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CE Male Werewolf Lord(?)

Fighter 4/Blackguard 3/Warrior of Darkness 8

Fenrir, while he can take the form of his ex-host Gerald, seems to have no true base creature other than a Werewolf. The main difference is the putrid aura that infects the area around him and the lack of the Perception Seed graft. His missing eye seems almost to weep blood, healing magic and his own regenerative abilities having no effect on it.

Strangely enough, he seems to know far more than one would expect of a being created no more than two years ago and bound within a single man for most of that time. Perhaps Dr. Hojo wasn't just trying to improve Lycanthropy, and had tapped into something far darker in the process, or perhaps he'd done something even he hadn't intended while trying to enhance the strain.

As it stands, the Fury's Claw has effectively bonded to his right hand, restoring his Werewolfism to almost the levels Gerald showed in Stormreach, though none really want to find out what a Full Moon will do to him. He also seemes to know much about the original Kas, the blade that bears his name appearing to have special significance to him outside of its obvious power.

Shadows over Cyre