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The Elites are Members of First Legion, First Cohort-Elites, of the Military of Amber. They act as guards in the Castle Amber, as personal protective personnel for royals, and in Embassies.

Elites often serve as messengers for the crown. Entrance into the Elites bestows one of the lower orders of Knighthood in Amber.

One thing to be said for the Elites. Many would be legendary heroes in their home realms. Some where before being brought to Amber. These are warriors of the highest regards.

Listed here are those who have served as members of the Elites. Not all are currently active.

Commentary on Elites

Notable Elites

Garry Gavno-Active

Gavno.jpg Active

Captain. Calro. Gruff and straightforward as most Calro. Once part of Prince Bleys' detail.

Constance Kieln-Active

Active Captain. Dreanan of House of Brolic. Responsible for the reeducation of Bruno Sveldt Tattoo artist.

Earnest Chantris-Active

Earnestchantris.jpg Active Field Marshal. First Legion, First Corp-Amber Elites. Wolfgang Chantris's youngest son, is second in command of the Amber Elite Guard. A veteran of the Arden Rangers. A Veteran of Patternfall. Ernest is known as something of rouge and a womanizer. Ernie, as second of the Elite guard, carries a military rank of general as well as a knighthood. Yet he appears very young and lively.

Dart of Hale-Retired

Dart.jpg Retired.

The "Concierge of Amber" Retired from the Elites centuries ago and does not carry a military pressence. Seemingly an unobtrusive and all too competent government servant. He often i a person in the background of nearly all activities in the Castle Amber. Extremely well liked.

Cogswell Mal At Riess- Retired.

CogswelMalAtRiess.jpg Duke of Cogswell. Elite Lieutenant.

Even of Hale-Retired

Even of hale.jpg[[1]] Retired

A weapons instructor for hire to the nonmilitary general public. Retired Elite Sergeant.

Not a mercenary, and he hates the accusation. While he retired under honorable conditions he is mostly ignored by members of the royalty and the nobility and high ranking members of the military. He claims his discharge occurred for rank insubordination during the battles after the Battle of Patternfall. While the war was won there were many residual battles across shadow where Amber units ended chaosian control of certain shadows. He claims he assumed command from a noble, who will remain unnamed, who was failing miserably in the heat of battle. Since Benedict and Gerard are cordial with him at CCC events the general membership of the CCC assume he is telling the truth.

Still, there is something of a disputable stink lingering over him that he believes is completely unjustified and he may be correct.

His services as Arms Instructor are highly sought after and he has a reputation as a fine swordsman and a patient instructor. He has retired as a participant at CCC events after a series of victories over several years.

Wolfgang Chantris-Retired

Wolfgang-chantris.jpg Retired. Duke Chantris

Retired from Elites as Field Marshal-Commander-Elites.

Harold Chantris-Retired

Haroldchantris.jpg Retired

Director of the Amber Life Guard. Retired Captain.

Traxtin of Diega-Active

Traxtin.jpg Retired An Admiral of Amber. Commanding Admiral of the Navy of the Kingdom of Diega. Sargent Elites-Retired. He was recently reactivated in responce to the Azcalan threat.

Ciprian Vitalijus-Retired

CiprianVitalijus.jpg Retired Chief Librarian of Amber. Elite Guardsman-Retired.

While a draper and proper gentleman of mature sensibilities fitting for the role of Chief Librarian of Amber he was young once and served 30 years in the military under Prince Bleys. This included elevation to the elites.

Colfi Hale-Retired

Colfi Hale.jpg

Fire Marshal of Amber- Field Marshal-Second Legion, First Cohort

Brustos Drent-Retired

Brustos Drent.jpg

An expert in Artillery. Commands First Legion, Third Cohort-Artillery Specialist.

Shannon Feldane-Retired

ShannonFeldane.jpg Retired

Warlord of Amber. Commander First legion. Previous Commander First legion, First Cohort-Elite-Retired

Wyndham Feldane-Retired

WyndhamFeldane.jpg Retired

Chief of the City Police of Amber, First Legion, Second Cohort. Previous Commander First Legion, First Cohort-Elites-Retired

Cordelia Feldane-Active

House Feldane et all. Active

Cordelia Feldane is a senior Lady in Waiting, essentially Deputy Chief Lady in Waiting. She will defend the Urien pack in most things but is known to detest Helene du Sarn personally. One of The Ladies

Rede Feldane-Active

Rede feldane.jpg

Son of William Feldane. A graduate of the School of Sorcerous Arts; Fantalin. Served in the City Police but resigned under suspicious circumstance. Served in The Military as a Legion specialist. Did Protective Service to Lord Vander. Graduated Star Fleet Academy. Currently unassigned.

