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Thursday, 13 Jun 2520
Spaceport, Whittier
Kalidasa (Xuan Wu) system
13:05 hrs, local time

Our client, Bess Franklin, is sorry but she cannot pay us for our cargo. She had planned to pay for it using a charitable contribution that had been promised but had failed to come in. The cargo itself is office supplies—furniture and computers and supplies like paper and pens and so forth. Perhaps she could pay us with some of the cargo in trade? As a charity, she hasn’t the cash on hand to pay us outright.

Christian arranges for one container’s worth of supplies and fresh food in lieu of payment. Business concluded, he looks for cargo to take us the rest of the way to Salisbury and finds us 4 2nd class passengers bound for it. They all pay up front and we use that cash to buy the fuel we need to get there. Two of the passengers are engineers, working their way to Beaumonde, just your ordinary wildcatters. The other two passengers are recruiters for corporate temp companies. The Tohoku class cruisers going offline has resulted in transfer of personnel off the ships, leading to an increased need for decommissioning staff.

It takes us two days to get to Salisbury from Whittier.

Saturday, 15 Jun 2520
Stonehenge Space Port, Salisbury
Kalidasa (Xuan Wu) system
09:00 hrs, local time

We decide to keep the Whittier cargo to sell on Beaumonde. Next we call the Abbey and are given permission to visit. The Abbey sends us a specific flight plan and we fly our shuttle up. The team of course arms for combat, not the norm for most retreats to a monastery, but this is no ordinary monastery.they decide to all go, since leaving someone on the ship might be too risky.

The Abbey warns us they’re tight on space but Nika finds a way to land us on the grounds. We’re met by the Abbot himself and taking a look around we see the Abbey’s walls are full to bursting with people, over a hundred. And not all of them are Brothers, lay or otherwise. In fact, they have a distinct air of the military about them.

Rina recalls that message she’d found on the Cortex and figures that these are all those Brothers who could make it home. Brothers, indeed, come to harvest the wheat. Shortly after they land the encounter the Abbot he greets Rina warmly, and gives a brief overview of the rules.

Abbot: Many of the brothers here are trying to avoid.. distraction. So I ask that you do not just wander freely on the grounds. Please stay with someone tending you, me or someone I appoint. I would appreciate it.

As they walk from the landing pad to the Abbot's office, Arden notices that many of the monks bear the signs of battle, scars and other indicators (they are not the serene meditative people one might imagine, more like the veterans in the hospital on Hera). Not being overly familiar with monasteries but knowing Rina lived here, he is not completely surprised by this. Christian notes that the Abbot is highly observant, but seems to regard Rina with a little sadness.

Abbot: Rina, have you told your friends of your previous visit here?
Rina: (Quietly) Not exactly.
Abbot: (Feigning a bit of embarrassment) Then my apologies for spoiling your surprise.
Rina: Not a pleasant one.
Christian: We all have closets in our skeletons.

The crew heads inside to the Abbot's austere office. Old wood furniture, a couple overstuffed chairs. Some icons and other religious paraphernalia on the wall. He apologizes for not having adequate seating for everyone. The crew arranges itself in the office as best it can. Christian sets Lem up on his encyclopedia to amuse himself while the grownups talk.

Abbot: Rina, you've brought people to the monastery, that is not something we normally encourage people to do... But then, that is how you got here. (Smiling)
Rina: Not exactly the same way. My apologies. I'll be direct, I am looking for Mike. Is he here?
Abbot: He is not. But we believe he is on the planet. We've had some contact with him. He has provided some services for us, as we have for him. I can tell you where he last was, but he doesn't have a cortex box, so we are not in direct communications with him.
Arden: Maybe if we just drive around a bit, we'll hit him." (Smack Rina hits him.) That's how it happened last time!
Rina: So he's off the grid?
Abbot: He has twice.... requisitioned a dozen or so men to help pull stumps off the land at his homestead.
Arden: Stumps?
Abbot: You know. Tree stumps.
Arden: I know. I am trying to imagine Mike as a farmer. I mean, is it working?
Abbot: I haven't visited his home.
Rina: Has he started raising goats yet?
Abbot: He has had quite a lot of unfortunate business. I don't know the last time you spoke with him. But things have changed for him.
Rina: I haven't spoken to him since December 2nd 2518, father. Anything you have on him will be more recent.
Nika: When we left him here.
Arden: He's not married is he?

Rina glares daggers at Arden.

