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Camie Marstrap - Ace Gunner (Marian)

Koo Stark as Camie Marstrap.jpg

Marstrap comes from a backwater's backwater, a rural farming community in the sticks of an already marginal Outer Rim world. A year ago she didn't have anything bigger on her mind than her engagement to a local shopkeeper. The Empire seemed far away.

Then it wasn't. Imperial Stormtroopers showed up, ransacking homes and murdering a local farm family. A high-walled garrison went up at the nearest city, and suddenly you couldn't go into town for some power converters without being accosted by an intimidating white-armored soldier demanding your identification.

Then it got worse. Apparently a couple of her childhood friends had fallen in with the Rebel Alliance, and ISB rounded up everyone who ever knew them for "questioning". Marstrap's fiance emerged from those interrogations a broken man, unable to look her in the eye and wanting nothing more than to keep his head down. But Marstrap, she got angry. It wasn't right, that the Empire could just come in and destroy peoples' lives like that. Maybe it made her a little shallow, that the tyranny of the Empire had to affect her personally before she cared about it. But better late than never.

She traveled to the big city, where the new Imperial garrison was, and got involved in the local underground. There she met a Rebel agent named Tiree who was recruiting for the Alliance. In short order she was going through basic training on a Rebel safeworld. Having grown up on a farm she was physically fit, used to hard work and comfortable with machinery, traits that translated well into being a soldier. Because of her mechanical aptitude she was steered into a heavy weapon specialization. She's grown particularly fond of the Merr-Sonn M-40 and Mark II repeaters. She's also cross-trained on starship and vehicle-mounted weapons, but she's primarily a ground-pounder.

Brawn 4 (70)
Agility 3 (30)
Intellect 2
Cunning 2
Willpower 2
Presence 2

Athletics 1
Cool 1
Mechanics 1
Resilience 1
Survival 1
Gunnery 1
Ranged (Heavy) 2

Duty: Sabotage; "hitting the Empire where it hurts" 
Wound Threshold: 14
Strain Threshold: 12

Weapons & Armor:
M-40 "Thunderbolt" light repeating blaster w/bipod
DL-18 blaster pistol
padded armor (Hoth armor vest and Endor helmet)

commlink, wrist-mounted
emergency medpack
stimpacks (2)
field ration packs (5 days)
extra reloads (2)
utility belt