Eddie Castel

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A character in the Road's End Monster of the Week campaign.

Eddie Castel, the Expert


Man, avuncular face, outdoor clothes


Charm 1, Cool -1, Sharp +2, Tough +1, Weird 0


I've Read About This Sort of Thing: Roll +Sharp instead of +Cool when you act under pressure.

Often Right: When a hunter comes to you for advice about a problem, give them your honest opinion and advice. If they take your advice, they get +1 ongoing while they follow your advice and you mark experience.


His place of business, Castel's Corner, combination gas station, auto repair, convenience store and gift shop, all in a ramshackle building that was a hotel, a long long time ago. Half of it is unsafe to enter, but he lives in the other half and keeps part off limits to all except family and monster hunters. --Lore Library: When you hit the books, take +1 forward to investigate the mystery. There are some old weird books plus lots of barely legible diaries, and notebooks from past generations of Castels. Eddie really regrets not paying more attention to Grandpaw when he was trying to teach him hoodoo back in the old days.

--Armory: It has a stockpile of mystical and rare monster-killing weapons and items. If you need something special, roll +Weird. On a 10+ you have it (and plenty of it if that matters), on 7-9 you have it, but only the minimum, and on a miss, you've got the wrong thing.

--Workshop: You have a space for building and repairing guns, cars and other gadgets. Work out with the Keeper how long repair or construction will take.


Cold Iron Sword (2-harm hand messy iron) "Grandpaw told me that came all the way from Scotland"

Flamethrower (3-harm close fire heavy volatile) "don't be messing with that, son."

Shotgun (3-harm close messy loud) "good for ducks but not for squirrels"

Other Stats

Luck 7/7 Harm: 0/7


Eddie Castel grew up in a simpler time, when the folks of Road's End looked after themselves and there weren't all these drugs and damn video games. His Grandpaw tried to teach him what he needed to know, but Eddie got drafted; by the time he got back with no desire to ever leave home again, Grandpaw had gone to heaven and the farm had gone belly-up. He took his Army money to partially fix up the old hotel and moved his Grandpaw's stuff into the back room, and ever since he's been trying to keep the business going and to relearn what Grandpaw was trying to tell him, if he hadn't been so dang stubborn. Looks like he's got to learn it the hard way.


Rose is my employee, and is learning the monster-hunting trade. Wish I knew more answers to her questions.

Bayley is an outsider. We might have some mutual interests, but I don't trust her by a long shot.

Joseph is my nephew and I've got to keep him safe.

Ash is -- was -- my wife, but that doesn't mean I understand her. You just stay out of her way!