Abbot: I don't believe so. He appears to be something of a hermit. Out there keeping to his own. We have on occasion tried ot visit him, and he has.. welcomed.. the people with warning shots. So we've taken this to mean he doesn't particularly want visitors. But, I should say, he still feels quite comfortable requisitioning my men when he feels the need. I can tell you, if you plan on going there you might want to bring a white flag with you.
Rina: Please. (Pleading with her eyes)
Abbot: It has been a couple months since we've seen him.

He circles a location on an area map for them.

Rina: Can I ask what condition were the men in when he returned them?
Abbot: Well, they were tired, but otherwise unharmed.

(Snickers from around the crew)

Nika: If Michael Carter shoots at my ass...I am going to kick his ass.

The Abbot seems to come to a realization and abruptly changes the subject.

Abbot: Rina, do you have a ship to go with this shuttle?
Rina: Yes.
Abbot: Would you be interested in a cargo?
Rina: Christian, do we have room?
Christian: Where to, what, how much?
Abbot: It would be going to the Trafalgar...
Christian: No, we are not interested.

Rick laughs knowingly.

Rina: He's just done us a favor, I think we owe him."
Nika: What is the cargo, father?"
Christian: Last time we did someone this kind of favor, a factory blew up!
Abbot: I can assure we have no intention of blowing up Trafalgar... well, not all of it anyway.


Rina: What do you have up your sleeve? If you are sending us off to die, I'd like to at least know why.
Abbot: You, Rina, have a remarkable way of not dying so I have little fear for you."
Rina: And it's caused me no end of trouble, let me tell you.
Abbot: (Changing the subject) And you've become a parent... he doesn't look much like either of you.
Rina: We adopted him.
Arden: It's a robot.
Christian: It's not a ro... oh... I must be tired.


Christian: I honestly don't want to know. I don't really want to be a part of this.
Rick: (aside to Arden) And what was the favor he did us?
Arden: Gave us Mike's location. (Turning to the Abbot) And what was the cargo, you never told us.
Abbot: Ah.. indeed... let us say, Engineering materials.
Rina: Is there anything else we can do, it doesn't look like the crew will agree to that.
Abbot: There is nothing I need of you. We are doing fairly well here. Unless you are planning on going to Blue Sun.
Christian: I'll tell you what. After Rina and Mike discuss things, then we'll decide what we are going to do. I think whatever we do next may be dependent on that.

Everyone seems to agree to this.

Arden: So what do you do in a Monastery?
Abbot: Meditate, pray, exercise, fast.
Arden: Doesn't sounds very exciting. What is the point?
Abbot: The exciting life is not necessarily a good one.
Christian: I'm sorry, the hypocrisy of what you just said is amazing. I assume that those are not Monks out there, I assume that this cargo is not entirely unsubversive, the reason Mike came here to be with the independence movement.
Abbot: The war of unification has been over for eight years.
Rina: Wars don't end just because the shooting stops.
Abbot: We've altered our strategy.We have other interests now.
Rina: Would that have anything to do with the message I spotted on the Cortex awhile back?
Abbot: Actually, it has to do with a message that I spotted some time ago on the Cortex from Miranda. Didn't you send that message? (Referring to the Christmas Wave. Then looking at Christian.) But as per your request, you don't want to be told much more.
Rina: I could stand to hear a little more.

Christian dismisses the idea, and there is a tense moment. Arden breaks the tension by suggesting some kind of exchange between the monastery and the ship: food for office supplies, and the question goes unanswered.

The crew returns to the shuttle and says their goodbyes. The head to the coordinates for Mike's cabin and agree to let Rina head out alone, but with the crew as back up. They decide that they don't need the whole crew hanging out at the shuttle.

Christian and Rick and Jake go back to the Gift and Nika flies Rina and Arden to the homestead. The territory where Mike’s built his cabin is mountainous and hilly, rocky and covered in tall pine. There’s no place to land at the homestead itself, but there is a small clearing about 2 kliks away. Nika puts the shuttle down in the clearing and the party starts off for Mike’s cabin on foot.

They don’t get far before a bullet ricochets off a nearby rock. Everyone freezes and Rina motions the others to stay where they are. She goes forward alone and makes it five feet before another bullet augers into the ground next to her foot and a voice calls out from far off in the pines,

Mike: That’s far enough.

The party waits and in seconds someone walks out from the cover of the forest. It’s Mike, longer of hair and beard than Rina’s ever seen him. Dirtier and unkept, too. And he’s got a long rifle with a sniper’s scope in hand. Rina pulls off her cap and glares at him with arms outspread:

Rina: Hel-lo! ’The hell’re you doin’?
Mike: Sorry, it's been a while.

