Dwynwen and Alvah teleporting around

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Arriving at a large flat stone platform, triangular, with a curtain wall.
It looks out over the water. Looking around it looks out to unbroken waters as far as the eye can see in all directions.
Looking over the side the water is nearly a thousand feet below and the tower is surrounded by a ring of jagged rock, with wave crashing on them. There does not seem to be a doorway down.
Michael James Watson
Dwy looking over the edge says, "BY the teats of the unicorn...Where the hell are we? "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around she is just amazed by the sight. she stands on thewall of the tower letting the wind go through her hair she then turns and smiles at Dwynwen.
"this is beautiful! i don't care where it is. " She walks along the wall looking down.
"sad though that i can't run down i would love to just run around here.
So uhm maybe go somewhere else? this is a lovely place and all but not much going on i think."
Michael James Watson
Looking around her thievish skill help her find a stone out of order. stepping on it opens a door to a stairway down
Amber Bronkhorst
As Alvah steps on the stone and opens up a stairway a devilish smile appears on her face.
"ooooh secret doorway!"
She holds her hadn out to Dwynwen.
"shall we go?"
Michael James Watson
She nods, letting you take the lead.
Going downwards the stairs spiral. The only light is from outcroppings on the interior that have thin well places arrow slits. Places for hanging quivers of arrows are all over the walls. Places for mounting ballista and arbalests. The spirals go downward for a thousand feet with flat rooms every 100 feet like area for warriors and archers.
Reaching the bottom there is a large place that once may have been a central location for troops in war.
Over in a corner is a small fire light, the first one seen here.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around making sure Dwynwen has a good footing as she had said her night vision is not that great and she doesn't want her to trip and fall. Staying in front of her the whole way.
Seeing the small fire light she silently moves over to it. trying to see if there are any traces of people being here recently.
Michael James Watson
Looking inside you see a small room with a small cook fire and an arrow slot for light.
A man looks up, "oh.. hellow... What can I do for you? Is Oberon declaring war again? "
Giosec Hanz.jpg
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks and then hodls up her hand
"oh hi sorry to disturb you sir. We didn't mean to intrude."
She thinks for a moment
"Oh no i doubt Oberon is declaring any war sir. So you live here?"
Michael James Watson
"Yes.. oh... right... Random is king now, isn't he? Has Gerard let the pirates come back?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah puts up a friendly smile she then shrugs her shoulders.
"Honestly sir, i do not know, i am fairly new here and my friend here never leaves the castle much. "
Alvah looks around
"So pirates lived here? But they are banned by Gerard, if i understand it "
She looks to Dwynwen if any of this rings a bell for her.
Michael James Watson
he laughs..."Banned? you could say that. He brings them up here and pitches their captains off the edge. Then asks the First mate if he is still a pirate? Most pirates retire by the time he finishes with the officers. Hes been sailing the pirate trails for centuries. Now that i think about it there hasn't been much piracy for a long time before that big wwar Jopin came here to tell me about....."
"Hey....i talked to King Random after he took the throne, and Jopin was here some time ago and told me Random had won.....Gerard was here... Caine was here... Traxtin was here.. But you are not sailors... what are you doing here?' Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks
"Well yes that makes you think twice about staying a pirate." She steps a bit closer to the fire. It is probably not that cold but for Cicero it is nice to warm up a bit.
Alvah looks about
"You live here? Are you the keeper of this place? "
Alvah smiles to the man
"Oh just looking around. We are exploring a bit. And no we are not sailors. "
Michael James Watson
"But you transported here.. yes.. Brand has been up in the crows nest. You must have permission to be here. Usually no one comes down.. Im forgotten. but i like that. I'll probably forget you when you go..Once this was a mighty weapn against hte pirates coming from shadow to raid the young kingdom"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Yes we do have permission to be here. That is the reason like you said we are here."
Alvah nods slowly.
