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*'''Motivations''': +Exploration +Uplift Rights +Thrillseeking
*'''Motivations''': +Exploration +Uplift Rights +Thrillseeking
*'''Languages''': Cantonese & French
*'''Languages''': Cantonese & French
*'''Ego Traits''': None
*'''Ego Traits''': Enhanced Behavior (Obedience) Level 2; Enhanced Behavior (Curiosity) Level 1; Restricted Behavior (Violence) Level 1
*'''Background''': Uplift
*'''Background''': Uplift
*'''Career''': Explorer
*'''Career''': Explorer
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*'''Sex''': Male
*'''Sex''': Male
*'''Age''': 7
*'''Age''': 7
*'''Muse''': Jacques Coustau
*'''Muse''': Jacques Cousteau
*'''Ego Flex''': 1
*'''Ego Flex''': 1

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Biographical Info

  • Name: Kaisen
  • Motivations: +Exploration +Uplift Rights +Thrillseeking
  • Languages: Cantonese & French
  • Ego Traits: Enhanced Behavior (Obedience) Level 2; Enhanced Behavior (Curiosity) Level 1; Restricted Behavior (Violence) Level 1
  • Background: Uplift
  • Career: Explorer
  • Interest: Rogue
  • Faction: Mercurials
  • Gender: Male
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 7
  • Muse: Jacques Cousteau
  • Ego Flex: 1


Apt 20 10 20 15 15 10
Check (x3) 60 30 60 45 45 30

Derived Stats

Stat Formula Value
Initiative REF+INT+5 6
Lucidity WIL x 2 20
Trauma Threshold LUC/5 4
Insanity Rating LUC x 2 40
Infection Rating (Async) Psi x 10 ~


Pool Total Spent
Insight 2 0
Moxie 1 0
Vigor 0 0
Flex 1 0


Network Value Min (3/week) Mod (1/week) Maj (1/arc)
@-rep 60
c-rep 0
f-rep 0
g-rep 0
i-rep 0
r-rep 0
x-rep 40


  • Type: Biomorph
  • Ware: Neo-Avian
  • Traits: Exotic Morphology (Level 3), Non-Human Biochemistry (Level 2)
  • Wound Threshold: 5
  • Durability: 25
  • Death Rating: 38

Active Skills

Skill Value Apt Total Specializations
Athletics 65 SOM 80 ~
Deceive 40 SAV 55 ~
Fray 40 REF x 2 80 ~
Free Fall 0 SOM 15 ~
Guns 0 REF 20 ~
Hardware [Type] 0 COG 20 ~
Infiltrate 40 REF 60 ~
Infosec 0 COG 20 ~
Interface 0 COG 20 ~
Kinesics 30 SAV 45 ~
Medicine [Paramedic] 20 COG 40 ~
Melee 0 SOM 40 Skillware
Perceive 55 INT x 2 75 See
Persuade 0 SAV 15 ~
Pilot [Nautical] 20 REF 40 ~
Program 0 COG 20 ~
Provoke 20 SAV 45 ~
Psi 0 WIL 10 ~
Research 0 INT 10 ~
Survival 70 INT 80 Hunting

Know Skills

Skill Value Apt Total Specializations
Astrobiology 30 COG 50 ~
Gatecrashing Ops 40 COG 60 ~
Mercurials 30 COG 50 ~
Surveying 60 COG 80 ~
Uplift Rights 60 COG 80 ~
Zoology 30 COG 50 ~


  • Name: Coustau
Apt 10 15 10 10 10 10
Check (x3) 30 45 30 30 30 30
Skill Value
Hardware: Electronics 30
Infosec 30
Interface 60
Know: Accounting 60
Know: Psychology 60
Medicine: Psychosurgery 30
Perceive 30
Program 30
Research 30
4 20 40

Async Info

  • Sub-strain:
  • Infection Rating:
Sleight Type Action Duration Infection Mod Effects


Combat Gear

  • Armor:
  • Ranged Weapons:
  • Melee Weapons:


  • Gear Pack 1: Gatecrashing
  • Gear Pack 2:
  • Other Gear:

Character Notes

Kaisen was never supposed to have a body. He, and several hundred other uplifts and AGIs, were intended to populate the next smash-hit multiplayer simsense game. 'Wild Kingdoms' would see players step through a magical portal to an alternate Earth where kingdoms ruled by uplifts were under attack by evil alien machines. Only the humans could wield the invaders' strange techno-magic and save the planet! It attracted the predictable protests, from Mercurials who claimed it was a gross exaggeration of their goals and a smear on their capabilities; from anarchists who decried the use of sapient beings for pleasure; from Argonauts who advised that transhuman-equivalent minds would break down psychologically from living in a fake, constructed reality.

The hypercorp didn't care and the news didn't report on protests from beyond the asteroid belt. When the game launched, millions of players logged in and stepped through their portals and watched as Mercurial and anarchist hackitvist/terrorist teams tore the game apart from the inside. Castles were redecorated with offal and human waste; the fluffy clouds were reshaped into stick figures performing pornographic acts; and the NPCs shook their genitals and screamed anti-corporate epithets. And those were just the teams tasked to disruption! Others infiltrated the game codes and the physical server-satellites, liberating as many of the uplift and AGI minds as they possibly could.

Kaisen got his first taste of corporeal reality in a habitat orbiting Jupiter. After he stopping heaving his guts out, he loved it. He was a Mercurial die-hard from day one, but the psychosurgery embedded in his brain kept him from being a field operative. Instead he put his love of flying and exploration to work as a gatecrasher, and in the meantime funnels as much of his rep as he can to Mercurial and anarchist causes. When he's not flying above alien planets, he's stumping for Mercurial causes on social media or experiencing the latest march on Titan via simsense.

Last Backup

A few days before the lastest gate-trip. Kaisen is careful to back up before each trip, and to leave himself as many notes as he can.


Kaisen's ego has been extensively modified by hypercorp interests to make him the perfect servant and bit-character in someone else's story. He has yet to save up enough rep to undo it.


Kaisen isn't aware of any official forks he has, but he's sometimes bothered by the idea that his brain remains on a hypercorp server somewhere, ready to be chopped up for some other project that needs a neo-avian perspective.

Fake IDs

Kaisen has no fake IDs, but if he went back to the inner system he stands a good chance of being seized as stolen property.

Additional Notes