Clearly Mike wasn’t expecting visitors and he certainly wasn’t expecting her.

Mike recovers well and we follow him back to his cabin. Rina sees he’s actually built himself a cabin of rough hewn logs and when we step inside, we see it’s one floor with a loft. It’s also in the process of being finished—sawdust litters the floor and a saw is propped up in the corner.

Mike: Sorry I don't have anything to offer but water. I don't get many visitors.

Rina just shrugs.

Mike: Why do I get the idea that you are not here to take me up on my offer?
Nika: That's our cue. We'll see you back at the shuttle, Rina. Good to see you are well, Mike.
Mike: Same to you. I've had my worries.

After Nika and Arden head back to the shuttle. Rina turns to Mike.

Rina: So what are you doing here?
Mike: Building.
Rina: Building what?

Mike looks around at the half constructed house.

Mike: This, um, palatial estate.
Rina: Oh, come on.

Unless Mike is toppling the government, Rina is dubious.

Mike: Some things happened after you left.
Rina: Like?
Mike: I had a visit from one of Nguyen's men.
Rina: So he did find you. When?
Mike: It was actually a couple months after I got here... well, he didn't report back." (he gives a telling look).
Rina: Didja hide the body? (Always the practical one)
Mike: ...
Rina: The reason I ask is that for eighteen months I haven't gotten anything from you, not even a hey, I am alive. You mind explaining that to me?
Mike: I haven't been on the Cortex, I've been out here. Which is what I told you I was going to do. didn't I say...
Rina: I'm not disputing what you said. (But I wanted things to be the same!)
Mike: When this man came I was able to figure out some things. Some things that have cemented my position here. You probably didn't read it in the cortex feeds... but thirty five agents were killed, thirty-five of Nguyen's men were killed.
Rina: No. When did this happen?
Mike: Shortly before this man showed up. Shortly after I got here. Maybe January?

Rina struggles to think about what she was doing then, why hadn't she heard. She isn't in the resistance any more, but she feels she ought to know.

Mike: I killed those men. 35 resistance agents I killed . And you want me back on the Cortex, back in the business?" (He looks at her with scorn.) Some of the agents hadn't even done anything. They'd served as moles for five or ten years, gathering data, waiting for the moment. Waiting to do something. And my information killed them.
Rina: You can't think you are responsible for that.
Mike: I am a liability. A lethal one. Except here, I am not anything.
Rina: You're a big fat target is what you are.
Mike: For whom?
Rina: So you are saying those 35 men were caught. That's all in your head that is valuable?
Mike: Of course not.
Rina: The Alliance has bigger fish to fry, but when they get things back in order, they will start looking for you.
Mike: I am not afraid of the Alliance. I am not afraid of Nguyen. The fact is, from what they, the brothers, tell me, it sounds like they don't have a lot of influence in part of the system anyway. Especially since I collapsed the network. Course, I don't get much noise any more. But, if you want to be out there, I can understand that. But I can't be out there.
Rina: Have you told your folks?
Mike: I went and visited them once. Told 'em some truth left out some. I got my own piece of land. I didn't go into details as to why.
Rina: I can see why not. I don't think they'd approve of what you're doing.
Mike: Raising horses? They were always more partial to cattle.
Rina: You're running away. It doesn't seem like you.
Mike: I'm not running away to protect myself. As you said. I am here, they can come get me if they want. I am running away to protect the people that I... care about.
Rina: Then asking me to stay with you isn't really protecting me now is it?

(Or was it? Here she is alive and well?)

Mike: Well, I am not entirely selfless.
Rina: Now that sounds like the man I used to know!
Mike: Were you able to get out of the Abbot what he is up to?
Rina: He's definitely up to something.
Mike: His so-called minute men.
Rina: He said he had a cargo to Trafalgar, he said..
Mike: Wait...Trafalgar? The cruiser?
Rina: Yeah.
Mike: He's going to try to take on a whole cruiser? That seems a rather suicidal mission.
Rina: All I know was that he asked us to deliver cargo to it.
Mike: I can't believe he has the tools needed to take on all that a cruiser can muster. I mean there are tens of thousands of people on those ships.
Rina: Actually, ah no. Some recent event has taken Trafalgar off line"
Mike: What?

Rina gives Mike the latest intel on the Tohoku class sabotage.

