Escape to Smalltown

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rstites's Enlo game set in the Rubble.

Current In Character Thread

Current Out of Character Thread

Recruitment Thread

Player Characters

- Verzeg Black Beetle

- Bekim of Adari

- Skitter

- Niffle

- Grodo

Important NPCs

- Bish Bosh waiting for vasha.....sigh.......

- Vasha Waiting in Darkness

- Bogdana the snow witch.

Munchrooms Inhabitants

Temporary Companions

  • The Adari traveling troop of exotic beetle, table dancers..... or so BB wishes. Next year perhaps?

Party Logistics

  • Order of being eaten
    • 1st: Everyone else
    • Last: Bish Bosh


Important Non-Player Characters

Important Deities

  • Argan Argar
    • Surface Darkness
    • Argissaries the Trader
    • Ezkankekko the Only Old One
    • Ganamar Thrallmaster
    • Gultraz the Speaker
    • Kelisara the Shadow
    • Kentavor Spearthane
    • Torkan the King
    • Xenemborth the Thief
  • Bish Bosh: Lounge Lizard extraordinaire......
  • Boztakang chaos fighter
  • Dehore (horned man)
  • Crolar , ancestor of scorpions
  • Gadblad, smith
  • Gorakiki
  • Gore and Gash
  • Himile
    • Norag
  • Hombobobom
  • Karg, master of weapons
  • Kyger Litor
  • Lodril
  • Rokotor, trickster
  • Subere
  • Swems
  • Valind
  • Xentha
  • Xiola Umbar
  • Zong
  • Zorak Zoran

Gods of the Enlo

Other Gods


- Verzeg's Starting Loot



Dark Fort Plans

Rough Map of Smalltown

Tunnels in Smalltown

Munchrooms Map


- Skill Results Table

- Resistance Table

- Armor and Weapons

- Skill Category Bonus Calculations

- BRP Blank Character Sheet


- Combat Rules Synopsis

- Spirit Combat

- BRP Skills Advancement Checks

- BRP Skills Training and Research

- BRP Attribute Training

- BRP Power Gain Checks

Important Events

  • The birth of Bish Bosh

Notes of Interest