Earnest Chantris

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Ernst Chantris, Wolfgang's youngest son, is second in command of the Amber Elite Guard. A veteran of the Arden Rangers. A hero of Patternfall. Ernest is known as something of rouge and a womanizer.

The Elite Guard have a great deal over oversight in the protection of Amber. It is the formal guards on duty in the castle, as well as one of the primary military units in the kingdom. As second in command only Shannon Feldane, Warlord of Amber and Amber's Second in Command of the Armies of Amber, ranks higher in the Elites. In practice, on a day to day basis, Ernst runs the elites. Their loyalty sometimes wavers between Shannon and Ernst, both having their but it never wavers on Benedict or Amber.

There are factions in any military organizations, especially highly important ones. The vocal supporters of Earnest Chantris (Blue Ban) and Shannon Feldane (Gold Band) have a good natured competition but in the end obey orders and are the most devoted of Amber military units.

Amber Elites

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