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Michael James Watson
Arriving with the Valet sent to gather her, Alvah enters a small dinning room that is attached to a sitting area. ITs clearly the king's quarters. Stairs leading to other inner chambers show a casual lived in look the rest of the castle does not share. The main table has seating for 8 and the bar has seating for the same.
A pair of chairs sit next to a table with a chess board that catches Alvah's eye in that its 4 boards together with 4 different sets of pieces. She sees Arlo and Random playing, each controlling two groups of pieces.
Vialle and Vek sit together. She is softly laughing at some joke. A well-dressed young man with brown hair in what appears Indian attire, a kurta in green with white embroidery. Sits with them, pouring wine.
A man in a dark suit with a ruffled shirt reminds her of a gunslinger or old western stage magician. He seems comfortable in the space but looks at Vek uncomfortably.
Lastly a woman in green, brown and purple, looks over some of the objects in the large display case.
Random looks up.."Ah, we are all here. Lets sit before Dame Margot decides we deserve to eat her Pea Soup."
Alvah notices two more things. There are no servants and Random's ever present shadow-bodyguard Galvar is absent too.
As people get up Arlo passes the woman in green and purple. Stopping briefly they talk for a second, looking at something in the case. HE laughs softly and they walk to the table. Alvah notices a tiny touch of fingers between them and she knows her before they reach her.
Arlo says, "Ely, this is Alvah. Alvah, this is Elayne." She smiles and says, "I'm so glad to meet you! Arlo has spoken highly of you recently. He says you are suffering a little Realization Shock since coming here? I did too. Quite a lot to grasp"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles at Elayne.
"Hi, yes pleasure meeting you. Heard plenty about you as well. "
She says with a pleasant smile.
"Yes it is alot but thankfully i can regularly bother Arlo with questions that helps."
She then raises an eyebrow at Arlo
"You spoke highly of me... i hope that is Elayne just being pleasantly polite."
Alvah made sure she wore something with sleeves where Cicero can hide if need be.
She also checks if it is arranged seating or own pick. Either way she subtly waits till most are seated to move to a spot.
Michael James Watson
She says, "Arlo rarely praises people without cause. Its a habit that takes getting used. "
Alvah notices almost immediately that her seat is beside the king with Vialle on the other side.
Random comes and puts a hand on her shoulder. "I have a terrarium around the corner. If you would like to let Cicero explore it a bit i've some nice plump gazta in there for him. And my dragon is a fine host."
He guides her around the corner to a small sitting area. There is a large sand and rock filled case with glowing heat stones. 5' by 3' x2'. In it a small greenish dragon sits on a stone. Running around the bottom are several mouse like creatures in blue fur.
"Thats Crusty.. My dragon.. He won't hurt Cicero and I guarentee he can't hurt Crusty"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the seating conciders it and then parks the thoughts for a moment as Random touches her shoulder.
She nods
"Thank you, i am certain Cicero would appreciate a sma break from me. "
She walks with king Random. And looking at the terrarium and the small green dragon her eyes widen.
"What is Crusty a beauty."
She then lets Cicero slither out her sleeve and boops him on the snoot.
"Be a formidable guest my friend."
She lets Cicero find his way into the terrarium.

Michael James Watson
Random says, "Crusty is Green Dragon. In a century he will start breathing green poisonous gas. But for the next 70 years he won't get much bigger. This one is from a realm where the Green Gas Dragons are friendly, playful, benevolent creatures. Its fairly intelligent, like a toddler, but hasn't started talking yet. He doesn't have fully developed gas sacs yet. When they start developing i'm told they breath out bursts that smell like bad porky farts. About that time its wings will be able to support it. When that happens i get to let him fly loose. Now he can fly about 10 or so meters at a time. Vialle says if he ever lands on her face at night he will live in the outer chambers.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs softly
"Well, ofcourse i wouldn't be to pleased with a little dragon landing in my face in sleep or awake. Especially if it starts to smell bad."
Alvah looks back at the dragon and Cicero.
"But for now Crusty is just very cute"

Michael James Watson
Random sits Alvah down beside him, with the Dashing cowboy magician next to her. He says, "Alvah, this is Despil. Son of Dara, of the Lintra Line Vek is also a part of. He served as Ambassador from Chaos till about a year ago. He and I have become good friends. Currently he is in exile from Chaos so what better place to go?"
He nods, "Well Met, Lady Alvah.. Its a pleasure to meet you. I've long admired your father. "
Vek from across the way says, "Oh and ALvah, before he says anything, he gets a little picky about the Lintra Line title. He was from the line of Lintra, through Maylon down through Voya. While I am from the Lintra Line through Maylon, through the breeding line for beasts"
Despil looks with a smile to Vek, "You said that, not I, sir. And it was Maylon who said it before that. Alvah, he just likes seeing me get annoyed at the king's table.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sits down and just watches for a moment the people sitting there as well. When she is introduced to Despil she politly nods her head
"Pleasure to meet you.
And i too admired my father to a point, but then i grew up."
she says while raising her sarcastic look eyebrow up and all.
"but yeah my dad is great."
Alvah looks at Vek then back to Despil.
At social gatherings Alvah always noticed she gets distant and more sarcastic. She figured that it is a defense mechanism not to let people close. In her younger years she hated that part of her now she utterly enjoys it. Who needs friends. And only those seeing through her sarcastic shit would she concider friendmaterial.
Snapping back from her thoughts she has a slight smirk on her face.
"Oooww adorable two men trying to tease eachother to a point of trouble."
She then looks at Vek and places her hands under her chin smiling
"Do you do that often, use a form of humor to change the attention from your insecurities to another's?"
She then looks at Despil in a neutral way.
"Truly it can only annoy you if you would have trust in all his words. "
She the smiles sweetly and looks to noone or nothing particular.
Letting hopefully a silence fall for king Random to pick up.

