Episode 613: Hunters, Ravens, Blue Hands, Prey

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Just a quick synopsis that I ran off to Andy in an email. Will have to serve til I get to doing it up in more detail--Maer

Air Date: 11 Oct 2011
Present: Bobby, Kim, Maer, and Terri

We leave Ghost late on the 13th, fly 5-6 hours to Beaumonde. The adventure begins a day after our arrival on the 14th (tipped over into the next calendar day on landing). So it is now the 15th of Feb.

So here's a thumbnail of what happened at the game.

  1. Fly to Nouveau Lyon and land at spaceport.
  2. You and Beglan take off with the Hero Rat to establish a presence on the street that Raven will notice. We need to have him know we're here.
  3. Kiera, Nika, and Rina go girly shopping to establish their presence.
  4. Arden stays with the ship and does some research on Raven. Raven has a reputation for making people disappear and for dealing in things like blastomeres and implants. If you need to look different, you go to him.
  5. At some point, you and Beglan don't answer your comms. The rest of the crew fan out to look for you and Beglan.
  6. They get spotted by various parties:
    1. Bhurka-draped figures who move with an inhuman sinuous grace and who carry weapons underneath. (Rina suspects they are the same creatures in BS employ when Zelle and Bruno kidnapped Arden and Rick on Osiris.
    2. Blue Hands are seen looking for a man. The picture they show everyone is of you--pre-Summer's Gift--in Naval uniform.
    3. Civilians posing as mechanics and tradesmen are hanging around our ship
    4. Homeless man, Guillaume, who tells us that there are black birds who swoop down and make people go away.
    5. Various people dressed in a variety of ways who seem to take turns watching our ship.
  7. Kiera gets grabbed off the streets by the Bhurka Brigade
  8. Nika gets 'detained' by Blue Hands in the middle of the farmer's market. The death of innocent farmers from the sonic weapon is the leverage they needed to get Nika to surrender.
  9. Arden and Rina come back from their searching to find a fuel tanker truck hanging out on our pad. Rina stays in the alley with her gun ready. Arden goes forward and picks a fight with the five guys next to it, just so he can be captured and taken to wherever Nika is being held, on the assumption this party had her. Rina sees he's about to get thrown in the truck and shoots an oxy/acetylene tank, it goes boom! and she fires off a few rounds of covering fire for Arden. Only, he doesn't use the distraction to escape. He stays put. Rina runs. And runs. And nearly gets flattened by a non-descript van. Its sliding door opens into a black interior and a voice rolls out, 'Come with me if you want to live."
  10. Rina jumps into the van and after a long and confusing drive in the car, she steps out into a vast dark chamber that smells like the Core. In the distace a lone figure stands and it is this person whose voice she'd heard.
  11. They ride an elevator to the top--a penthouse--and the game ends with Rina telling Raven she has his databook and he can have it if he'll help her get her friends. He counter offers to get the book first, then help.
  12. At BS HQ everyone is thrown into a police station-style interrogation room and Beglan is shoved inside, too. Arden again picks a fight with the guard, gets tasered unconscious and wakes up strapped to an articulated exam table ... right next to you strapped to the same kind of table.

We ended the game there. ^_^

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