Exploring the Halls of Arden Vul

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Arden Vul waterfall.png

Recruitment | OOC | IC

Player Characters

  • Maiandros Kurkuas (Naburimannu) Archontean Fighter L2 | HP: 16/16, AC: 17, Init: +1, bowyer/fletcher
  • Aloc of Bilsham (Brittonica) Thorcin Warden L2 | HP: 10/10, AC: 14/15, Init: +0, woodcutter
  • Talia (Falkus) Thorcin Cleric of Mitra L2 | HP: 5/5, AC: 16, Init: -2, bookbinder
  • Aelfric the Cheerful (thirdkingdom) Thorcin Bard L2 | HP: 7/7, AC: 14, Init: +0, shipwright
  • Eusebia Tagaris (Lysus) Half-Wiskin/Half-Archontean Magic-User L1 | HP: 6/6, AC: 8, Init: -2, vintner
  • Maeraphin Sifas (Aesthete) Sylvari/Acrobat L1/L1 | HP: 8/8, AC: 16, Init: +2, animal trainer
  • Snagwarder (The Albigensian) Imperial Goblin/Illusionist/Thief L1/L1/L1 | HP: 6/6, AC: 13, Init: +1, miner

Sample Character Sheet

Character Generation Guidelines

Lost to the Falls

  • Tanrik (sirjolt) Archontean Thief L2 | HP: 9/9, AC: 14, Init: +2, roper

Encumbrance Ape

  • Maiandros Kurkuas
    • Gear: 784
    • Treasure:
    • Total Encumbrance: 784
    • Movement: 60'(20')
  • Aloc of Bilsham
    • Gear: 658
    • Treasure: Polished green stone (10 cn), pouch of chalk + 3 slow candles (20 cn)
    • Total Encumbrance: 688
    • Movement: 60’(20’)
  • Talia
    • Gear: 717
    • Treasure: broken bone (20 cn)
    • Total Encumbrance: 733
    • Movement: 60'(20')
  • Aelfric
    • Gear: 570
    • Treasure: Stone vial (light blue powder) (10 cn), alligator teeth (10 cn)
    • Total Encumbrance: 590
    • Movement: 90'(30')
  • Eusebia Tagaris
    • Gear: 94
    • Treasure: Stone vial (light blue powder) (10 cn)
    • Total Encumbrance: 104
    • Movement: 120' (40')
  • Maeraphin Sifas
    • Gear: 553
    • Treasure: Burgundy coloured boots with fancy blue tooling (worn), holy crocodile (10cn)
    • Total Encumbrance: 563
    • Movement: 90' (30')
  • Snagwarder
    • Gear:
    • Treasure:
    • Total Encumbrance:
    • Movement:
  • Basil
    • Gear: 20
    • Treasure:
    • Total Encumbrance: 20
    • Movement: 120'(40')


Light Sources


  • Aelfric - 1 oil flask, tinder box
  • Aloc - 6 torches, 3 slow candles, tinder box
  • Eusebia - 11 torches, tinder box
  • Maiandros - 9 candles, tinder box
  • Talia - 5 torches


  • Maiandros Kurkuas: Standard, 5 days
  • Aloc of Bilsham: Iron, 5 days
  • Talia: Standard, 5 days
  • Aelfric the Cheerful: Iron, 5 days
  • Eusebia Tagaris: Iron, 5 days
  • Maeraphin Sifas: Standard, 5 days
  • Snagwarder: Standard, 6 days

Marching Order

Double file

Maiandros   Maeraphin
   Talia      Aloc
  Eusebia   (Snagwarder)
   Basil     Aelfric

Snagwarder either ranges up ahead scouting or hangs out in the centre as the situation requires.

Maeraphin, Aloc, and Aelfric switch off as the HP situation requires, with the rearmost (Aelfric in this case, but it could be any of the three) making sure we don't get surprised from behind, and also acting as bodyguard for Eusebia.

Single file


Same thing here with Snagwarder being up front or part of the rearguard depending on whether he's scouting, and Maeraphin and Aloc switching out as required (and stepping up if Maiandros is hurt). Aelfric takes the rear guard, but can swap out with Maeraphin and Aloc as well.

Open Order

    Aelfric       Aloc
      Eusebia  Talia
(Snagwarder)        Maeraphin

Again, Snagwarder is either out front scouting or supporting with archery from the back. Maeraphin is also in the back, responsible for first response to flanking attacks on Eusebia or Talia, and also supporting with archery. Snagwarder and Maeraphin will move forward to join the main fight if leaving the rear/ sides seem safe (or the situation is super critical).

Aloc and and Aelfric move up to support Maiandros if that's where the fighting is.

If the main thrust of an attack comes from a side or the rear, Maiandros will move immediately, with either AC or AB remaining behind to make sure we're not outflanked (unless, of course, it's super clear we can leave our rear/ flank uncovered.

Watch Order

XP Awards

  • start with 2000 XP, unmodified by class bonuses

Playing in a game with roots in Colonialism

The valley in which play will be centered has seen over 3000 years of colonial history, which includes the domination of the region by a colonial empire. That empire collapsed and left the region for 820 years before returning nearly 350 years ago. Three cultural groups (two non-human and foreign to the region, one human and native to the region) have been assimilated into the dominant culture and possess citizenship, though are denied the highest echelons of political power. The human cultural group native to the region has a resistance movement.

The 'ruins' we will be exploring contain a number of factions and cultures of various descent. The majority of wealth extraction that occurs in the game will be directed at the ancient ancestors of the dominant colonial power, though some will be of other foreign, non-native cultures (though they now make this place their home). We will not be stealing cultural artifacts or wealth from the native population.

The history of this sort of game is rooted in unexamined privilege and the oppression of native peoples. We will make a conscious effort to conduct our play with intent to dismantle the worst of that. To that effect, I have made some alterations to the module, and am open to your ideas of other alterations that we should employ.

The Archontean Empire

The Archontean Empire was formed nearly 3000 years ago on the island of Mithruin with the Compact of Ennius (0 AEP), and colonized lands east to the Grain Islands, north to a foothold in the Borealios islands, and west to the continent of Irthuin.

Its first period of colonization was from 850 AEP to 1680 AEP, thirteen hundred years ago, before the Empire retracted into a dark age from 1900 AEP to 2400 AEP after a civil war. It shrunk its holdings back to Mithruin and the Grain Islands, losing much of its ancient knowledge in the process. A period of military expansion in 2450 AEP saw it re-enter a colonial period, returning to the Irthuin continent in 2639 AEP and re-establishing its dominance in Arcturos and Narsileon.

The year is now 2993 AEP (AEP = 'from the pact of Ennius'), 350 years after the Archontean return to the continent.

Greater Detail

Burdock's Valley

the Geography of Burdock's Valley

Gosterwick (Vetucaster)

The tiny Thorcin community of Gosterwick located at the base of the cliff and falls of Arden Vul was claimed by Lady Alexia Basileon and a sept of the Knights of the Azure Shield in 2968 AEP (25 years ago). The knights restored an ancient fortress, naming it the Azure Keep. Lady Alexia renamed the community Vetucaster and expanded it rapidly, offering residence, citizenship, and services to merchants, craftsmen, and adventurers. The current population bears a high proportion of adventurer-oriented businesses: sellers and buyers of curios, general sutlers, trainers, etc.

Population: 2,211 (40% Archontean, 40% Thorcin, 15% Wiskin, and 5% demi-human [primarily halflings and imperial goblins]).

Gosterwick map and key

Important NPCs




Rumors and Leads


Lore of the valley and Arden Vul

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