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Male Drake-blooded Human Charismatic Corsair and Captain lvl 1
Medium Folk

Physical Description

Backstory and personality

From Region 3 Tujaalbahr, 28 y.o.
Born 4th of Air 5313 an hour after midnight. Sign is Ascending ceri the mountain: Those born under the ascending ceri shall be strong of body and calm of mind, the bounty of earth's depths shall be theirs.
Major moon signs include Buried Sandy ecnis The campfire: You shall find your self hindered and blinded by time, Expect your inheritance to be lost.
I figured he was a thug more than an out and out pirate, so working more out of a port than aboard ship. That business went under (maybe due to a rival operation) so he left for another life. Perhaps he hooked up with Michael.

Quick reference

Senses Notice +4, Search +0
Stealth Blend +3, Sneak +1
AD: 3d4, starting 3
Initiative +2 (+1 Dex + 1 class)


Defense 12 (+1 Dex + 0 class + 1 Specialty)
DR 3 (3 Thick hide)
Vitality 10 (9 class x 1 + 1 Con x 1); Wounds 13
Fort +2 (+1 Con + 1 class)
Ref +1 (+1 Dex + 0 class)
Will +4 (+2 Wis + 2 class)
Defensive Abilities

Thick hide: Partial Dr 3
Fire resistant 3
Heat resistant 3


Speed 30 ft.
BAB +0
Melee +2 (+0 BAB + 2 Str)

[name] [stats]

Ranged +1 (+0 BAB + 1 Dex)

[name] [stats]

Special Attacks

[name] [stats]


Str 14 (+2)
Dex 12 (+1)
Con 13 (+1)
Int 10 (+0)
Wis 14 (+2)
Cha 16 (+3)

Proficiencies: 4

Proficiency 1

Skills: (6 class + 0 Int) x [1 + 3] = 24;

Acrobatics +1 (+1 dex +ranks +other)
Athletics* +6 (+2 str +4ranks +other)
Blend +3 (+3 cha +ranks +other)
Bluff +3 (+3 cha +ranks +other)
Crafting +0 (+0 int +ranks +other)
Disguise +3 (+3 cha +ranks +other)
Haggle +2 (+2 wis +ranks +other)
Impress* +4 (+3 cha +1ranks +other)
Intimidate* +8 (+2 wis +4 ranks +2 insight) (threat 19-20)
Investigate +2 (+2 wis +ranks +other)
Medicine* +1 (+0 int +1ranks +other)
Notice* +4 (+2 wis +2ranks +other)
Prestidigitation +1 (+1 dex +ranks +other)
Resolve* +3 (+1 con +2ranks +other)
Ride (Water vehicle, Mount, Land vehicle)* +5 (+1 dex +4ranks +other)
Search +0 (+0 int +ranks +other)
Sense Motive* +2 (+1 wis +1ranks +other)
Sneak +1 (+1 dex +ranks +other)
Survival* +3 (+2 wis +1 ranks +other)
Tactics* +6 (+0 int +4 ranks +2 insight) (threat 19-20)

Interests: Nat lang:Arfordir (drake language), Lang:Traveller/Trade, Lang:Alignment Fire, Lang:Taleless (Tujaalbahr), Home Study:Tujaalbahr, Career Study: Criminal, Alignment: A brutal fire and strength god, Career: Factor, Resources: Magical, Free 4
Carrying Capacity: 0/90lb; 91-270; 540 lift/drag; 810 clear


Species Human Charismatic (Drake-blooded)

Charming:once per session in crease of 1 non hostile NPC by 5
Double boost (Charisma): May spent and roll 2 action dice to boost skills of listed stat
Encouragement: once per scene for one scene give +1 morale bonus to saves to teammate
Draconic heritage:
Menacing Threat: May threaten 3 targets with one roll (see p. 220)
Thick hide 3: have base Dr 3 that doesn't stack with armour.

Speciality (Corsair)

Bonus feat: Basic skill mastery (officer)
Agile Defence: basic defence raised by 1
Flashy: Panache increases by 2
Terrifying look:will saves of inflicted stress damage to enemies increases by 4
Water vehicle focus: what it says in the name.

Class (Captain)

Core:Cadre: once per scene grant teammates one of your basic combat feats
Level 1:Right hand Man: gain the personal lieutenant feat and basic combat feats count as style feats.