Gangdis of Casowill-Active

Gangdis of Casowill.jpg Sirgangdis2.jpg

Mostly Retired

A motly mostly Retired Elite. Aging badly. A known lush. Prone to sleeping on duty. Occasionally brought back for low-priority assignments.

While all Elites receive a knighthood, Gandis received the Valorous Knight of Amber, First Class, during the Siege of Bunny Free. This highest of knightly orders gives him a great deal of leeway among the soldiers of Amber. See Amber_Knightly_Order

His official rank is Sergeant. His unofficial Rank is Captain.

While often an object of scorn or pity, Gandis has many strong admirers including Prince Benedict, Prince Gerard, King Corwin, Prince Julian, Princess Fiona, Princess Flora, and Dworkin himself. He is considered a legend and is often found among recent promotees to the Elites. He is a frequent presence, if not officially an instructor at Nasty Place.

Currently assigned to Protective Services for Lord Relmopator Barimen, Son of Satura. It is unclear if this is a prank on Realmer or a punishment for Gandis.

While serving Lord Relmapator in Adagalask Sir Gangdis was effected by the same effect that occurs in Amber regarding aging and enthusiasm. (See Aging in Amber) His sudden youth is as much a surprie to him as it is to anyone.


Lucille Urien-Active

LucilleURIEN.jpg Active

A talkative and flirtatious member of the Urien Pack, she is also a nearly constant Lady in Waiting to the Queen. Officially its known that she requested From Prince Benedict to be trained to act as a last ditch defence of the queen. Her request was taken as a joke by the military and especially by the Elites. Benedict however took her serious. He took her into shadow privately. When she returned she was sequestered in the Urien Estates for several months. Then she returned as Vialle Lady in Waiting, acting as she always has. However, she now carries a small pattern blade strapped to her thigh.

Fres Mira-Retired

Fres Mira.jpg

Factor for Princess Deirdre before Patternfall and afterwards.

Born in a highly militant world that Deirdre fought in at some point she became a close companion and was eventually brought to Amber. Enrolled in military service she eventually spent a contentious time squired to Prince Julian. She eventually served in the Elites at the request of Princess Deirdre. Her time in the Elites was brief and fraught with interference from the royals who both supported and detested her. Despite the issues with her service she is listed on the Honorably Retired rolls.

Currently manages Princess Deirdre' town house, Bright Edge, which is a well known hot spot for Amberite nobles and rich gentry.

She was very active in the Civilian City Cohorts

Jopin of Cabra-Retired


An admiral of the Navy. Recently reactivated to assume command of the Amber Seas fleets.

Ronan Mikhale-Retired

RonanVenway.jpg Retired

House Venway A senior Priest of the Unicorn in Amber. He is a leader of the Church Militant. A veteran of Patternfall. Lieutenant Elites-Retired

Valand Bayles-Retired


Baron Bayles. Vinter to Amber. Elite Guardsman-Retired

Rein of Carlon-Retired


Elite Guardsman-Retired. Baron Carlon. A companiond and confidant of Prince Corwin

Darcy Rozero-Active

Darcyrozaro.jpg Active

Sergent Elites-Currently on regular duty as well as Protective Services to Lord (Prince) Arloxedra

Rodac The Red-Active


Elite Guardsman: Extended Duty. Shadowborn

Robert Duncan

Captain of Elites. In charge of the Dungeon Elite details.

Apple Beam-Active

Apple Beam.jpg

Apple Beam, James Apple Beam, was born on Urath, where he was raised in a family of Olympic athletes. Among his family were rabidly devoted to boxing, running, fencing, karate, judo, Taekwondo, surfing, wieghtlifting, archery, shooting, and wrestling. Apple excelled at many of these but loved music more. He played nearly any musical item he could get his hands on. He also picked fights easily. In time he got involved in the underground music scene and at 25 all but severed ties with his family except in the run up to certain athletic events.

He met Truman of Amber and they formed a band that had considerable success for 20 years. At that time Truman returned to Amber and brought Apple with him. Combative by nature, he was entered into the military of Amber. Participated in the Battle of Patternfall. Promoted to the Elites and assigned as protective detail to Lord Truman.

Dame Margot


It is hard to believe but Margot had a military phase and is listed as one of the members of the Elites at the founding of the Cohort.

