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Eranon's Stuff he knows

***EYES ONLY*** This is a specialized "lorebook" of all things that would be immediately available (without skill checks) for the character. Things will be posted as they come up or are asked about. Players other than Eranon SHOULD NOT read this information.

Eranon, Elven Wildlander/Channeler



Eranon was born in the year 869 to Ineluki and Eilith in a small village to the west of Caradul. He was the last of four children. Proceeding him were Hirikai, Alameth, and Sijandi. Eranon was very young when the shadow rose in the north. The last alliance rode out to meet the enemy, among them were Ineluki and Hirikai. Neither of them ever returned. Soon the shadow was upon them, the orcs invaded and pushed in on the elves. Eilith sent the three remaining children to live with her sister and brother-in-law in Caradul. Sijandi quickly developed a strong sense of duty to his people. He began to train relentlessly along with many other young elves. Alameth, a talented channeler, offered her services to the witch queen in Caradul. She quickly worked her way into the service of the counsil. During his childhood, Eranon grew close with his cousin, Veradil, who was a similar age. Both young elves took to wandering in the relavtive safety immediately around Cardul. The two of them quickly befriended a Whisper Adept named Isiki. The two of them spent much of their time with him, learning of the forest, the whispering wood, and survival in their native land. When Sijandi matured to adulthood, he left to join the fight in the front lines against the orc armies. Meanwhile, Eranon and Veradil practiced using the longbow as well as their skills of survival and hunting at the direction if Isiki. The two of them became more involved in the plight of their people. Since they were still adolescent, they offered their services as couriers to the outposts, villages, between the resistances and various raiding groups. One day, in the north end of Erethor, Eranon was delivering a message to

One day, on a delivery to a small village in the southern Caraheen, Eranon was approached by a battered and maimed elf. He assaulted Eranon and called him the son of a traitor. He claimed to serve with his father in the Final stand. He claimed that his father vanished before the final assault, only to be spotted in amongst the orcs in the assault.

This news completely rocked Eranon’s world, and as such, he vanished into the woods of Erethor for some time, making only infrequent contact with friends and family. During this time, he lived off the land and searched where he could for any clues to the true nature of his father’s disappearance.

During this time, Eranon finally came of age, however, still could not bear to face his family or his people with the shadow of his father’s actions hanging over his head. One day, chance led him into a surprise encounter with his Cousin and a group of Elves. They had taken up as a group of raiders, striking outlying Orc camps and scouts. In this way, Eranon was brought back into the fold in the service of the Queen.

Eranon Continued to aid his fellow raiders until one day, he was called to the South. . .



Valendil: Caransil Elf Raider Eranon’s cousin with whom he grew up. Valendil is a rather gregarious caransil, unusual in these dark times. He grew up with Eranon, the two are as close as brothers. Valendil is currently working with a group of elven raiders in the heart of the Caraheen. The group tirelessly works to relieve the pressure on the main front, in their own small way. Though he seems to have a light heart, he, like Eranon, takes great pain in the destruction of his homeland and lives for the day when his home will be free gain. Valendil was the last person to see Eranon before his departure to the south.

Isiki: Caransil Whisper Adept A wise and solemn whisper adept who served as an early mentor to both Valendil and Eranon. Isiki trained Eranon in the way of the forest as well as how to gather and prepare herbs for their befefits. Eranon last saw Isiki when he took his message to the borders of the Veradeen before finding out about his father.

Jakob: Halfling Channeler A young Halfling channeler who Eranon has befriended in his travels throughout Erethor. Like many, Jakob is a refugee, or rather, the son of refgees. He was trained by the elves as a channeler, reveling in his freedom under their protection. Jakob is a healer, spending his time tending to the wounded that are brought back from the front lines.


Alamath: Caransil Channeler Eranon’s sister. She always had a natural gift for magic, but was always distant since the death of their father and the disappearance of their mother. She naturally became a channeler. She departed over 20 years ago for Caradul to serve the queen. Eranon has only rumors of her current whereabouts and activities.

Finaju: Miransil Druid One of the local healers in Caradul. An older elf who kept her ear to the ground. She always had a little gossip to share if one is inclined to put out the effort or the coin.

Silueth: Danisil Wildlander A fellow wildlander of the southland, the Aruun. Silueth taught Eranon the way through the Aruun on the way to Southern Erenland.


Jegger: Dorn Fighter A Dorn who got on Eranon’s bad side several years ago. During his hiatus from the whole of the Elves, Jegger still received regular visits from Eranon. Eranon took great personal insult at the refusal of some human refugees to adapt to a way of life that is less impactful on the forests of Erethor. Eranon and Jegger began in a stubborn disagreement that slowly escalated to nighttime raids, black eyes and dead livestock. Jegger is a warrior chief of a small settlement of refugees outside Cardul. Eranon has not seen Jegger for at about 4 years.