" well if you prefer it that way." She looks at Dwynwen
"Maybe we should leave the man be then. "
Michael James Watson
Dwyn nods, "Would you mind if I asked your name? "
"Oh.. Giosec Hanz...I sailed with Bunny Free for a time. Captained one of his ships. I was ship's pilot. The captain and first mate of my ship argued with Gerard. I retired. Let the gunner mate have the ship. This was a prison once..and a fortification when the pirate ships came this way to hit the merchant lanes."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles at Dwynwen. And then looks back to the man.
"So you have been here all that time? What do you do? I mean isn't it lonely?:"
Michael James Watson
He turns his head, "I have plenty of company... The birds... the seals.. my memories....the dead."
Dwynwen says..."ah... ok then.....The Plunge next? "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah raises her eyebrows.
"Alright well thabk you for your time sir. We will be going again. "
Alvah then nods to Dwynwen.
"Sure lets check that out. Lets move up and go from there."
Alvah holds a hand up in goodbye
"Pleasure meeting you."
She says while moving to the stairs
Michael James Watson
He says, "See you next time.."
Reaching the top Dwy says, hes been down their centuries... living on what? Seals and birds eggs? "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah thinks then looks at Dwynwen.
"Perhaps he is one of the dead."
She looks about
"Tied to this place.... or bird eggs and seals. Yeah."
Alvah laughs.
"So shall we check out the plunge. Whatever that is? "
Michael James Watson
"Indeed. The Plunge....."
Michael James Watson
Arriving the immediate sense is water and darkness. Surrounded by water with a sandy bottom below, and only bare splotches of light from far above. possibly thousands of feet above. The press of water pressure is deeply painful and immediate.
Looking down the light barely reveals countless bones cleaned of meat by scuttling creatures.
The Plunge.jpg
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah not expecting this turns, grabs Dwynwen and holds her close to her. She then focuses on Pirate watch imagining it and wanting to go back there.
Michael James Watson
Dwy grabs Alvah a moment quicker and screams a word.
Alvah finds herself alone on the top of Pirate's Watch
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around slightly panicked.
"Dwynwen? Damnit. I don't want to go back there."
She searches frantically for Dwynwen her trump that she gave Alvah earlier.
She just stares at it not knowing what to do with it.
"Should have walked the pattern. "
Michael James Watson
As Alvah thinks about he she thinks Dwy might have said Library...and that means dreamy Arlo was on her mind
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets out a sigh.
"Library, right ofcourse." Alvah takes in the sights for a moment inhales deeply shakes of the water and thinks hard about the library.
Michael James Watson
Arriving in the library, only a few moments after Dwy, she stands near Dwy dripping on the rugs. Arlo is looking at the two, somewhat astonished...
"I think I'm going to make some personal trumps for each of you. Have to remember this moment...Tea?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Dwynwen, to Arlo and her own dripping wet clothes. She then just starts to laugh.
"That was fun! Second day in Amber and not bored yet. "
Alvah pokes Dwynwen softly
"Are you okey?"
With still a big grin on her face and Dwynwen her trump in hand she looks at Arlo
"Have a trump but have no clue as how to use it. Guess I shouldn't wait to long with walking that pattern."
She then blinks.
"You can make them to? Is that a standard skill everyone learns?"
Michael James Watson
Arlo walks over, runs his hand generally about, dry cantrips.
"Trump artistry is a very technical method for directing the power of high order constructs like the pattern. Like Sorcery is though much harder. I can make them and I am very good at it. But it is a distinctly hard art to master. If you are interested i can easily teach you how to make contact trumps once you walk the pattern. They Don't have many of the powers of full trumps and have a lot of drawbacks. But they are not hard to learn to make, you can't transport with them, and you can't do psychic powers across them. "
"Now, let me guess. After I told Random the deal we made with Hagalta he said he was going to hog into the deal. He brought Satura there.. Made the two of you Hagalta's Jailers, and you found your selves at the bottom of the place Caine dropped people sentenced to death. Under a lot of water.."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Guess not something for me. I am not that artistic."