Mike: That's really interesting. That is not what I thought the monks were up to.
Rina: Well, the way I see it, they have to take off all non-essential persons, since there is no point in feeding, clothing, taking care of all those people. They'd need a skeleton crew to take the ship back to Beaumonde to keep the ship from falling to pieces until it can be repaired. So they will be bringing in supplies and different personnel. So I figure, not only did he want us to deliver cargo, but maybe also people disguised as maintenance personnel or something. have you heard about the Blue Sun Quarantine?

Rina gives him the skinny on the other goings on in the Verse.

Mike: Maybe the whole hermit thing doesn't mean much to you. This is all very interesting, but I see what you are trying to do. You are trying to bring me back in. I don't want to be in. I don't want any of that. I don't really want to know all this stuff. I don't really care about Parliament, or what the Abbot wants to do, or anyone else for that matter. God Bless em, good luck, but it is not my concern any more. And that os probably for the best. My involvement would not be to their advantage.
Rina: So there is nothing I could say to make you come back? (Where? To her, to the resistance?)
Mike: Come back to....the business?
Rina: Not necessarily the business, but.. just getting away from here.
Mike: It's nice here. It's my home planet. We've got real sun here. That fake stuff you get on a spaceship, it is not real sunlight.
Rina: No it is not.
Mike: What could I do to this place to make it... more appealing to you? I've got a generator, it's out of fuel. But I could haggle for some more hydrogen, get it up and running again.
Rina: And once that is up and running, and I've fixed everything I could possibly fix. There's nothing for me here... except you.
Mike: Well, there is nothing out there for me, except you. And the difference is, I go out there, who knows what I'll lose. What damage I will do.
Rina: Alright, I got what I came for. I know you're alive. You seem well, if shaggy.
Mike: If I knew you were coming.. I have a razor somewhere. you know, you could stay for a bit if you want. (Pointing to his cabin) I know it is not the most comfortable thing in the world, but..
Rina: Um... sure.


Back on the Shuttle.

Nika and Arden are passing the time, and Nika's eyes stray over the sensor array. To her surprise she catches what appears to be an energy reading. Something small, maybe a mule or ATV. It was momentary, but there. As best she can tell it was about a kilometer away.

Nika: I wonder if Carter is expecting company?"
Arden: Why? (bored)
Nika: I saw a truck or something on the sensors, probably a truck or something, but way out here?
Arden: You could crawl on top of the shuttle with your sniper scope and take a look.

She heads up to take a look, but with all the trees she can't see much. She pokes her head back down.

Nika: I'm not getting anything.
Arden: What kind of energy read was it?
Nika: Something small, could be a motorcycle, or something, not a big hover mule or shuttle.
Arden: We could take a walk, check it out.
Nika: Let's take a walk. Come on. (She informed the Gift of her plans to leave the shuttle).
Arden: (Sensing something is not quite right) Something is up.
Nika: Seriously?
Arden: Yes, I can't put my finger on it, but something is wrong.
Nika: (Calling the Gift) Christian, fire up your shuttle and come meet us, Arden senses something is up.

Christian confirms and Arden and Nika begin to move cautiously in the direction of the sensor ping.


Back at Mike's cabin, just as Rina and Mike disentangle themselves from their clothes and fall into bed, Rina spots something out of the corner of her eye. She spots a datebook tucked under a footlocker. It just seems out of place in this rustic cabin. She realizes that there is something Mike is not telling her.


Meanwhile, by now Nika and Arden have made their way down the hill. They are trying to be stealthy but being cautious with their weapons drawn. They get to the location and try to find the source of the sensor ping. They approach a bit of brush and kick through it to see if they can find anything. Digging around they find what appears to be a hover-bike hidden under the brush. Arden pulls the key out. When suddenly a light turns on, and there is an explosion that bursts from the kb. They are thrown from the area. Arden took the lion's share of the damage.

Inside the cabin...

Mike: Stop for a minute. Did you hear that? An explosion.
Rina: Not yet it wasn't." :(

And outside...

Christian: (Seeing the explosion in his sensors) Nika, are you okay?
Rick: Can we assume that is where you are?
Nika: Yes, get to the cabin and warn Rina, we are not in comma range.
Christian: Rina? Rina? .. (she is not answering).

Mike's instinct kicks in and he is out the door with a gun.

Mike: Ugh. I turned off the alarms when you guys showed up. Damn!
Christian: Rina! Arden and Nika found a bike in the woods, and it exploded.

Mike urges Rina to get in her armor and grab a gun. She seems to think it is over. Bike blown up, mystery solved. Mike is more worried about who brought that bike up here.

Mike: There is someone out there. We don't know who, be ready for anything.