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "No. We both know we are heirs to great powers for the taking. Neither of us is likely to claim them. We come from two sides of a calculated breeding project based in cruelty and pain but both descended from the archvillain Maylon. My cousin once removed is a friendly and jovial and respectable man from the line publicly acknowledged. He resents the alchemystical genealogy project i come from. He knows i do as well. He knows and reacts so because of all those in this room, of all those in this castle as long as Benedict and Relmopator are not in it, of everyon this side of Diaga, of them all, I am the only one who has given a Death Curse and been damned by a Death Curse. I have committed murder in self defense and been cursed. That is what ruffles dear Despil's scales"
The room is dead silent a moment, Then Despil chuckles a short bark of a laugh, "Oh you devious bastard.. Now i have to defend my grievences or raise sigil against you to defend my honor. Is that what you want? Bloodshed at the king's table?"
Random says, "The only bloodshed happening at my table tonight is the extra rare steak I prefer. Now if you two can't behave i'll have a woodshed built in the courtyard and take both of you out to it! "
Despil and Vek smile at each other.
Arlo leans over the table a bit to Alvah and says, "The funny part is that they like each other and are both too embarrassed by family history to admit it. The oracles have spoken."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to the explanation from Vek she raises her eyebrows but says nothing.
After a bit hearing the laugh from Despil she shakes her head.
She softly mutters
"There are better ways then bloodshed." Perhaps thise close to her might hear it.
Alvah then looks at Random and chuckles.
When arlo speaks to her that they like eachother she nods
" yes that is clear. Else they would not pick so on eachother. Its like when two kids like eachother they pick on eachother. Guess not much different here. "
Alvah grins slightly.
She then turns to Random,
"But you are right the evening will have interesting conversations."
Alvah sits back a bit, produce a coin in her hand, not on Randoms side afraid he might steal it... and she starts rolling it between her fingers.
Doing the standard figdeting though keeping it hidden under the table.

Michael James Watson
The first course has been on the table consisting of brie cheese, pate or chicken liver mouse, fresh apricots, pears, small snacking pickles, plain crackers, proscuttio and candied walnuts. Blue pickled eggs. after some everyone sat down Random put out 3 small bowls of the Calrabon Pepper sauce. Random, Despil, Vek, and Arlo all took crackers to dip in it, then picked up the blue eggs and dipped it in it and ate them with delight while casually talking. Chilled Bayles White is served with the table.
Despil seems to taste it like an expert.."Amazing, Random. I never understood why Bayle's white got such scorn? Its lovely."
Random says, "We grew up with it, more or less. And the stuff that gets sent to Thin Whips isn't this stuff. IK get the best for my table. The throne has a few perks and the best wine is one of them. And i have a very special one for the entree"
The second course is Brioche toasts with pea and ricotta. Long stalks of a blue celery with creamed cheese and calrabon pepper sauce. Its paired with a lovely Riesling wine..
The third course is a goat chees and greens salad with fine white fish and lemon Dijon vinaigrette.
Arlo says, "What meal in Amber wouldn't include Tazilwere goat cheese? "
Random says, "Tazilwere has been providing oil and wine, cheese and bread for centuries. They sent me something special."
The entree is Steak and Ratatouille served with a red wine.
Random says, "This is a Tazilwere Fine Aged Red Royal. They make about 100 bottles of this a year. Each grape is specially chosen, vinted, then they have it stored in a nearby shadow with a fast time rate. So each year they have a batch of 100 bottles aged 10 years before serving. This is from a case of 21 bottles they sent. They call it the King's Tribute. Apparently Oberon got a Tazilwere case every year and let no one else drink it. I didn't find any left over so I assume he drank it all. Me? I'm going to share it with family."
the Final course is a Chocolate Tart with Fresh Berries served with a sparkling wine. After that is brandy and cigars. Elyane smokes a urala tobacco from a churchwarden pipe.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just silently eats and actually does enjoy it. She listens to the conversations around the table. Not particular joining in on one.
She focusses really hard to keep her sticky fingers to herself and when she gets the urge she starts playing with a card or coin between her fingers.
She does try and notice how others are with eachother.
The relations between them.
She is wondering what the appropriate time would be to excuse oneself from such an affair.

Michael James Watson
HArd to do unless one leaves her snake with the dragon for a time. Hehe

Amber Bronkhorst
After dinner is done and the others start smoking Alvah then lays her hands on the table while she is still fidgeting with the coin between her fingers. Working with two hands it is clear she is sitting out her time.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah leaves dinner when others do as well. She says her goodnights and thanks the king and queen for dinner.
Ofcourse first gathering Cicero with her.
She goes to her room changes her clothing into something practical, body fitting and her jacket she makes a fitting model.
She takes one of the extra decks of trump with her.
She closes her door from the inside.
Makes sure Cicero is save and she climbs out her balcony and starts to go carefully down her planned route.
Wanting to do this more often to get the hang of getting in and out her room via balcony, just like home in shadow.
She plans to move to Thin Whips to hopefully see Fisk, and maybe find Uta.
Michael James Watson
As she scales the castle she does so skillfully. She notes elites she has run with, on guard see her and make a greeting handsign and let her move on. Clearly they train to watch movement on the wall.

Amber Bronkhorst As far as she can let her hand go she will greet back. and then just keep on moving. When she reaches the ground she will take a run to the abandoned harbor area where this place should be. She isn't hiding from the elite just training every moment she can. So this might then hopefully seem like just a night run