Ankarath: Erunsil Fighter A one-armed snow elf and veteran of the Last Battle. He was badly wounded and maimed in the battle and blames it on Ineluki, Eranon’s father. Ankarath believes that Ineluki defected to the ranks of the enemy to save his own skin. Ankarath blames all of Eranon’s family for betraying the elves and thinks that the traitorous blood flows through all of Ineluki’s spawn.

Sijandi: Caransil Fighter Eranon’s eldest brother. Sijandi taught Eranon to fight and use a bow. Sijandi already thought ill of Eranon due to his relationship with their father. Eranon’s introspective nature was taken as apathy towards the death of their father, whom Sijandi worshiped. Sijandi immediately took up the sword and fought alongside his kinsmen at the front against the orcs. Eranon never told Sijandi of the news of their father, however, when Eranon vanished (deserted as far as Sijandi was concerned), their ties were forever severed. Sijandi will no longer see nor acknowledge his brother.


  •  ???


  •  ???

possible Covenant Items

  • A bow that increases accuracy, power and range
  • A cloak that conceals its wearer.
  • Boots that increase speed and agility of the wearer.


These questions will aid in creating ideas and stories that cater to your hero. It will also help flesh out your hero. You are welcome to create addional background questions. But these short answers are all that's necessary here.

  • Describe what your hero's glorious death might be
    • Death in marked defiance of the shadow or his lieutenants, killed for refusing to submit or turn.
  • Describe what your hero's worst fated death at the hands of [the ENEMY] might be
    • Stabbed in the back by a traitor whom he foolishly trusted.
  • What is the worst thing [the Shadow] could do to your hero? (this could include things done to loved ones)
    • Slavery, making he or his loved ones submit to subjugation.
  • Describe a victory that your hero would like to have against [the Shadow]
    • Would like to disrupt or shake the attacks against the elves. Even to give them a break would be worth dying for. Disrupt the supply lines, any of these.
  • What action would your hero never do? (meaning type of action "like burn a village down", NOT a general idea like "give in to the shadow")
    • Kill an unarmed innocent. Destroy the woodlands.
  • What would cause your hero to break down to sadness or fear?
    • The death of the queen. Death of any of his friends. When the elves finally break.
  • What do you hope your heroe's honorific would be? (An honorific is a word or expression that conveys esteem or respect and is used in addressing or referring to a person. Honorifics are usually placed immediately before or after the name of the subject. e.g. Thok the Orc Masher!)
    • Eranon the Stalker
  • What would it take for your hero to turn traitor? (these can result from bribe or blackmail)
    • The return of his father.

Possibly the behest of his father.

  • PLAYER: What's your favorite monster or NPCs to fight?!!
    • I’ve only played D&D a few times (less than 10 sessions ever), so I don’t have much of an opinion. In general, I prefer fighting named NPC’s with good histories or ties to the characters, preferably recurring NPC’s.
  • PLAYER: What do you most enjoy about RPGs & D&D? (meaning battling monsters, solving puzzles, political roleplaying, etc..?)
    • My favorite part of RPGs in general is the character interactions. I love the interplay between PCs, PCs and NPCs, etc. Characters with developed personalities and quirks are the best.
  • HOOKS to get into the party===
    • rumors of his father
    • working with the raider group
    • sent on an errand to deliver a message or hook up with a resistance movement.