Dorna ag Brolic-Active

Dorna ag Brolic1.jpg

Recently added to the Elites. Served in the Seventh Legion, First Cohort-Duelists. An expert in cavalier dueling style combat.

Recently assigned to Henry, Son of Fiona

Served first as Elite for Lady Yalla Ganth

Born and raised in the Tower of Brolic, Dreana. Daughter of a Royal Guardsman slain during the court intrigue. Orphaned at an early age. Raised as a Ward of the Sword she excelled with dueling weaponry. After a short term serving in House Military she was granted the right to use the ag Brolic family name. She applied to the Amber military and was accepted.

She is young for an Elite. Just over 30 years of age,(Not counting her tenure at Nasty Place), including her youth in Dreana, her elevation to the Elites is controversial. Service to a member of the Royal Family not known for dangerous behavior is seen as a cautious step in her career.

She is notable for an encounter while on duty in Calrabon, where she was assaulted by a giant red bear and managed to slay it. Seriously wounded, she recovered at Vulsar Base. A noble family of Calrabon who were endangered by the bear she slew presented her with a fine bear cloak enchanted for comfort regardless of temperature.

Normally Left handed, she fights right handed and has an aggressive left hand attack and defense.

  • Ward of the Sword. Wards of the Sword are children of slain guardsman who have no other family willing to take them in. These children are raised to the sword and often know no other life. If they fail to show promise in military skills they become grooms, drovers, cooks, and other servants. Wards of the Sword, regardless of if they enter military service or serve in support roles customarily wear a blue belt.

Recently reassigned to protective detail for Tesara, daughter of Mirelle.

Tyler Smials-Retired

Tyler smails.jpg

Currently the King's Privy Secretary Keeper of the Privy Seal. Cupbearer. He served in these roles for the last 20 years of Oberon's reign. He served all of Eric's reign, fighting by his side when he died for Amber. Served during the Interregnum after Eric's death. Stayed in the Castle during Oberon's repair of the Pattern. He now serves his third king.

He had a brief unremarkable, 2 year term in the Elites, after an unremarkable but respectable military career.

Haris Tazil

Haris Tazil.jpg

Sergeant. A prince of Tazilwere. Involved in the Rebalas Invasion[[2]] of his homeland. He fled alone to Amber, invoked the Golden circle Treaty with Amber. Returning with a small contingent of troops and a few young Amberites, they overthrew the invaders. Afterwards, he refused to accept the crown of Tazilwere from his father and returned to Amber, having decided he enjoyed military life more then farming. Moved thorough the ranks quickly to join the Elites, he is a frequent Court Guard and is frequently mistaken for a courtier.

Byron Hadly-Active


Brought to Amber by Eric. He was entered in the Amber military, pushed through Nasty Place, Shoved into several dangerous encounters during the Patternfall War and entered into the Elites before it ended. Assigned to Dungeon duty, with the order that it remain his main assignment. He has been a mainstay of the dungeon community ever since. Why Eric pushed so hard to force him to this dark occupation is unknown. Eric's only comment on the matter was that he ran across Hadly in shadow where he was the kind of prison guard the dungeons of Amber could really use.

What is clear is that Sergent Hadly is reluctant to speak of his past. The most he will say is, "I'm glad to be a survivor."

Is known to have a feud with Sgt Roger of Garn, another frequent dungeon elite.

Georgie Reno-Active

Georgiereno.jpg Active

Runs the card game at Neal's Diner. Officially still on the Elites rolls. unofficially on personal assignment to Random. Shadowborn

Has extensive yakuza tattoos he keeps covered.

Farooq ak Trata

Farooq ak Trata.jpg Active

A Trasidean by birth, he came to Amber as a child with the first Ambassador from Trasidy, Trata ak Talras, in 5210. Raised in Amber and Trasidy, he joined the Amber military at 20 and served in various posts including the Corp of Engineers where he made a name for himself as a builder. Served as a Embassy guard in Thelusia while attending Fantalin for advanced Engineering Degrees. Fought in various encounters during the Jeweled Road wars near Rue Katal.

Attended Nasty Place and transferred to the Elites for royal Protection duty. Served as Gerard's Elite on the navy's flag ship for 4 years. Served as the Elite-Guard for Zachary, son of Flora, for 3 years. Recently assigned as Elite-Guard for Donovan, Son of Julian.

Candle Hyle-Star Fleet

Candle Hyle.jpg

Andorian. Star Fleet Rank-Admiral. Captain of the Flagship of the Amber Star Fleet-Shadowwalker

Celakat Saanal-Star Fleet


Romulan. Star Fleet Rank-Fleet Admiral-Director of Magical Services

  • Previously Captain. Security Officer-Special Forces Officer-Amber Star Fleet Flagship-Shadowwalker.

