper, Illusion, Shifter
  • Avasa of Color, Cleanliness, Shifter
  • Masoja of Shifter, Knowledge, Wisher.

Aspires to collect Masoja races going against Wisher tradition. Buckle of Dowten


  • Fire Elemental
  • Spasa of Defense, Combat, Speed, Growth
  • Avasa of Defense, Fire, Conflict, Cleanliness,
  • Masoja of Combat, Rage, Warfare
  • Primas Illuminar - Circle Member

Aspires to Shifter, Defense, Life, Wisher


  • Water Elemental, Change
  • Spasa of Cleanliness, Blending, Defense, Paper, Song
  • Avasa of Cleanliness, Knowledge, Vision, Defense, Truth
  • Masoja of Cleanliness, Vision, Guard, Time, Life, Knowledge
  • Primas Illuminar - Circle Member
  • Aspires to Wisher


  • Earth Elemental
  • Spasa of Combat, Defense, Rust, Speed
  • Avasa of Conflict, Defense, Conflict, Rage
  • Masoja of Rage, Death, Combat, Defense Warfare
  • Primas Illuminar - Circle Member

Aspires to Vision, Wisher


-Masoja of Vision


Born Change Elemental. Air Elemental

Raised to Cleanliness, followed by Paper and Blending. Took the Ava D Ritual of Cleanliness, followed by Truth, Knowledge, Vision, and finally Blending. Took the Masoja Ritual of Knowledge, Time, Health, Vision, and finally Wisher.

  • Change Elemental
  • Spasa of Cleanliness, Paper and Blending.
  • Avasa of Cleanliness, Truth, Knowledge, Vision, and Blending.
  • Masoja Ritual of Knowledge, Time, Health, Vision, and Wisher.

A incorruptibly good creature with the a powerful Wishing energy. Considered by many the leader of the Dufirosm but denies such office. He is however generally respected or deeply feared.

A past Racial Representative of Wishers on the Dufirosm Council.

Recently resigned from the race of Wishers, taking on Vision race again as his naming race.


Masoja of Water

  • Water Elemental
  • Spasa of Cleanliness, Growth, Song, Paper, and Blending.
  • Vasa of Cleanliness, Growth, Water. Blending, speed
  • Masoja of Change, Earth, Growth, Binding, and Water.

Trusl is one of the finest brewers in all of shadow, a mistress of balancing tastes and flavors. Powerful in effecting change and aging for mature tastes.

  • Racial Representative-Hierarchy of Water
  • There is a long standing joke that if Trusl lost the Racial Representative seat for Masoja of Water, that she would be granted a full seat on her own since she brings the best drinks of her craft to Circle meetings.


  • Earth Elemental, Change.
  • Spasa of Rust, Growth, Life,Earth, Carnality, Change,
  • Avasa of Shifter, Growth, Earth, Water, Life, Colors
    • Applied to Ava D of Ritual of growth and denied. Failed Ritual of Water.
  • Masoja of Growth, Life, Rust, Earth, Water, Shifter, Knowledge, and Health.
  • Illuminar

Trip is hated by the warrior dufirosim as a devoted pacifist. He is one of the finest gardeners in Shadow. Specializing in small plants, he is able to manage continental sizes of plant growth. Nearly worshiped by animal life.

  • Racial Representative-Life

Nur al Din El musifar-Dufrieanalat

Image6.jpg Nur2.jpg

  • Spasa-All except Death, Rust. Did take Rot
  • Avasa-All except Death, Rust
  • Masoja of Life, all except Death, Vision,Time, vision. Only partially eaccepted by Wisher
  • Primus Illiminar
  • Aspires to Wisher

  • Born a human on the world of Tosa. Attained the ranks of thrice Crowned Bard. A long time bargainer and a extremely well-respected friend of the Dufirosm. A High Lord in a Shade of Chaos. During a extinction level event involving most the Dufirosim realms Nur Ed Din managed to save the realms and help rebuild after the destruction. As reward he was inhabited by a Shifter Masoja and initiated into the Masoja Dufiro of Life.
  • Granted powers from each of the races from Spirit to Masoja. When the forces in his Chaos ousted him from his lordship he relocated to the Dufirosm realms and was invited to join the council.

Akgleax of Earth

Akgleax of Music.jpg

A craftsman of musical items.

  • Earth Elemental
  • Spasa of Earth, Water, Blending, Change, Song, Music, and Paper.
  • Avasa of Earth
  • Masoja
  • Illuminar
    • Achieved Spasa of Paper and Music after writing of her encounters of Alexandra & Duncan of Amber.
  • Aspires to Avasa of Music, Water, Blending, and knowledge. Masoja of Earth, Knowledge or Binding.


A warrior Avasa of Conflict. Glass shard skin

  • Earth Elemental. Scent Elemental
  • Spasa of Earth, Combat, Defense, Speed, Rot, Guard, Motion
  • Avasa of Earth, Conflict, Guard, Speed, Ice

Aspires to Masoja of Earth, Combat, Guard, Warfare, and Death

Paid at the Red Hall to certify Rafe's tome for Change and bind him toward Earth Elemental status

Shlvx of Music

Shlvx of Music.jpg

Runs a rave in the Musical Temples of the Fane of Zilla.

  • Earth Elemental
  • Sapsa of Earth, Combat, Guard, Song/Music.
  • Avasa of Earth, Conflict, guard, Ice, Music
  • Aspires to Masoja of Earth, Music, Combat, Guard, Knowledge, Life.
  • Al Asgo Illuminar.