  • Weapons
    • Masterwork longbow (found at Shadow Wall)
    • Quiver with 40 elven arrows (40 obtained from the raiders, natural 1 is not an automatic miss. 6 with silver tips)
    • 20 Flaming Burst Arrows (orc)
    • 20 Collision Arrows (orc)
    • Longsword
    • Silver dagger (ghost touch)
  • Clothes and Armor
    • Plain travelling clothes, green and brown in color
    • Masterwork Breastplate made by Durgaz and enchanted by Kuyad (+5 AC DR 2/- Dex bonus +5, Check pentalty 0, spell failure 15%, 40 hp, hardness 20)
    • Gloves of arrow snatching (2/day)
  • Covanent Items
    • Benaedan's Pelt (Found at Shadow Wall)
    • Hell's Heart (Given by Aradil)
    • Ossion's Silvered Acorn
  • Travelling Gear
    • Flint and Tinder
    • Waterskin
    • 2 belt pouches
    • 8 "Traveler's Bane" Seeds (I can't find or remember the real name)
  • Charms and Other Resources
    • +2 to attack for 1 round (given by Kyuad)
    • Negate sicken or nausea (given by Alamath)
    • (True) Alligator Tooth Necklace - +4 vs. all swamp diseases
    • (True) Silvered Acorn necklace
    • Woven Silk Wriststrap (can detect undead within 60 ft for 1 min)
    • Merciful x1 (attacks with one weapon do nonlethal for 1 round)
    • Flippant Casting (gives +10 on d% for an arcane spell faliure check, 1 rnd)
    • Focus x 2 (gives +2 to next concentrate check, 1 round)
    • Spell Learning x 10 (gives +2 to a spellcraft check)
    • (True) Improved invisible vs fell
    • (True) Attituded vs animals improved one step
    • (True) Immunity to lycanthropy
    • Nifty telescope
    • young dragon scale
    • Inscence of meditation
    • Lesser charm (spell-like effect) Mending x 3
    • Minor charm: search +2
    • (True charm): You do not take a penalty on Handle Animal checks for the target being non-animal
    • Minor charm: Fort +2 x2
    • Minor charm: Survival +2
    • Minor charm: Survival +1 x2
    • Minor charm: Move silently +2
    • Minor charm: Will +2
    • Greater charm: (spell-like effect) Feather Fall (1 round)

Benaedan's Pelt

Also Known As:  ???
Created int he Year of Falling Snow, deep in the heart of the Caraheen -by Tharadilia, daughter of Kirinhi, a seer and sorceress of gret renown amongst her people. Tharadilia created the cloak originally for her husband - Benaedan, a warrior on the Council of the Throen and close adviser to the High King (mother/father to Aradil) This cloak of neutral gray cloth is indistinguishable from an ordinary cloak of the same color, a silver tree broche fastens as the clasp with veins of gold. However, when worn with the hood drawn up around the head, it gives the wearer special abilities. . . The wearer of the cloak must be an elf, or gifted the cloak by the HIgh Court.
Cost: Priceless
Weight: 1lb


  • 1st Level: +5 competence bonus on Hide checks
  • 4th Level: Fain illusion: on command its magical properties distort and warp light waves. This displacement works just like the displacement spell (standard action) and lasts for a total of 15 rounds per day, which the wearer can divide up as he sees fit. (Cl 3rd) You also gain an additional +2 competence bonus on HIde checks and +5 on Move silently bonus.
  • 5th Level: The wearer gains magic protection in the form of a +5 resistance bonus an all saving throws to enable the wearer to move quietly in virtually any surroundings. The wearer also gains +5 competence bonus on Spot checks.
  • 6th Level: The wearer may unstring a strand from the cloak and string any single bow at a time. Giving the bow +2 to hit, +1d4 damage.
  • 8th Level: Attackers can never make Attacks of Opportunity vs. the wearer.
  • 11th Level: The wearer is granted damage reduction 4 vs slashing or piercing, literally catching arrows in a "chain"/thicket-leaf weave. If attacked/hit by a melee slashing/piercing weapons, the wearer may choose to engage in a grapple attack - automatically achieving the first level of grapple with the attacker's weapon. The attacker may choose to let go, otherwise they must face the grapple affect against their weapon. For the purposes of making further grapple checks the wearer recieves a +10 strength grapple bonus.
  • 15th Level: The wearer can make as manay attacks of opportunity in a round as they normally have in full attacks, in addition to their normal round's actions.

Ossion's Silvered Acorn

Also Known as: "The Treeherder", "Orn Sangan", "Celeb Orn"
Cost: Priceless
Weight: 0.25 lb


  • 1st Level: "Treefriend" - All trees and tree-like creatures are automatically helpful to the bearer, though this reaction can be changed as normal.
  • 4th Level: "Treeherdsman" - The bearer may cast "Awaken" (as the spell) that effects only trees.
  • 8th Level: "Bark-Tounge" - The bearer may "Speak with Plants" (as the spell) that affects only trees.
  • 11th Level: "The Great Oak" - Once per season, the bearer may summon the Lord of Trees (a massive treant) with the following adjustments (as the "Changestaff" spell). The spirit of the Lord of Trees arrives from nearby woods as appropriate, each season in a different form based on the season in which it appears. Use Statistics for Treants increased to 20 Hit Dice The Lord of Trees also gains the following abilities per season. . .
  • Lord of Spring Trees - Fast Healing 5
  • Lord of Summer Trees - +2 Str, +4 Con, Fast Healing 3
  • Lord of Autumn Trees - +6 Str, +2 Con, Fast Healing 1
  • Lord of Winter Trees - +8 Str, Improved Critical (slam), Rend (3d8 + 1.5 Str)
  • 14th Level: - At will, the holder of the acorn has the ability to become as one of his followers. As a full round action the holder of the acorn can assume the form of a tree as the spell tree shape, but the effect has an 'instantaneous' duration and radiates no magic. You can choose to leave your tree shape whenever you wish, though doing so takes one minute.

