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<Blockquote><span style=color:blue>This is a cantankerous guy who is unequaled in simple tinkery. That is a polite way of putting the truth. Braldig is a hairy pain in the ass. I think he is the person that casts shadows of nasty old cusses. He makes his own gin, drinks it straight, eats his beef raw, and you can piss off if you don't like it. You got to love a guy so sure of himself that he doesn't give a tinker's damn about what anyone thinks of him. He is that tinkerer and he keeps his damns close to the vest. That's the kind of a guy he is.</span>
<span style=color:red><div class="center" style="width: auto; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"><big>'''''Prince Bleys of Amber'''''  ''Diners of Amber''</big></div></span>
<big>'''Erasamus Braldig'''</big>
[[File:Erasamus.jpg]]  [[File:Khonus Braldig.jpg]]
'''Children:''' Khonas
'''''Total: =  Stats+ Powers{c}+ Skills+{c}+ Items +0/0 allies/Enemies +5 Stuff+300 Storage'''''
* in Stats
* x (x) in Powers
*100 in Skills
* (x) in creatures/Items
*0 in Allies (0/0)
*305 Stuff
*Warfare:Chaos Rank
=='''Powers {}'''==
* Advanced Broken Pattern
* Trasidy
* Mandalay
*30 Advanced Sorcery
*50 High Compelling
*80 Advanced Trump Artist.
*10 Limited Shapechange.
=='''Skills {100}'''==
*6 Understand Technical Systems-Visionary Tinkery
*5 Salvage and Repair
=='''Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}'''==
=='''Items {}'''==
* Signature piece
*5 gs
*300 stored pips

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