And she smiles
"Well first things first have to walk the pattern maybe i'll plan that soon."
Alvah then blinks
"Uh yes he did. You didn't know? We are able to go a few places, Margot's kitchen, garden view, library, pirates watch and the plunge. And ofcourse back to the jail."
Alvah smiles
"We just wanted to find out what the places were. "
"Oh and Caine came by shot Hagalta and then left. But Dwynwen her mother is also freed."
Alvah smiles at Dwynwen
"I think you want to see her soon? Must be great to have your mom here safely"
Michael James Watson
She seems to be batting her eyes at arlo, distracted.
"Random came by and told me.. I don't always approve of his methods. Caine is one I often disagree about. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Dwynwen and can only smile, she is allowed to feel head over heel in love especially now her bond is broken.
Alvah then turns her attention to Arlo again,
"Well, it worked. Two bonds have been removed. Don't know how happy my father is with my decisions on day two in Amber. But well i'm a big girl now."
Alvah winks at Arlo,
"So i gave it some thought what you told me about walking the pattern and popping up wherever i would want. I think after walking the pattern i want to first contact my brother by those trumps. " She waves with Dwynwen her trump which she had still in her hands and been flicking through her fingers.
"I think that is better then popping up unannounced with a, hiyaaaa i'm your sister'. So i know my father has a trump of Vance, but i don't know if i can ask him. He is being... "
Alvah stops for a moment then shrugs
"well he is having alot on his mind at the moment. So do you also have a trump of my brother? If i can't ask dad then i perhaps could ask you?"
Alvah then stops thinks sniffs herself and shudders
"You know.. i joined in on the morning run, which was fun. but i never found the time to shower. or eat. "
Michael James Watson
"Really? You look like you just got out of a shower. You smell like you just got off a fishing boat. But i get your point. You both need a bit more of a cleaning then cantrips. Let me go sit and hang a couple quick cleaning spells. In the mean time...DIK? There you are. Go up to the gardens and tell Kylen i want a lunch spread for 6. I'd like several Perfectly Normal Beast sandwiches, dry with cheese and broth bowl. a few blocks of the cheese; yellow, white, and surprise me. See if they have snar snake this afternoon. and a few pitchers of wine; red, white, and surprise me. a loaf of rye and a few of Margot's honey buns. And hour later have them send up a tripple chockolate cake. Off with you."
Looking to the girls, "Oh, did you want to order something?" He laughs. "Have a seat and rest a bit. Get the shells out of your hair.. Dik will be back in a minute. They expect my lunch order this time of day anyway."
He steps over and starts fidgeting with spells, raising a moderately sized sigil of Amber looking quiet and functional to hang them on.
After sitting Dwy says, "I have a trump to King Vance. I have a whole deck. I'm not supposed to use it."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks and wonders how much that man can eat.
Alvah sits down and starts picking rubble out her hair. In the meantime she looks with interest and curiosity to what Arlo is doing.
Hearing about the trumps Alvah smiles.
"If you are not supposed to. Then don't i do not want you to get in trouble. I'll speak to my brother soon enough. "
Alvah then can't contain her curiosity "what are you doing Arlo?"
Michael James Watson
"Come watch... I am hanging spells. High Order sorcery. Once you walk the pattern, and learn sufficient focus you will be able to raise the symbol of the pattern like this. Various shapes and sizes of course, for different needs. For sorcery, its used to store spells. High Order sorcery is complicated. A single spell might take an hour to cast and in combat situations that just won't do. So you cast the spell when you have the time and leave out little bits, Lynchpins, and when the need arises you activate the spell, fill in the missing lynchpins and cast it. A spell on a normal frame, such as this one, the plain Sigil of Amber, will last a number of days, depending on your basic psychic armamentarium. I have several sigil i could use but since all I need is some quick cleaning spells I am using this one. It usually hangs empty anyway."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods as she listens and looks intently on what he is doing not going to close ofcourse.
"So. If you leave out littld bits. These lynchpins. Could you then not at the last point change the spell.