The Crew tries to coordinate themselves. They are in three groups still separated by some distance. They patch their comma links through the shuttle which is flying not inconspicuous, but allows them to communicate with each other.

Rina: What do you have, grenades, something more effective than a rifle at long distance?
Mike: Grenades are not more effective than a rifle at long distance.
Rina: Is there anywhere nearby that Christian can land the shuttle. If nothing else we can evac you out of here.
Mike: I don't need to be evac'd but… how good is your pilot? Is it Nika? Someone could put it out front, but they'd need to be a pretty good pilot.

Christian vetoes that plan.

Mike: Well, you could put it on the far end of the horse pasture.

Christian flies off in that direction. Nika and Arden head off to meet them there. Back at the cabin Mike orders Rina to stay low and back, taking command instinctively. Rina drops into formation. Rick jumps out and begins to track to scout for anyone in the area. His marines trained senses coming to bear.

As Arden and Nike spot the shuttle go down in the pasture, they speed up. Doing so they barely notice the figure step out from behind a tree they pass and hurl a knife at them. Only Nika's lightning fast reflexes allow her to grab Arden and pull into cover. An ornate knife quivers in the wood inches from her face.

Nika: Got him!

A game of cat and mouse, ensues, as they all try to use the trees for cover. As Nika tries to get a good look, she get's a knife in the head, getting a nasty slice across her cheek. Nika and Arden take a couple shots at the knife thrower. They both miss, sends a knife into Nika's shoulder. She is able to grab a second wind and stays up. Rick hears the sounds of fighting and moves stealthily up to the scene. The knifeman moves up to the tree Nika is hiding behind. Rick races forward and launches an attack at the knifeman's leg and neatly severs a nerve sending him toppling to the ground. But he is still conscious, confused but awake.

Rick: That's not a robot!

Nika and Arden move forward and menace the man with their weapons.

Knifeman: No mas. I surrender.
Rick: Drop the knives.

He drops the knife.

Arden: Are there any more of you?
Knifeman: There is only one me.
Arden: Are there any other people with you?
Knifeman: Si.

They restrain the man and disarm him. His knives are very ornate each with an unusual blue stone in the pommel.

Rick: What is the deal with the stones?
Knifeman: It is my calling card.
Arden: Calling card?
Knifeman: Have you not heard of Raul Indigo?


Arden: No, I haven't.

The rest of the crew meets up at the fight scene.

Mike: Indigo.
Rina: I wonder if this guy has a bounty we can turn him in for?
Indigo: I do, but do you really wish to do that?
Nika: It depends on what the hell you were after.
Arden: And how much you are worth.
Indigo: My prey has escaped...
Arden: So who were you after?
Indigo: I was after Mr. Carter...
Arden: Why?"
Indigo: I don't ask why.
Arden: Who sent you?
Indigo: I was hired anonymously.
Arden: By a chef?

Rina puts her gun to his temple.

Rina: Who hired you?
Indigo: Someone named 'Gemini' obviously an alias.
Nika: What?
Arden: Gemini, Indigo?

Rick moves forward and removes his blade form Indigo's leg, twisting it as he does. Then he wipes the blood of the man's own shirt.

Indigo: I recognize you… where do I know you from?
Rick: That's not a robot!
Indigo: Right, the television show. I thought they made that all up, you know, using robots.
Rick: Well they weren't. And clearly you are not either.
Indigo: I am a little confused where you came from though. There was Carter in the cabin. Three people in the shuttle…. You came in the other shuttle."

Arden patches Indigo up. Rina spits at him.

Rina: Next time put the tourniquet around his neck.
Arden: Uh no. Do no harm.
Christian: He is just doing his job, Rina.
Indigo: I was hired by a man named Gemini. Almost certainly an alias. It was through channels.
Arden: Where were you hired?
Indigo: Oh, I was hired on Beaumonde.
Arden: That answers that question.
Mike: Oh? There are a lot of people on Beaumonde.
Arden: Yeah we know.
Rina: How much?
Indigo: 10.

The crew wonder what to do with their new prisoner. Should they turn him in (a sizable bounty would be nice) or try to get more information from him.

