Episode 703: Dar Al Tabr, Special Features

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Sheikh Al Tabr

A Sheikh on Delphi, Al Tabr is someone courted by the Alliance and the Independents for the strategic value of his Thorium mine. Both sides of the conflict want exclusive access to the Thorium. The Sheikh is maintaining his neutrality to avoid becoming a target. He has rigged his mine with explosives to blow it up should either side attempt a hostile takeover. He has built a beautiful sprawling palace complex quite near the mine, if not on top of parts of it, possibly as further deterrent against takeover. He has a reputation for being a randy acquisitive individual when it comes to women and his collection of over 160 wives at the compound seems to support it quite well.

El Sahir

The Sheikh's advisor and right hand man, El Sahir was our principal contact and go-between during our visit. He came into Sheikh Al Tabr's employ through an offer he 'found hard to refuse' and one assumes it was during his career as a Companion (now retired). It was El Sahir who approached us with the idea of staging a coup to depose the Sheikh, siting the ethical inconsistency of fighting for independence while turning a blind eye to 160 women held in slavery. While he did not explicitly state it, he hinted strongly that the women were being abused.


Jǐnggào! Dǎodàn suǒdìng jiǎncè. = Jing-gow! Dow-dan Swah-ding jee-ehn-zhuh = Warning! Missile lock detected. Sound clip


Yebani v’rot = Ебаны в рот = Yee-bah-nee v’roht = Holy shit!/Fucked in the mouth Sound clip

Bozhe moi = Боже мой = Boh-zheh moy = My God! (exclamation) Sound clip


Salaam = سلام = Sah-lahm = Peace Sound clip

Malak = الملاك = Mah-lahk = (the) angel Sound clip

Fatima = فاطمة = fah-tee-mah = woman's name, tr. one who weans infant, one who abstains Definition Sound clip


zenana = زنانه = zeh-nah-nah = women's quarters of a household; harem Definition Sound clip


Rina's Note[edit]

Dashed off in one of Rina's numerous notebooks and carefully detached for delivery.

Irina's Note to Sheikh Al Tabr


  1. Why would El Sahir accept the offer 'he couldn't refuse' if he found Al Tabr too distasteful?
  2. El Sahir intimated that he's trying to protect the people and the women at the compound. We find a woman in the harem who was working with him. Is this woman, Salah, in cahoots with El Sahir because ..?
    1. He took pity on her?
    2. He is her champion inside the household?
    3. Are they lovers?
    4. Or did she support his idea of the coup and wanted to ally herself with the winner?
    5. Or did she present the idea to El Sahir herself? Was she playing him?
  3. Independent boots are on the ground in Boros.
    1. What sort of fighting is going on there? Are there any strategic points for the Alliance?
    2. What happens to the Ares shipyards? Will the Independents fight to take Ares for the resources? Or destroy it to deny their enemy the same?
  4. Nala Earhart Johannsen runs a station on the Underground Railroad, if not actually is a founder of it.
    1. What sort of traffic will the fighting kick off on the Railroad?
    2. What sort of punishment do the Conductors face if they're discovered?
    3. What happens to the Passengers?
    4. How are the Passengers getting off the planet? By ship? If so, whose?
    5. Once off Boros, do the Passengers continue along to more Stations? Or are they off the Railroad and travel by regular means?
  5. How widespread and organized is the Railroad anyway? Is it just in Georgia or does it exist in the other systems as well?
  6. If the Independents win Boros, will it be their jumping off point to reclaiming the entire system?
    1. If so, where will they strike next?
    2. Will this victory encourage the other occupied worlds to rise up against the Feds?

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