Aspires to..

Shlvx Cabal
  • Led by Shlvx of Music
  • Akxgled


Twiisi-fane guide.jpg

Twiisi was seen serving as a gate guard and greeter at the Fane of the Dufirosm at Zilla

  • Air Elemental
  • Spasa of Air, Cleanliness, Guard, and Paper

Aspires to Spasa of Song. Avasa of Air,Cleanliness, Guard or conflict, color, Knowledge, . Masoja of Air, Combat or Guard, knowledge.

As Fane Guard she also aspires to rise in rank among the Fane Guards at the temple she is in. Many Guards serve their whole lives guarding one place as well as making deals to gain rank and race.



  • Fire Elemental, Flex Elemental
  • Spasa of Change, Combat, Fire, Speed, Cleanliness, Rot, Health, Life, Carnality
  • Avasa of Conflict, Blending, Fire, Health, Shifter, Carnality, Rust, Whimsy, Music, Death
  • Masoja of Rust, Warfare, Combat, Health

Aspires to Shifter, Knowledge.

Member of the Gxkzle Band. The band is in the Party for War but not the Party of Death. Known as a trouble maker.



  • Fire Elemental; Iron, Sand. Fire: Smoke. Whimsy
  • Spasa of Earth; Iron, Combat, Defense, Rust, Song; Whimsy, Speed, Rot, Change
  • Avasa of Earth; Iron, Rust, Whimsy, Conflict, Death, Rust, Shifter
  • Masoja of Earth:Iron, Combat, Warfare, Rust, Strength, Rage.

Aspires to Shifter-Partially to escape Rage. Will take any race to escape rage



  • Water Elemental, Change, Earth
  • Spasa of Water, Cleanliness, Combat, Growth, Earth, Blending, Defense, Life, Knowledge
  • Avasa of Water, Cleanliness, Conflict-War, Growth, Blending, Earth, Ice, Health, Life, Knowledge
  • Masoja of Water, Cleanliness, Combat, Growth, Blending, Life, Health, Rot
  • Al Asgo Illuminar. Created an Illuminar by the Stretched One

Aspires to Earth, Knowledge, Wisher



  • Earth Elemental
  • Spasa of
  • Avasa of
  • Masoja of

Aspires to



The Origami Dragon

  • Earth Elemental
  • Spasa of Earth. Growth. Change,dw Blending. Paper
  • Avasa of Earth. Growth, shifter, Fire, Whimsy. Health
  • Masoja of Earth, Fire, Air, Health

Aspires to Shifter, Change, Knowledge

  • Expert in Origami.
  • Profession:Grower. Expert in the production of many smoking herbs of all kinds.
  • Calling Name is Leniya Jasdarniun


Born of Bread in the Ovens of the Unsalak and generate as Flux. Affinity to Fire

  • Flux Elemental, Fire Elemental
  • Spasa of
  • Avasa of
  • Masoja of

Aspires to


Born of Bread in the Ovens of the Unsalak and generate as Flux. Affinity to Earth-Iron

  • Flux Elemental, Earth Elemental-Affinity to Iron
  • Spasa of
  • Avasa of
  • Masoja of

Aspires to



  • Water Elemental
  • Spasa of Water, Carnality, Cleanliness, Motion, Sadness
  • Avasa of Water, Carnality, Health, Rot.

Aspires to any Avasa race. She is hoping to not accept an offer from the Avasa of Sadness but it may be her only way to exit Avasa of Rot. Masoja of Water or Health but the chance of achieving Masoja is extremely unlikely.

Commentary on Sylx: [[5]]

Worlds of the Dufirosm



Ahyk is one of the largest and most accessible worlds in the Dufirtrusa. The Jeweled Road does not reach it but a great many Black Zone worlds have commerce and interactions with it.

The population of the world and its assorted connected shadows is hard to estimate. 40 billion dufiro is a reasonable estimate. 80 billion non-dufiro is a reasonable number as well and represents both native non-dufiro and visitors for business and pleasure.

Currency in Ahyk

The Adabalb is the standard currency in Ahyk. It is a cube of magnetic balls the size of BBs: steel balls that measure 4.3–4.4 mm in diameter and 0.33–0.35 g in weight. They magnetize to a total 216 peas.

The currency structures is in 6s.

  • 6 Hadals = 1 Adab
  • 6 Adabs (36 Hadals)=1 Sheyev (pronounced sh-ey-v)
  • 6 Sheyev= 1 Adabalb
Attractions in Ahyk
  • Hagia Salas:The central operations temple for the Dufiro. A main place for Race and rank rituals and certifications.

The Edelsyr


The Edelsyr is a long thing nook between a thousand of shadows in the realms of the Dufirosm. It is mostly and open air market. Many Dufiro come here to sell or trade their wars.

Weather of Eldesyr

It is in a region that is perpetually in the twilight as if a sun is setting and it tends toward night. Daytime is deep in twilight. Its weather tends to be blisteringly hot at times and wet and fairly cold. Being in the Black Zone its hard to predict with any regularity.

Business in Eldesyr

The majority of booths are in the open air, covered with types of fabric for different weathers. Some booths are open oto the air. Many buildings provide work spaces, resteraunts shops, an permanent businesses.

Second stories and higher are residential spaces although many dufiro run businesses out of their homes.

Fane of the Dufirosm-Zilla

Fane of the Dufirosm-Zilla.jpg

Commentary on Dufiro

Commentary on Dufiro