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*[[FantasyCraft:Otters_Ransom:John_blackgrove|John BlackGrover]] Male Human Miner @Plotted Plant
*[[FantasyCraft:Otters_Ransom:Johan_blackgrove|Johan Blackgrove]] Male Human Miner @Plotted Plant
*[[FantasyCraft:Otters_Ransom:Navi|Navi]] Female Warg Sorcerer Mage @Silvercat Moonpaw
*[[FantasyCraft:Otters_Ransom:Navi|Navi]] Female Warg Sorcerer Mage @Silvercat Moonpaw
*[[FantasyCraft:Otters_Ransom|Unnamed]] Saurian Physician Sage @Hammel
*[[FantasyCraft:Otters_Ransom|Unnamed]] Saurian Physician Sage @Hammel

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Otter's Ransom: a Dungeon Boom town

Game Introduction

A basic Dungeon Crawl game with expectations of greater interaction with the people of the world and a chance to grow beyond that. Ran with the FantasyCraft system with houserules and set in the setting of Distant shores of the realm seas.

The game proper is focused on the Lost Lands a small country sized region surrounded by 6 other nations. The Lost Lands used to be under control of family heavenly married into the neighbouring nobles and after the last noble died without an heir the neighbouring nobility got into a feud about who was the legal inheritor and so since then these families have been putting down the risk of war on any who tried to make a claim and people moved away over time mostly top to bottoms as people who desired power left to places that had people to impress, then the merchants looking for richer customers till finally most towns are mostly empty and people can't really afford to run them any more, leaving mostly small isolate villages and hamlets. Not to mention the lost of security of a nobility willing to defend you from folk threats.

What's changed recently, with the discovery of dungeons, a renewing source of wealth and magical items, the fighting nobles motivated by greed or at least a need for funds have came to an agreement they will offer the community in this unclaimed lands a shared contract of protection in return for the a share of the wealth but in such away that doesn't give them claim of the land or its people. In doing so creating a sort of free town free to rule itself not bound to the nobles. Long term there are plans to claim control but those are for another time.

The party are but one group of hopefuls looking for a new life, either via the riches of the dungeons or by supplying services for the growing population of the newly born town of Otter's ransom.

Otter's ransom

Otter's ransom.png

Founded bout 5 years ago (9th Earth 5336) officially, but there have been temporary camps on the site previously, mostly due to the geography a relatively flat piece of land near but higher then the nearby river which is access able by a gentle slop. Well its more that the river locally is in a very small gentle sloped valley.

Local (1 to 2 day travel) surroundings are wild grassland mostly maintained by the mix of local wildlife and semi peaceful grazing monsters, there is the occasional small wood holding out against being destroyed which are slowly being turned into managed woodland for wood and foraging.

Common local grassland monsters include, jackalopes, Ground nesting Screechers (some sort of monster song bird), pebble turtles, Razor cats (extra large wild cats with unusually large claws) and proto-Slimes, of these only the Razor cat is a direct threat and even then only to children. A less common but often seen monster is the ice adder but they are mostly seen in winter and may be a type of elemental. The woods usually have woodland adapted members of the grassland monsters (smaller and better are dodging trees at high speeds or tree climbing) but there are a type of nut throwing squirrel and an usually large rat (Cat sized). The river has a rather generic fish monster and an large clawfish but population and diversity of aquatic monsters is low due to the presence of an unusually peaceful and playful Otter-like great monster which gives the town it's name, as the locals have taken to gifting the great monster a regular offerings of food and playthings to placate and gift thanks for it's protection. (While not a great beast many think such an accession is only a matter of time)



Character template


General folk


Places of note

Otter Home: The otter made lake which the Great Otter lives, along side many differing other type of playful and peaceful otter creatures.

The Vault: The place where the magical items and taxed wealth of the dungeon is stored until the representatives of the supporting regions can collect their share. This along with the guild is the main place to acquire non-trinket magical items.

The Guild: A organisation created, staffed and funded by the surrounding Adventurer's guilds, in hopes of gaining their own share, a microcasm of the larger political complexities.

The Academy: Similar to the guild house this place was created by surrounding universities and colleges to study the magic, natural world and history of the Lost Lands. While peaceful compared to the guild, it is slightly underfunded and so many of the scholars so secondary work, such as teaching the locals or adventuring themselves.

The Church: A non denomination building in which ceremonies of birth, growth marriage and death can be preformed, may be booked to preform religious sermons if need. Most often though used as a place of public meetings and announcements.

Old camp: The original camp, no specialisation in population type.

New Camp: The camp of the most recent immigrants, biased towards medium Demi-folk and Creature-folk.

Small Camp: A camp that small folk have concentrated around to avoid being bumped into by larger folk.

Large camp: A camp for larger folk who want to avoid creating a hassle for others.

Feral camp: a camp aimed at those with a powerful sense of smell as to keep themselves up wind from the smells of the town.

Rain Guard rock: A geological feature that in the past has helped protect travellers from the wind and rain.

Other locations