Faith Burnwood

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Faith Burnwood

The Necromancer


Hooded, Black Robes, Lithe Body


STR : 8 (-1)

DEX : 13 (+1)

CON : 12 (+0)

WIS : 9 (+0)

INT : 16 (+2)

CHA : 15 (+1)

HP (4 + CONSTITUTION Score) : 4

Damage dice : d4

Armor : 1

Alignment: Neutral

Animate a powerful or unique corpse


.Kav doesn't seem to fear me, I must see to that.

.I can't help but think what a powerful corpse Rook would make.

.Sandra always leaves a trail (or should I say buffet?) of corpses.

The Infernal

When you tempt someone and they act against their nature, alignment, or conscience, take +1 foward

Hexed Body Part

A part of your body is hexed and can be freely detached and reattached at will.

- All Seeing Eye

When your hexed eye is detached, you can still see through it.

Starting Moves

- Corpse Collector

When you spend a few minutes collecting a corpse to use later, you can store it in one of your 3 Hexed Canopic Jars. Even though a jar is only about the size of your fist and almost weightless, each one can magically hold one corpse of any size. Opening a jar drops the corpse in front of you.

- Raise the Dead (INT)

When you seek to use the blackest of magics to reanimate the dead, choose a nearby corpse or one from your collection and roll +INT. Only one corpse can be controlled at a time and it must be around humanoid size or smaller. On a 10+, the Animated Corpse rises under your control and you have 3 Power. On a 7-9, also choose one:

• The flesh resist you, start with one less power

• You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself on a spot. The GM will tell you how

• Magic barely holds the corpse together and afterwards, the corpse will disintegrate

When you run out of power, the animated corpse collapses. If there’s anything left, you can attempt to raise it again.

- Attack Command

When you order the Animated Corpse to perform a harmful action, such as attacking or using a special move, roll +INT. On a 10+, the action is successful and it deals 1d6 damage. On a 7-9, the same, but you lose 1 Power

- Flesh Wound

The Animated Corpse ignores most lower damage attacks, but when the Animated Corpse takes a significant hit, the GM will tell you an important appendage (such as a claw, limb, or jaw) that may come loose. Spend 1 Power to keep the corpse together or the appendage will be destroyed.

- Flesh Wound

When you or the Animated Corpse eats part of sentient creature’s brain, the GM will tell you an interesting piece of knowledge the creature possessed.

- Replacement Parts Your knowledge of stitching together corpses allows you to reattach body parts, such as severed limbs, eyeballs, or teeth. It takes you a few hours and you’ll need the original body part or one that is similar to the original. Besides stitch lines and a slight odor, the body part is as good as new.

- Curse When you use dark magic to curse someone or something, tell the GM what you’re trying to achieve. Curses are always possible, but the GM will give you one to four conditions, such as:

• It requires the blood of _____

• It will require a lot of money

• You’ll need a rare component

• The best you can do is a lesser or limited version

• It will take days/weeks/months before the curse takes effect

• _____ will know or hear about it

• You’ll need to travel to _____


Her load is (7 + STR) = 6

- Leather armor (armor 1, weight 1)

- Dungeon rations (5 uses, weight 1)

- Shovel (weight 1)

- Needle & thread (weight 0)

- Skull staff (close, two-handed, weight 1)

- 3 Hexed Canopic Jars (weight 0)

Hexed Canopic Jars content:

- A skinless hound