Or have one basis and depending on which lynchpins you add the spell changes. "
She looks most intrigued at Arlo
"Would that work? Or am i talking dumb?"
Michael James Watson
Alvah sees as strings of force being brought together, tied like knots on the sigil.
"I am making them visible for the moment so you can get a better look. This is the Sigil of Amber. You have the idea. The lynchpins relate to the specific needs and conditions where you have the need to cast the spell. Depends what lynchpins you leave out. Power level, what's called 'Throughput' is how much power you want the spell to project and how much you put into it. Conditions, like work under water, or work against a wind. Targets like single point or wide spread blast. Weight, like lift a feather or lift a mountain. The descriptions of the lynchpins will reflect the need of the moment."
After a few minutes he drops it. He raises another, this one cold and blue. "This is the imprint of the inscription of Pócaí"
"And this one is Alamond." This one is multicolorful and in constant movement like a rollercoaster ride and casts colors like a carnival.
A new one looks life green vines with fairy lights in it, "This is the Sigil of the Arden Stone. I just got it.. Its a focus of the Fey in Arden and was just recovered by Donovan and Desri after thousands of years of captivity. Its now in Arden. "
The last one is calm and inviting and somehow warm..But seems less powerful then the others.
"This is the Mal at Reiss. Its a bit different then the others, far less powerful. But it has a number of great advantages. A few awkward disadvantages. One makes me look slight unkept no matter how much i clean myself up.. Oh well. We make sacrifices. Makes me look rugged eh, Dwyn?"
She sighs softly.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks with great interest and listens to the explanation.
"On the shadow wherr i grew up we did not work with sigils but then again in a shadow it probably works different.
But everone does make their spells differently. It has alot to do with the intention and emotion you put in. Although the base of a spell is usually the same. "
She studies the idea a bit more
"Not very different from Lynchpins really. You add the right ingredients and components."
She laughs a bit remembering one spell she ones tried.
"One day when i danced i really screwed a spell."
Alvah then looks a bit awkward
"But that would not be a story for now. :
She rubs the back of her neck.
"Arlo, is it true that learning sorcery is a painful training?"
Michael James Watson
Arlo says, "In the words of the Dread Pirate Roberts; Life is pain. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something. Yes its painful. But not like a knife in the gut. Like your head exploding into green puss with eyes hanging loose while people are talking to you like nothing is wrong. If you don't want pain, you really are in the wrong family business"
He walks over and picks up a sword left loose on the table from his morning adventure. Suddenly he looks like Delwin, then a bouncer from her earlier life, then Dame margot, then as he puts the blade in a sheath, and slips it behind a section of books, he briefly looks like himself, but in platemail and armor of sliver, glowing.
He walks over, raising the sign of the pattern. "Stay still."
The spells runs over Dwy and Alvah like they walked through a car wash. Once finished she feels her hair as clean as its ever been, her clothes immaculate. She also suddenly feels very hungry and as if she has had an extremely complete poop and piss. She hears as if all the ear wax is gone. There is a sense of rejuvenation and cleanliness she can't ever remember feeling. Looking at Dwy her eyes are wide as if she is experiencing the same thing. He says, "Ah good! Foods here. Tuck in.." He moves to the platers of food and starts putting together a plate and filling a mug.
"By the way, that spell was called Clean Sweep. It removes dirt and soil...like...all of it"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods.
"I love Princess bride. Dread pirate Roberts is often right. Doesn't matter hoe inconceivable."
Alvah then stands still and after the spell she just runs her hands over her face hair and all that.
"Wow, that is freaking awesome. I am sure that you can earn so much money with this!"
While talking she moves to the table with food. Digging in.
She looks at Dwynwen then Arlo
"So why am i waiting with walking the pattern? I am clearly missing out on alot. Like really powerful sorcery, trumps and just a better understanding of all of this. Do you think i can do it today still?"
