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These questions will aid in creating ideas and stories that cater to your hero. It will also help flesh out your hero. You are welcome to create addional background questions. But these short answers are all that's necessary here.

Describe what your hero's glorious death might be[edit]

Sacrificing himself in a way that might lead other Orcs to question their roles as the Shadow's footsoldiers, and possibly lead them to the other side.

Describe what your hero's worst fated death at the hands of [the ENEMY] might be[edit]

Dying alone, outside of battle. Realizing with his last breath that his decision to abandon the Shadow hadn't really made any difference.

What is the worst thing [the Shadow] could do to your hero? (this could include things done to loved ones)[edit]

Consistently undermine his efforts to do good: burn down a village he had been working to protect, murder a person he had tried to save, etc.

Describe a victory that your hero would like to have against [the Shadow][edit]

Induce other Orcs to defect (admittedly, not an entirely altruistic goal ... he'd like to do this at least in part because it would help validate his own decision to do so). Or, failing that, strike a significant blow against their ability to do harm.

What action would your hero never do? (meaning type of action "like burn a village down", NOT a general idea like "give in to the shadow")[edit]

Kill an innocent, unarmed human or fey. ('Innocent' being a relative term, in this case it would apply to anyone not obviously aligned with the Shadow.)

What would cause your hero to break down to sadness or fear?[edit]

He's walking a pretty fine line right now, having essentially just abandoned his entire philosophy in favor of one he knows next to nothing about. Realizing that the he's made the wrong choice, or that he's made the right choice but that it doesn't matter, would be a significant blow, more likely to make him break down than anything else.

What do you hope your heroe's honorific would be? (An honorific is a word or expression that conveys esteem or respect and is used in addressing or referring to a person. Honorifics are usually placed immediately before or after the name of the subject. e.g. Thok the Orc Masher!)[edit]

The Betrayer is probably the most appropriate term. The Redeemer, perhaps, if he were to succeed at inspiring other Orcs.

What would it take for your hero to turn traitor? (these can result from bribe or blackmail)[edit]

Technically, he's already turned traitor. He's almost certain not to do it again, even if the Shadow were willing to take him back (and if he believed whatever offer they made him.) Seeing too much cruelty and brutality on the part of the 'good guys', however - enough to make him question whethere there's really any difference between them and the Orcs - would stand a good chance of making him abandon the cause and run off into the wilderness again.

PLAYER: What's your favorite monster or NPCs to fight?!![edit]

In general, I really like running across monsters that I as a player don't know anything about. I can keep player and character knowledge separate, of course, but it's always fun to genuinely have no idea what you're up against, and be forced to figure out any weaknesses and immunities through trial and error.

===PLAYER: What do you most enjoy about RPGs