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*[https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/delta-green-eater-of-trees.857348/ OOC]
===Character Aids===
===Character Aids===

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  • Recruitment
  • IC
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Character Aids

Mechanical Character Information

Investigator Player Hit Points Sanity Willpower Violence Adaptation Helplessness Adaptation Wounds Disorders
Billy Baughn Regular Guy
Henry Fischer Atlictoatl
Wade Bannerman pstjmack
Brendan Smith stinkyfool 11 60 12
Name Neaden
Name Maledicta


Investigative Leads

Important NPCs

  • Montgomery Hahm: Delta Green case handler for operation BLIND SNAKE. Image
  • Hayleigh Kowalcyzk: Delta Green friendly making the initial report of suspected hypergeometrical incident Image
  • Vincent E. Carruthers: semi-popular Northern New York radio talk show host/conspiracy theorist Image