Michael James Watson
"Depends which Dread Pirate Robert you mean? A couple of the Dread Pirate Roberts i've met were truly idiotic. If it wasn't for death or retirement there would never be a wise one. As for money......Amberites don't usually do things for money. There simply isn't any point to it."
He looks up from a sandwich, "Today? You just got here and you want to leave? "
Amber Bronkhorst
"Wait you were talking about the movie right?"
Alvah then shrugs
"Why would it mean i leave like you said i can transport myself to the library. I don't want to leave right away. And i have to pick up Cicero. Also i do not just want to pop up at my brother his place. I want to contact him first. For which i need the pattern."
Alvah leans a bit back and shrugs.
"Don't see why i should wait very long. "
Drinking a bit she then says
"And i have the feeling my father is still in doubt of not just swooping me away to 'prepare' for Amber and such."
Alvah then grins
"And i already said i would join in on the run tomorrow morning with the elites. This time full armor."
Michael James Watson
He walks to the shelves and brings back a couple books. He lays them on the table. One is Lord of the Rings. "In your world, have you seen this book? Read it?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"I have seen the book not read it though cause i have things to do in life and it interfered with my exercises..."
Alvah has never been a big reader as she does not have the patience to sit still.
"Why do you ask?"
Michael James Watson
"Want to go there? Gondor? Middle Earth? Belieriand?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah frowns
"Go there? Why would i want to go to a fantasy world?"
Michael James Watson
"What makes you think its a fantasy world. How about this one....." he walks among the shelves and brings another back.
He puts it on the table. Storm Front.
"That one might be more familiar.. Look through it. This library is filled with 10s of thousands of fiction novels from across shadow but not one of them is fiction. They are not fiction novels.. They are Travel Guides"
"From Chaos in the West to Amber in the East, is a full set of infinite universes in infinite variety. One you walk they pattern, you can walk among them."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grabs the book and flicks through it she then looks with wide eyes to Arlo.
"This is like, i mean... do not konw the characters but.."
Alvah lays down the book
"So that would only be more reason to walk the pattern as soon as i can right?"
After a bit of thinking she then asks
"so are there stories also written about family? "
Michael James Watson
"Probably. You would have to talk to Elyane about that. Family books across shadow is kind of her hobby. She lives in Nenton, Antheris. A great place. High Tech.. Yes, seeing things is the reason to walk the pattern. But think about fantasy novels. Think about history books. War, death, crime, terror..You might easily walk into them. So being prepared is good. Its why Random wants you to go to Vance. Good planner. But he sees Sorcery as another science. One man's magic is another man's Science. He is the other man.. You need to be prepared. I am sure others have said the same...But....I have given Random my opinion. Let you walk soon. But i think you should stay close to home till you have an idea of whats out there. That sounds like something Delwin would say, but he isn't wrong."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles "but then my plan isn't that bad isn't it?"
She ticks with her fingers on the book thinking clearly about something else as well.
"i am planning to talk to Vance but first talk. He is my brother but i would first like to get to know him. It is not that dad talked much about him. "
She then smiles at Dwynwen "and i already agreed to a certain responsibillity here in Amber so i am not going anywhere soon. Because yes i understand what you mean, there is alot in the universe and that means also alot of dangers that i am absolutly not prepared for. So i walk the pattern, talk to my brother and learn what i can learn. and what others are willing to teach."
She smiles wide
"and i haven't met most of the family yet, right? so plenty to do plenty to see around here."
Michael James Watson
IN walks a man in a purple black suit with black shoes and horn rimmed glasses. He walks up to the food and starts making sandwiches.
""Damn, that one is going to be a handful. She's up there talking to Random like she is the Queen of Mandalay....." He reaches over and puts his hand into Arlo's ashtray and has it produce a lit cig for him.." I really hadn't plan to be back in Amber so soon."
Arlo says, "You smell like you been surfing and burning pineapple. And you have sand in your suit? Really?"
He says, "You got a Clean Sweep hung?" He asks it like a joke.
Arlo casts it.