Hell's Heart

Also Known as: ??
Hells heart desires the full attention of the Archer. The Archer may find himself toying with the arrow unknowingly at any time. This is a mind affecting effect - Will Save DC 10 to resist. Due to this compulsion, no other enchantment may be used when firing Hell's Heart. (pathwalker abilities do not count toward this compulsion)
Cost: Priceless
Weight: 1 lb


  • 1st Level: The arrow offers speed and grace to even the novice bowman. Anyone wishing to use Hell's Heart gains a +5 to their base attack bonus IF that bonus is not surpassed by the Archer already.
Heart Alignment Affect: The archer must sing out the name of Hell's Heart (in High Elven). effectively announcing the use of the ability - Outsider targets receive a Knowledge: Spirits check DC 35 to know the threat this archer wields. This grants the Archer a bonus modifier of +20 Intimidate check
Hell's Heart is nigh unbreakable, Hardness 20, Hit Points 100, Bend DC 30
  • 5th Level: Hell's Heart desires to be fired. Drawing a bow and Notching Hell's heart is a Free Action
Heart Alignment Affect: The archer must sing out the name of Hell's Heart (in High Elven). effectively announcing the use of the ability - Outsider targets receive a Knowledge: Spirits check DC 30 to know the threat this archer wields. This grants the Archer a bonus modifier of +20 Intimidate check
  • 8th Level: Returning. Hell's Heart desires to grace the notch of the Archer's Bowstring. When fired the arrow will return to the Archer's hand at the end of the following round from which it was fired. The arrow will slow its return until the Archer's hand is outstretched and ready to receive.
Heart Alignment Affect: The archer must sing out the name of Hell's Heart (in High Elven). effectively announcing the use of the ability - Outsider targets receive a Knowledge: Spirits check DC 25 to know the threat this archer wields. This grants the Archer a bonus modifier of +20 Intimidate check
Alignment Affect
  • -4 steps opposite (direct opposite) the archer - Cannot miss the Outsider
  • -3 steps opposite the archer - +15 to hit Outsiders
  • -2 steps opposite the archer - +10 to hit Outsiders
  • -1 step opposite the Archer - +5 to hit Outsiders
  • 11th Level:Hell's Heart is the bane of Demons, Devils, and Angels (any Outsider) of differing Alignment to the Archer. To achieve Hell's Heart Alignment Affect the archer must sing out the name of Hell's Heart (in High Elven), effectively announcing the use of the ability - Outsider targets receive a Knowledge: Spirits check DC 20 to know the threat this archer wields. This grants the Archer a bonus modifier of +20 intimidate check
To use the Alignment Affect, the Archer must achieve a successful Critical Hit on the target. Hell's Heart may only be used once against any target within a single day period.
Alignment Affect
  • -4 steps opposite (direct opposite) the archer -Lose 100% of Hit Points; Immediate Banishment
  • -3 steps opposite the archer -Lose 75% of Hit Points
  • -2 steps opposite the archer -Lose 50% of Hit Points
  • -1 step opposite the archer -Lose 25% of Hit points
  • -Same alignment as the archer -No affect (alignment shift possible for threatening a like-willed outsider of Aryth)
  • This damage is dealt to both the body and spirit of the outsider, but DR is still subtracted from the damage dealt unless Hell's Heart has absorbed the property of that outsider's weakness (as per the 15th level ability)
  • 15th Level" Hell's heart envies all other arrows... Hell's Heart may mimic the abilities of any arrow held in the same quiver for 24 hours. Unfortunately, there can be only one. Hell's heart steals the ability of that arrow (whether magical or physical) and acts as would that same arrow, reducing that arrow to splinters. Hell's heart may mimic up to 3d6 arrows per day, but all arrows in the quiver are destroyed - you must make the roll after the 24 hours. When fired, all the properties of the arrows that Hell's Heart has taken are used at the same time, as if all of the special properties were used simultaneously. The archer cannot change or control this effect, Hell's heart is a prideful weapon and always strikes with full power. After firing, each absorbed "arrow" has a 50% chance of being lost. If Hell's Heart absorbs arrows while it still has arrows in it, the 3d6 is rolled and the difference between the result and the number of arrows still contained is the number of new properties that Hell's Heart takes. If the rolled result is lower, no new properties are absorbed, but none are lost.