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  • Talûn-karkû, the white worm

Captain in command of Durgaz’s regiment, an ambitious Orc who never reported Durgaz’s treachery to his superiors because he feared it would reflect badly on his leadership abilities. On a personal level, however, considers the incident a stain on an otherwise perfect military record and would love to see Durgaz found and made an example of.

  • Radagug, the dog

Durgaz’s older brother, by about twenty minutes. Although most orcs have numerous half-siblings, only those born at the same time can be sure they they have both parents in common. Competition was fierce between the brothers, due primarily to Durgaz's superior strength and skill with arms, and matters did not improve when Durgaz was made an officer with the Dafrum-Dâgalûr, leaving Radagug in a demeaning position as the head of a company of goblins. Radagug is known derisively as "the dog" by his fellows due to the goblin association.

  • Ivor Adhbain

Durgaz slaughtered his family two years ago. Ivor himself lost his right arm at the shoulder and was left for dead among the corpses of his friends and family. He has since become an active agent for those opposing the Shadow in [some local town]. Whether he would be able to distinguish Durgaz from any other orc … well, that depends on how well he remembers the night he lost everything and his life changed forever.

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