"Oh by the kissing lips of the Serpent thats better..Ah... sorry Dwynwen..My... You look much better then the last time i saw you! You've gone native!!"
Dwyn says, "Alvah, this is Vek."
Arlo says, " Lord Vek Hendrake, Ex-bonewarrior, current piano hustler..Vek, this is Alvah, daughter of Delwin."
He looks up, "Really? Vance never said a word and i was in Vulsara just recently..A pleasure. If you are ever in Chaos, run for your life."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up seeing the man walk in with apparently a charisma and flair. She gives a sideway glance to Dwynwen and shrugs her shoulders...
Her fingers seize the tapping on the book and she listens to the talk between Arlo and Vek.
Being introduced she holds up a hand
"hey, pleasure to meet you Lord Vek. "
Alvah takes a bite from her food eats it and then continues
"My brother does not know if my existence. I didn't know of his existence or the existence of Amber and Chaos for that matter, until yesterday. Or well i only had one night sleep here. so lets call it yesterday."
Hearing the thing about Chaos she blinks
"Well i love to run so that would be a fun thing. But why if i may ask should i run for my life? I like to run for competition, for loot, for my job, just for the hell of it because it is better then sitting still. But running for my life is usually to stressful. "
Michael James Watson
Vek kicks a chair out, "Sometimes the only thing to do is run for your life. I was raised in Chaos and its a good place to not write home too. You know Arlo, i almost want to be there when Vance finds out. I'd like to see Delwin's face when he sees me talking to her."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah frowns and then mutters under her breath
"like i am a freaking side show."
She then looks up smiles sweetly to Lord Vek
"Well if you want to see that you have to go find him, and if you want to see the meeting between me and my brother you have to wait till i am ready. "
Alvah sounded perhaps a bit to sarcastic at the end.
"And Lord Vek, once you start running better run for more then only your life. Steps are harder to take when pain sets in and life is not always a great motivator, as giving up life means usually no more pain. So run but always make it worth your effor."
She then is maybe a bit to focused on the glass of wine in front of her. Starting ot mutter to Cicero. and letting him slither about.
Michael James Watson
Vek, "Running for one's life is wise most of the time. Though it depends on what your life is worth top you. And Death is certainly not a releif from pain. As Oberon would say, Death is no reprieve from duty. "
He pours a mug of wine and drinks, "So Arlo, I ran across a hedge wizard from Regor. He says Borlak is raising his troops. I went and looked an a dozen of so of the Flowing Horde shadows were all but empty. They executed the elderly and their servants and left them in cairns, abandoning the shadows.. What gives?"
Arlo looks at Dwynwen, sizes things up. "Hioraki, Borlak's son, lead ninja into Adagalasck and tried assassinating Julian. Hiokai was caught, strung up by his feet. Julian and Realmer interrogated him with extreme enthusiasm. My understanding is that some how Dworkin summoned and there was some kind of family fued Between Realmer, Julian, Hiorkai . Satura, Giovanni, Emilie, Nina and I were called into the mess when Dworkin summoned everyone of the blood in Adagalasck. In the middle of the a huge crap storm Realmer cut Hiorkai's throat. Dworkin removed Nina and Emilie's powers briefly, creating some kind of internal cluster boink in Adagalasck. I got Hiokai to Vulsar just in time. So Borlak tried to assassinate Julian and is sending his army against the realm."
Vek frowns, "Why? Whats he got against Julian?"
Arlo says, "He has been trying to take Regor in order to possess a primal realm for a thousand years. Benedict thinks he has decided Adagalasck will do instead."
Vek shakes his head and says, "Well, shit, piss, and industrial waste. What a mess. Lots of work. I should probably check in with Realmer. I may have to pay back a favor and I know that will get bloody. It was a pleasure to meet you Alvah..I better go."
As he stands Arlo says, "Hey, before you go, i was havign a conversation with Alvah about sorcery. I showed her the Amber Pattern, Alamond, Pocai, Paragon sigils.. Can you show her the Logrus?"
