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Game Overview


An Eclipse Phase Second Edition game focused on the adventures of a poorly-supported team of gatecrashers searching for information about the exsurgent virus and the ETI.

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Character Muse Player Damage Taken Wounds Taken Stress Taken Traumas Taken Insight Moxie Vigor Flex
Lunette Tiddlywink Cannonball 2/2 0/0 1/1 3/3
Cavani Hobbs Thomas the Tiger QuZi 1/1 0/0 2/2 2/2
Kaisen Jacques Cousteau Nate_MI 2/2 1/1 0/0 1/1
Flipper Skipper of Otters TigerWolfe 1/1 1/1 1/1 2/2
Sofia Morgan Freeman Lysus 2/2 4/4 1/1 1/1
Iota Imago MrPrim 1/1 1/1 4/4 + 2/2 (Neurachem) 5/5
[ ] Corlan

Current Crash Information



  • Moravec
    • Type: Terrestrial
    • Gravity: 1.09 g
    • Atmospheric Pressure: 0.9 atm
    • Atmospheric Composition: Breathable only with proper equipment
    • Mean Temperature: 17 C
    • Gate Access: Pandora

Moravec’s original claim to fame is its triple punch of tolerable environment for colonization, abundant marine life for biological research, and interesting dead civilization ruins for xenoarcheologists. In conjunction with numerous partners, from hypercorp concerns to autonomist initiatives, Gatekeeper has overseen the growth of several small colonies here, including two undersea ones focused on marine studies. Likewise, several archeological digs are busy unearthing and studying what they can of Moravecian life and culture. Rather than expanding outwards into their own star system, as transhumanity did, the Moravecians turned inward, uploading themselves en masse and pursuing a future as a digital civilization. [OOC Note: taken from the Gatecrashing supplement. I'm starting with the information in that book as a base and expanding on it in the actual mission.]

Mission Objectives

Locate and access the central node of the Moravecian digital repository. Search for information regarding the Moravecian experience with the exsurgent virus, and if/how the digital repository is protected against it.

The Panel


The Panel is the consortium of scientists who are working with the PCs to investigate the insurgent virus through targeted gatecrashing missions. The Panel (at least at the outset) handles mission selection, funding, and deep research, with the PCs responsible for field operations.

The members of the Panel are:

  • Jackleg
    • Nothing in Jackleg's public biography indicates any formal education. Or much of anything, really, before the fall. She has certainly made a name after, however, being a leading Reclaimer voice in the scientific community.
    • Positive Rumor - Jackleg has some deep ties to the JASON projects, which is why she's cagey about her past. This is where she gets a great deal of her knowledge and resources.
    • Negative Rumor - Jackleg is a Jovian plant on the Panel. It would explain why she wears a flat morph.
  • Dr. Ghulam Nyazik
    • Dr. Nyazik was one of Earth's premiere virologists before the Fall. His reputation got him out of cold storage and into a well-regarded position working on Titan.
    • Positive Rumor - Dr. Nyazik isn't in support of the gatecrashing program because he needs to learn about a vaccine for the exsurgent virus. He's in support of the program because he needs to confirm what he already knows.
    • Negative Rumor - Dr. Nyazik did not, in fact, make it off earth. At least, not whole. He was evacuated well into the Fall from a heavily TITAN-infested area. Who knows what's actually living in his stack?
  • Xin Lui
    • Xin Lui is not a top-of-her-field researcher, but someone who got onto the planel because of her utterly flawless interpersonal skills. A political animal who could make a truly superb showing in any governmental contest throughout Sol - but has chosen to make her stay here. FIREWALL needs someone of her calibre to oversee the Gatecrash initiative. Because so much rides on it and so much could go wrong!
  • (Lysus's)
  • Aranae
    • Aranae is an uplifted octopi, though these days they spend most of their time as an infolife. Their specialty is xenoarcheology and xenobiology; they were on one of the very first gatecrashing teams and wrote many foundational texts on non-Sol biology. Their most famous creation is the Whiplash pod, though in the last few years they're moved to less on-hand exploration and into more of an advisory position.
    • Positive Rumor - Aranae was one of the first octopi uplifts, and was instantiated on Earth before the Fall. That's why they stay in an infolife, to stay maximally mobile.
    • Negative Rumor- Aranae's mind was implanted with control phrases used by the Corporate Council. This is how the hypercorps keep an eye on the project.
  • (MrPrim's)
  • (QuZi's)
  • (TigerWolfe's)
  • (Corlan's)

Past Crash Information

  • None Yet

Important NPCs


  • Initiative will be by team, not by individual