Species: Draconic Heritage - Menacing Threat & Thick hide (DR3)
Specialty: Basic skill mastery (officer) Intimidate & Tactics
Level 1: Combat Instincts - If an adjacent opponent attacks me but misses, I get free attack @ half dmg (round up) 1/turn


Trick 1

Money and Gear

Lifestyle: 4 (1 class + 3 Cha)

Panache 3 (30s/month, +1 Appearance), Prudence 3 (30% savings)

Appearance +4 (+1 Panache + 3 Cha)
Stake 100 Hand 0

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4

Legend +1 (0 class)
Reputation: 8
Renown: 0

Storage Mirror in dark wood: Store up to five items or reasonable sets of items :cost 5 rep


[name]: [effect] :cost


Save DC 13 (10 + 3 Cha + 0 Spellcasting feats)
Casting Level 0



Step 1: gain fire and heat resistant equal to steps x3


[name]: [effect]


Personal Lieutenant (60 XP)

Ahori. Fire-coloured Saurian priestess

Saurian(T) New NPC (Medium Folk Walker — 60 XP): Str 12, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10; SZ M (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 30 ft. ground; Init II; Atk IV; Def II; Res I; Health III; Comp I; Skills: Athletics III, Notice III, Ride II, Sense Motive III; Qualities: aquatic I, class ability (Priest: saved! I), cold-blooded, darkvision I, devoted (Destruction I , Fire II, War II), dread, fearsome, feat (Dragon heritage, all out attack, combat instincts), refund (free step -2XP), rend, telepathic. Attacks/Weapons: Tail slap I (reach 1), Bite I Gear: Jagged sword

Destruction I: Each of your melee and unarmed attacks gain the armour-piercing 1 traits
Fire II: gain fire resistance 6 and heat resistance 6, You may convert melee and unarmed attacks damage to fire damage and cast scorching ray once per scene
War II: You deal +2 damage with Jagged swords, You may cast mage Armor and true strike once per combat.

Level 1

Str: 12/+1; Dex: 12/+1; Con: 12/+1; Int: 10/+0; Wis: 14/+2; Cha: 10/+0; Init: +1=0+1(dex) Melee: +2=1+1(str) Fort: +1=0+1(con) Health: 15 vit/12 wounds Ranged: +2=1+1(dex) Ref: +1=0+1(dex) Def: 11=10+0+1(dex) Comp: +0 Will: +2=0+2(wis) Size: Medium (1×1); Reach: 1; Speed: 30 ft. ground; Skills: Athletics III (Str) +5 = 4+1; Notice III (Wis) +6 = 4+2; Ride II (Dex) +3 = 3+0; Sense Motive III (Wis) +6 = 4+2 Qualities: aquatic I, class ability (Priest: saved! I), cold-blooded, darkvision I, devoted (Destruction I , Fire II, War II), dread, fearsome, feat (Dragon heritage, all out attack, combat instincts), refund (free step -2XP), rend, telepathic. Attacks: Tail slap I [1d8/20] (reach 1), Bite I [1d8/18-20] Gear: Jagged sword


backpack (+2Str for carrying capacity) 5lb
bedroll (cold resistance 4) 5lbs
canteen (2 quarts) 1lb
tinderbox (starts fire in 1 round) 0.5lb
10' pole (+2 jump; triggers traps) 12lb
pouch (50 coins)
Crude hide shield 6lb
Crude axe 12lb
Crude reflex bow 22.5s 5lb
30 standard arrows 10s 3lb

I'm assuming the god of fire and strength is a deity rank fire elemental for now though it could have also been a deity rank fire demon, (not evil just embodimentsof the forces of destruction and war). the difference mechanically is as follows

fire elemental: take less damage from fire and heat

fire demon: potentially gain larger host to some skills when using action dice but also potential to get worst results.Acrobatics, Disguise, Prestidigitation, Survival

Oh and everyone with an alignment you you will have in you background physically meet the being you have an alignment with and had a positive conversation/deal at least. Just something to consider as these beings are not some far away force you decided to worship but a literal being your character has and potentially could meet again.

To Do

Final lifestyle
Spend any starting rep of magic items (trinkets and prizes level)/contacts/holdings
Finalise your gear
Last interest
Nature of the war deity
Lieutenant - name & format