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- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve

A merchant and initiate of Niff, Errata is a well born merchant of Easterner stock. Exiled as the result of a local feud, she is far from from home, dispossessed and determined to make a fortune - and a commercial empire - of her own. Husbaleve offers a golden opportunity to buy real estate cheap, before it appreciates. She is also a sometime lover of Barstuhl the Tall. She likes him well enough, but doubts they are a good match. She will certainly not marry him without an appropriate bride price. For a woman of her rank this is thousands of gold pieces.

Cleric 1 (0 XP)

STR 11
WIS 13 +1
CON 13 +1
CHA 10

HP 5 / 5 Current / Maximum
AC 0
MV 6" (9" w/o rucksack)

Skills: Merchant +0
TBA +0 How many does a cleric get?

Tactical Notes



ENC Item Note
12 TOTAL Heavy burden
1 Hand axe RH
1 Shield LH
3 Plate Armour Body
1 Sword Scabbard, RHS
1 2 Daggers Scabbards: belt rear & inside shield
1 Holy Symbol Silver casting of Niff as a six-legged she-wolf - neck chain
0 Flint & tinder Belt pouch, LHS front
0 1 Torch O Belt, LHS rear
4 Rucksack Back - see below for contents

Rucksack contents (for review)

ENC Item Note
4 SUB-TOTAL Included in above
1 Standard gear (WHAT IS?)
1 Lantern
2 Flasks Oil OO Wrapped in sacking
0 Standard Rations #1
0 Wine skin, full
0 Pipe, local 'tobacco'
0 Water skin, empty
0 Sack Large x 2 Used for wrapping above

Savings: All left in strong box in town

GP Item Note
0 gp
0 sp
0 cp


- Barstuhl the Tall