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Test edit for new system


Character Aids[edit]

Mechanical Character Information[edit]

Investigator Player Hit Points Sanity Willpower Violence Adaptation Helplessness Adaptation Wounds Disorders
Billy Baughn Regular Guy 12 65 13
Henry Fischer Atlictoatl 12 60 13
Wade Bannerman pstjmack 9 70 14
Brendan Smith stinkyfool 11 60 12
Amy Vanderberg Neaden 10 60 12
Antwon Pike Cosmic Hobo 14 70 14

Investigative Leads[edit]

Hayleigh's Report[edit]

Carruther's Personal Effects[edit]

Carruther's Corpse[edit]

Important NPCs[edit]

  • Montgomery Hahm: Delta Green case handler for operation BLIND SNAKE. Image
  • Hayleigh Kowalcyzk: Delta Green friendly making the initial report of suspected hypergeometrical incident Image
  • Vincent E. Carruthers: semi-popular Northern New York radio talk show host/conspiracy theorist Image