Rina: So what are we going to do with the guy?
Christian: "I'd settle for his word that he wasn't going to go after Mike.
Rick: Hey Indigo, can I have one of your knives?
Indigo: If you would use one of my knives to kill someone it would be… false advertising. If you could remove the stone...
Rick: I can do that.
Indigo: You can have them all, just I'd prefer you don't use my calling card. I can't stop you. But if you were to use it, and leave one at the scene. You might have more federal marshals that you are used to.
Rick: I'll take one without the stone, and you keep the rest.
Indigo: You are honorable people. I like to kill honorable people, or rather not be killed by honorable people.
Rina: I say we grease the bastard right here.
Christian: A man with his skills and contacts might be useful someday.
Nika: (to Mike) It's your problem, your call.
Arden: You got bears on this planet Mike? We could smear honey on his body and leave him.
Indigo: You know, they won't go much higher than me. Once I try and fail, there are many other assassins that will take the contract.
Rina: All the more reason to ice him.
Indigo: If they know about it.
Christian: Good point.
Rina: I say we kill him, leave his body in the middle of town.
Nika: (to Mike) So you know who he is. Is he as good as his word?
Mike: Um… I don't know him. But I know of him.
Nika: So do you trust him?
Mike: From what I know yeah, he is reliable. He is a hired killer, so he is not nice.
Nika: This is all yours, it is up to you. Do you trust him at his word to leave you alone?
Mike: Why not? I don't like killing people in cold blood, without anything to be gained.
Arden: You are going to need some stitches.
Rina: Why are we doing him any favors?
Rick: We're going to have to take him somewhere.
Arden: It is only a day's walk to the monastery.
Rick: Do you think the monastery will take him?
Christian: Don't you think we should take him away from his target?
Rina: We could drop him off at the north pole.
Arden: Aren't you coming with us Mike?
Mike: I don't think so.
Rina: Oh thanks Arden!
Arden: I thought Mike was coming with us.
Christian: Come on guys, ask him if he can pay passage.
Arden: Can you pay for passage?
Indigo: You mean, like back to the spaceport?
Arden: Anywhere.
Indigo: How much?
Christian: Everything he's got.
Indigo: Five Credits to the space port.
Christian: Five credits is all he got?
Indigo: Five now, five when we get to the spaceport.
Rick: And he is giving me a knife.

They search him, and take him, restrain him, and discuss his fate.

Rina: Why are we trusting this guy, he is a bounty hunter!
Rick: If he has as good a reputation as Mike says, then he has to be the sort of person who keeps his word.
Mike: (aside) This guy is not known as a guy who gives up so easy. I don't know what this means. We should be ready.
Rick: Word will get out that there is someone better than Indigo.
Nika: Or word will get out that Mike has friends, and so they will come back with more. It's Mike's call.
'Christian: Just like back on Miranda.

Christian, and Rick take Indigo to the space port. Arden takes care of the wounded. As they leave Indigo is scoping out the area.

Christian: You know if you are really thinking about it, we will just kill you here.
Indigo: I just dropped something. That's all.

Some tense moments go by as they reassess the situation. What do you do about a real threat that isn't threatening you right now. They could kill him, but what would that make them? They could hand him over to the authorities, but who knows what that would do, and it wouldn't change the fact that the assassins know where Mike is. They put the decision on Mike again. And again, he opts to let the man live. He is wounded and won't be a personal threat for a bit. So he has some time. And he won't just come back, he will need to try something different. By then Mike will either be ready, or be gone.

They head back to the port. Indigo senses something is up.

Indigo: You aren't planning on turning me in to the marshals, are you?

Christian ignores him.

Rick: My question for you is, are you planning on coming back here?
Indigo: Well, not any time soon, not with this gamy leg.
Christian: At least he is honest.
Indigo: Besides, I don't think Mr. Carter is sticking around much longer anyway.
Rick: Where is Mr. Carter going?
Indigo: Do you want to talk about this?
Rick: Sure, why don't you tell, because I've only met the man once.
Indigo: What's it worth to you?
Rick: As of right now. I will let you off the shuttle with your knife and your life. As it is I could have killed you, and I didn't.
Indigo: Takes more than a lucky hit to kill me. Besides, I didn't kill the blond when I could have. Drop me off at the edge of town, and I will share what I know. I was there watching him for a while, he's not just raising horses.
Christian: Deal.
Indigo: I haven't been able to check it out, but if you ever get a good look at that house, he's got a basement or something there. I've seen box after box delivered to his house, and nothing leave.
Rick: Do you know what it is?
Indigo: No, but it was delivered by those fake monks.
Christian: Very good. I hope never to meet you again.
Rick: Do we have to worry about you coming after us?
Indigo: I am a professional, I don't kill for vengeance, I kill for money. So unless someone puts a hit on you, you are safe. And if someone does put a hit on you, let's hope you don't see me.


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