He looks at Alvah then Arlo. "Not here. Another time sure. Fair well."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to the storm of talk about the Adagalasck, Julian Realmer and such. She then frowns a moment looks at Cicero and looks at Arlo.
"Not to stick my nose where it shouldn't. But i am just hearing names now and such which Hagalta talked about. Does this Julian want to get the clans together? or am i wrong there in the names?"
Alvah then looks at her wine and decides that is more appealing then trying to sound smart. Looking up she nods to Lord Vek
"Uhm well that was brief, but was a pleasure, i'll try and remember your name next time we meet. " she grins cheekily
"Meeting alot of new people... oh and if you see my brother again please don't tell about me yet, i want to break that news or dad. "
Michael James Watson
Vek stops, turns, "I better not go to Vulsara then. I'll go to Realmer. Arlo, I know this is huge, and I'll owe you, but can I borrow Sligthblinder? Borlak has Shieldbreaker still and i may need sightblinder to spy on his forces." Arlo, "Not if you going to take Shieldbreaker from him."
Vek, "No. Just gonna take a look"
Arlo nods, reaches back and brings out the sword he just put away. Hands it to Vek. Vek pulls a deck out and steps through a trump.
Arlo says, "To answer your question. There are 5 or 6 Banner's the Adask in Adagalask fight under. One of the Banners is Odaraxta. It has 6 clans, i think, among them is Trixta, rulled by Xorit. Another is Shaxtra, ruled by Keralat. Another is Kalota, ruled by Relmapator. It used to be ruled by Hagalata. Hagalta lost it.
"In adagalasck there are 4 'Winds' essentially 4 rulers of the world. Hagalta was one of them but he was cast out. The other three were ruled by Nina, Emilie and Trualta. Nina and Emilie are Amberites, siblings of Eric, Corwin, Fiona, Julian, and Caine. In antiquity Caine and Emilie, Julian and Nina, were married. Nina and Emilie were then enclosed in Adagalasck and it was sealed off from entrance. A few years ago Realmer brok the seal on it. Soon after julian and Caine fled Amver to reunite with their wives. The three winds approved Julian taking the Wind Hagalta lost, making him King of Adagalasck. I know thats a lot. A lot has gone on in their. Recently Emilie and Nina had their powers stripped. Nina, with Julian's help, reclaimed her WInd. Emilie did not, and Caine found out a love spell had made him love her and he returned to Amber.:"
"To finish off the world lesson on Adagalasck, there are what are called Stairs, in the world. Some small, some massive. What they are is a towering structure of a twisting staid. And each step is an entrance to a shadow. So, many different worlds, universes, etc..Hagalta once had the West Stair but lost it. "
"Realmer is gathering forces to go the the South Wind Emilie lost, and the South Stair, Emilie lost, and claim them if he can. So, plays for power."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks and lets the headache settle in after his flood of information.
Letting Cicero slither through her fingers she thinks for a moment takes a sip and then looks up.
"so how is their standing towards Amber? Cause Hagalta said that if Xorit can claim he is a bannerlord but as long as he can't provide the banner he is not getting far. "
Alvah shrugs
"i just wonder what that would mean in this case exactly. or as far is estimated. "
Michael James Watson
Arlo says, "It was dicey at first between Julian & Caine on one side, and Random on the other. Things settled down. Now they are on good turms. There is even talk of Julian becoming a golden circle king. Random can't openly go against Borlak or he will be fried from an ancient oath to not attack Amber. As for the banner business, Xorit can claim the clan politically and militarily, which he has. But the Banner of Odaraxta is in Azcala we just learned. Having the actual banner is symbolic, but powerful. He doesn't need it, but having it would help him a lot"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah then nods
"Alright then i kind of got the situation, sort of. and that means that Hagalta was right and that it is in a temple in Azcala then. Good for him to keep up with his deal. "
Alvah smiles and takes another big drink.
"He said it needs to be stolen from the temple if Xorit wants to have the actual banner. So there is that."