Trent Lakana

Trent Lakana.jpg

Lieutenant. Originally from Tazilwere. Usually a Dungeon guard or a Pattern guard. Occasionally leads military supply caravans. Served as Prince Bley's Elite for 5 years. His only term in the protective services where he seemed more like a drinking companion then a bodyguard to the Prince.

Roger of Garn-Active

Rogerofgarn.jpg Active

Sergent Elites-Currently assigned Dungeon Duty. Shadowborn.

Drace Cazo-Active

Dracecazo.jpg Active

Corporal Elite Guardsman: Currently assigned to Neal's Diner Card club.

Shadowborn from New Velri City. Mixed Martial Artist who befriended guards at Niel's Diner. He happened to be in the game room when a collection of gangsters fatefully attacked Random's Card Game. He pitched in manfully while two Elites dealt with the majority of attackers. One however came within knife range of King Random who was obliviously laughing. Having saved the King's life, and admitting he had no life, he was taken to Amber and began a new life.

His career as a mixed martial artist had been brutal with more loses then victories but with a determination to improve. He was well liked even by those that defeated him. He had a gambling problem and was trying to raise funds to settle debts in a dangerous collection of problems when he saved the king's life. Upon his return, after much training, he resumed some parts of his life in New Velri, cleared all his debts, and returned to a victorious career in the MMA circuit while serving regularly as a dedicated Card Game guard.

Reane Vil Sar-Retired

Reane Vil Sar.jpg Retired

Reane Vil Sar manages the royal hunting lodge here. An expert with knives. She has an infectious laugh that only makes her scarier. She arranges hunting expeditions of 3, 7, and 30 days up into the wilderness surrounding the Vine River Lodge[[3]]. She is also married to Chief Josef[[4]] granting her the rank of Duchess even if she never uses it.

She served in the Amber military for 370 years eventually rising to serve for twenty years as chief of the Amber Guard. She also served unofficially as Oberon's chief torturer.

Drusda Brosc-Active

Drusda Brosc.jpg Active

Guardsman Corporal. Dreanean of the House of Brasda-Brosc. Bears the Knighthood of the Elites of course, but also hold the Order of the Tooth of Dreana, an Amber Knightly Order. SOmething of a problem for the Elites in that he is one of the few elites with discipline problems. Disciplinary problems involving bar fights and street justice have kept him a corporal. Dependability in a fight has made him a regular member of special details. A frequent castle guard in places where he does not deal with the general public.

  • Currently on Harbor Duty.
  • Is not assigned to dungeon duty.
  • Has a lifetime tab paid in mithril by Prince Bleys at Revan's Bar in the Harbor District.

Alak Sar- Active

Alak Sar.jpg Active

A Dreanan Blue. Serious, unnervingly quiet, efficient. Skilled at stalking and evasion. A Grand Champion Winner of the Pa D'armes Tourney during the New Year City Celebration (A Civilian Arms Event). Distinguished herself in battles on Deiga, Caratin, on the Jeweled Road, and while on duty in the City of Wall. Served in the Amber Embassy in the city of Wall, Tosa.

  • Uses the Tosian term "Agda", in reference to her knighthood[[5]] received while on Embassy duty in battle defending a Princess of Wall.
  • Known for her use of Rearden Armor.
  • Recently promoted Corporal, after 10 years of Embassy duty. Currently on protective services detail to Carissa ak Gerard

Karieeena of Camolin- Active


Newly promoted to the Elites to serve as Elite to Lord Mascen of Trasidy..

Born in a shadow of Camelot, she was raised in the chivalric traditions and knightly ways. Freshly knighted in her homeland she was brought to Amber by Prince Dalt and rushed through a term of service to qualify her for the Elites. Her aloof and proper behavior has made her few friends in the military of Amber but her fighting prowess has earned her much respect. The speed she was ushered into the elites is highly unusual and is a cause for anger in some. She was discovered in Shadow when Dalt brought his son Macsen to Amber. Her aid and service impressed Dalt who called in favors to get her to attend Rasak with Macsen. She has little experience in the Amber military therefore and few of the Elites have befriended her except for Darcy Rozero and Roger of Garn.

Recently released from Lord Macsen's service she has begun serving in the 3rd Legion in a chivalry horse cohort.

Caldalyle og Greenwoods

Sancha Do Helech-Spatchi


Thin and wiry, fast and deadly. Problems with authority.