Exalted Redux2:Design Notes

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  • Essence Pool is equal to Permanent Essence x a multiplier (based on exalt type)
  • Exalts have 3 Aura levels. Spending one refills your essence pool, and increases your anima.
  • Every 5 minutes, an Aura Level is regained.
  • If all Aura Levels are recovered, then the pool refills after 5 minutes.
  • Anima Levels
    • 1) Symbol
    • 2) Wreathed
    • 3) Totemic
  • Animas drop at the end of the scene (or when an Aura Level is regained)
  • A character’s current total Essence Pool is as follows:
Type                                       Essence Pool
----                                       ------------
Mortal                                     Essence x 1
Half-blood/1st Circle Demon                Essence x 2
Terrestrial Exalt                          Essence x 3
Dragon King/Spirit/Fair Folk               Essence x 4
Lunar or Sidereal Exalt/2nd Circle Demon   Essence x 5
Solar or Abyssal Exalt                     Essence x 7
3rd Circle Demon/Deathlord                 Essence x 8
Incarna/Primordial                         Essence x 10